Sheldon Lavin- Being Innovative and Trumping

OSI Group boasts of having the most committed and highly skilled Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Sheldon Lavin, and he also serves as the OSI International Foods president. Lavin stays actives with the different facets of the company vast global operations and ensuring the quality and efficiency remains high top. The company is well renowned globally for dealing with packaging and manufacturing of food and meat products with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin in 1970 helped to start the finance Otto and Sons that later evolved into a global company OSI Group.

He boasts of being successful food executive with years of extensive industry expertise making him a great leader with vision. Sheldon Lavin leadership and broad vision have seen OSI Group experience rapid growth from being a domestic food process to becoming one of the international blueprints in the retail sector.

Sheldon Lavin in 2016 received Global Visionary Award presented to him for his tremendous job growth both locally and international scene awarded by India Vision Academy. Additionally, in 2015, he received Lifetime Achievement Award honored to him by RSM-US LLP for his exceptional and unrivaled commitment to serving the Chicago business community. Lavin boasts of multiple times being honored and humbled by such recognition for his achievements and accomplishments in making OSI group a global powerhouse.

Sheldon has worked hard in expanding the OSI group operations across all the continents and leadership and unique skills he has changed the food processing and meat industry views. He specializes in large-scale operations enabling the company to quickly and vastly manage the complexity of the supply chains. Lavin dedicates his life to the welfare of his 20,000 employees ensuring his people receive the given directions and are well-compensated for their dedication and hard work. Sheldon is involved in various charitable causes like the Ronald McDonald Houses Charities, donating to college funds, sick children, chronic illness funds, and a Jewish organization and helping his community and others.

Sheldon Lavin vision for his future and that of OSI is to continue with profitable growth serving the clients with world-class services and tailor-made operations. He stated they look forward to maintaining their lead as the world food industry. Sheldon is currently 85 years and still planning on playing a significant role in boosting the company to expanse growth. He is committed to promoting sustainable supply chain, reducing the environments impact and taking part in making social contributions to communities and workers globally.

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