The Profession of Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is the current Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes which is an organization that constructs infrastructures for people with no shelter alternative after a natural calamity. The main offices of Green Structure Homes are in Alabama. The organization has joined forces with the United States Department of Homeland Security and a construction expert to make homes for people that were affected by the hurricane. Barbara has been in the forefront in making the organization a success in its field which has been promoted by her many years’ experience in management. Barbara Stokes has taught her employees the required skills needed in the business such as diligence and hard work. Barbara’s interactions with government officials have influenced the many collaborations that the firm has made with the government. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Green Structure Homes build a series of houses that are convenient and take less time during construction. The organization has come up with new features that are included in the house such as an extinguisher which is an in-built equipment that will help avoid unnecessary calamities. This makes the house a harmless place for the victims and assures them the protection of their lives in the future. The organization introduced a new aspect in the houses known as a strobe device which will assist people with hearing disabilities since it increases their hearing ability. The frequent upgrading of the houses has transformed the construction system to develop permanent shelters that will make a difference in the society.



A contract is always signed before the commencing of a project, and it contains all the needs that the houses must meet and satisfy the people in the community. The benefit of the Green Structure Homes is that they exceed the needs that are stated in the contract to ensure comfortability and satisfaction.

Green Structure Homes is creating new technologies because the main agenda of the firm is to make a better place for the victims as they start their new life. The main reason that the company has maintained a good reputation since it utilizes the quality building materials found in the market. Read more at Business Insider.

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