Yanni Hufnagel Talks About His Career In Coaching College Basketball

New Environment

Yanni Hufnagel has made a great name for himself while at Harvard University. As an assistant coach, he has helped the men’s basketball team gain its very first win during March Madness. He has earned respect and popularity as a great scout and recruiter. Now, he is headed to Vanderbilt University to be an assistant coach. He felt it was a career move he had to make. Vanderbilt is equivalent to Harvard in terms of being an elite academic school with a lovely campus, but what’s more is the SEC, NBA recruitment numbers, scholarships, academic assistance, the awesome city of Nashville, the weather, playing on TV and more. It was an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. He has definitely enjoyed his time at Harvard. They’ve accomplished a lot during his four years that and it has been very hard to leave. If the decision was too easy it would mean something was missing from his investment in the school’s team and players.



As a top recruiter in college basketball, three of the main things Yanni Hufnagel asks is: Is the player a winner? Can they be coached? Are they someone he’d like to be around? He has always been in the presence of great coaches and he has realized that the more eyes on a prospect the better when completing an evaluation. He says speaking to a person on the phone can help. The ease of conversation says a lot. He is very humbled by hearing people like him as a recruiter. He puts his best foot forward when he does his job and he brings good energy and let things fall into place.


More On The Sport

Yanni Hufnagel believes that although quantitative analysis is beginning to be more relevant in basketball, it’s too fluid, he doesn’t think it will ever be like baseball where there is a batter versus pitcher situation. Regarding his shooting abilities, he can’t dunk, but he can shoot the ball with good preparation. He has coached several good shooters in his day that he would recommend taking the last shot instead of him.





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