Upwork Offers Tips for a Powerful To-Do List

Upwork was founded in 2015 and is located in Mountain View, California. It is the largest freelancing website, with over one billion earned annually by its members. Some would say that they have a lot of knowledge about how to stay productive when working, so here are some tips they offer to stay in the zone with a great to-do list.

Keep Your Head Clear While You Work

To stay focused, you should clear your mind by writing things down. When a to-do pops up, write it down instantly and move on. This will help you stay organized and you won’t have to recall information later.

Delegate and Reevaluate

If you have things on your to-do list, that stay on the list forever, it’s time to figure out how to move them off of your list. You can delegate the task, take it off of your list completely, or schedule morning time to tackle it once and for all.

Check Your Energy

Notice your energy levels during the day and assign your tasks to your schedule based on how energetic you are at that time. The harder the task is, the more energy it will take from your day.

How Much Time Will It Take?

If you know how much time a task will take, make a note of the amount of time as soon as you write it down. The same goes for a task that has a deadline or should be started at a specific time. Try to add as much detail to your to-dos as possible.

Be Prepared Before the Big Day

Do your to-do list before you go to sleep or as the last thing you do for your workday. Starting the day working on a to-do list can waste your energy.

Bulk Tasks

Once you have a to-do list ready for the next day, try to block your similar tasks together. This will help keep your day flowing and your energy higher.


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