Lovaganza Is On A Mission To Change The World

With all the bad news we hear about everyday, its good to see one company stepping up and trying to do something positive. Lovaganza, a non profit organization founded by J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon, is on a mission to bring a universal quality of life to all humanity.

The couple, who have been working on the Lovaganza franchise since 2010, will be releasing the Lovaganza motion film in 2018. The hope is that by 2035, the Lovagnza foundation will have improved the quality of life for all children all over the world.

In order to fund their efforts, the organization relies heavily on the income that comes in from the Lovaganza Entertainment Group which produces various productions throughout the world. But the Lovaganza does much more than just produce amazing shows, they also provide guidance and funding to other organizations who are also on a mission to make the world a better place to live in.

The Lovaganza Foundation won’t officially start their operations until after the registration process has been complete. They will also not be taking any donations on Twitter. They will however continue to provide guidance and assistance to a few select organizations who are also working towards ensuring all human beings have access to equal opportunities by 2050.

Here Is How Lovaganza Plans To Accomplish This Huge Feat:

Making sure everyone on the planet has access to equal opportunities by 2050 is no easy task. That’s why the Lovaganza Foundation has identified 6 things that must be done in order for them to reach their goal.

#1 – All children must have access to clean water.

#2 – All children must have access to enough food.

#3 – All children must have basic shelter and clothing.

#4 – All children must have access to health care.

#5 – Every child must be provided with a primary education.

#6 – All children must be protected from forced marriages, child labor and war.

In the future the Lovaganza Foundation plans to set up offices all over the world. Each office will evaluate how children are living and come up with solutions to improve their quality of life.

By 2018 the organization hopes to have collaborated with at least 10 organizations who have the same mission as they do.

While Lovaganza has a lot on their plate, as long as they stay organized and remain focused there is no reason they can’t meet their goal.

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Seattle Genetic Development of New Cancer Fighting Agents

Seattle Genetics, a company that conducts cancer research, has recently been the topic of many discussions due to their new development of cancer fighting agents. The company has been developing these new antibiotic treatments for the last several years and have recently been approved for funding that can take their research to a new level. Dr. Clay Siegall, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Seattle Genetics, has recently given an interview regarding the new changes at his company. He has stated that he is extremely excited about the changes that Seattle Genetics is making in the cancer research industry and hopes that this new advancement will be instrumental in the healing of millions of people who suffer from cancer.

The new development that Seattle Genetics has been working on for the last several years is comprised of a medication that actively fights cancer antibodies in a patients body. If a person’s body is infected with cancer, cancer antibodies begin to grow at a rapid pace in the body. These antibodies create cells that actually kill the healthy cells and grow at a swift rate so that white blood cells can not kill them. By developing this new antibody fighting drug, Seattle Genetics has effectively changed the cancer industry. Now, there is a drug available that can specifically target the cancer cells and not the healthy cells in a patients body.

With most cancer fighting drugs, like chemotherapy for instance, the medicine works by targeting the cancer cells and the healthy cells in a patient’s body. The problem with these drugs have been that they generally cause the patient’s body to attack itself while it is attacking the cancer cells. This is the reason that most cancer patients become so ill and begin to lose their hair and the functionality in their bodies. The medicine has been formulated in such a way that it cannot distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells. This new development by Dr. Clay Siegall and his team at Seattle Genetics is a true innovation in the cancer research industry and can dramatically improve the lives of cancer patients around the world.

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ADC Technology by Seattle Genetics

Cancer is one of those diseases which affect not only the patient but also their loved ones. When diagnosed with cancer, most patients see it as a death sentence from the beginning. The truth is that there are cures for different types of cancer. There are various treatment methods available and there are certain researchers and scientists who are still doing research to come up with even better and more effective treatment options.

When you have cancer, the doctors will start you on a treatment plan. Most of the time, the treatment involves the use of chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells. The treatment usually affects both the cancerous cells as well as the healthy ones. However, there is a company which has noticed this and has come up with a method of ensuring that only the cells with cancer are killed. The cells which are unaffected by cancer can be left alone to thrive.

Seattle Genetics is a company known in the biotechnology industry as a manufacturer and maker of innovative treatment technologies and products. They have come up with an innovative solution to this problem. This is in the form of a treatment known as ADC which actually means Anti-body Drug Conjugate. The technology sees to it that only cancerous cells are killed in the body.

The CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics is a reputed individual known as Clay Siegall. He founded the company in 1998 and he led it to where it is now. He is helped by a board of directors and he chairs the board. Mr Siegall is a scientist as well as an entrepreneur. He has gained recognition for his work both as a research with a passion and specialty in therapies, drugs and innovative treatment methods. As an entrepreneur, Siegall has been awarded several awards, including the 2012 Northwest Pacific Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Thanks to the ADC technology, patients can get the best treatment options for cancer and even recover faster after their sessions of chemotherapy. The team is driven by certain values among them integrity and a passion for whatever they do.

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Securus Technologies Discloses How Global Tel Link Was Involved in Dishonest Activities.

Securus Technologies is a competent technology firm that primarily serves the inmate communication industry. The main services that are provided by the company are investigations, incident management, informing the public, communication, information management, inmate self-service, and biometric analysis. All solutions that they provide have the main goal of making the world a better place. Most of the clients that Securus serves are civil and criminal justice institutions, which are based in North America. They are currently contracted by about 3450 correctional facilities that have a population of about 1.2 million inmates.

Securus lately said that they have a plan of exposing information, substantiation, and publications that will disclose many fraudulent undertaking of Global Tel Link (GTL), a firm that also provides technology solutions for the inmate communication industry. The company engaged in several malpractices in the past that ruin the name of the sector. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, said that enterprises in the industry should prioritize the mission of the sector, which is offering excellent communication services to the clients. Securus’ wants to shame GTL by giving the press information of the transgressions of the company.

Securus will have many press releases, and the first publication will have an official Order Number U-20784-B, which was issued by the Public Service Commission of Louisiana (PSC) on GTL’s fraudulent activities. The company was contracted to provide technology solutions to the Louisiana Department of Corrections; however, a review of its serves by the PSC revealed several misconducts. The company intentionally overcharged the clients in various ways. The telephone clocks that they provided to the facilities were programmed to have 15 to 36 more seconds in every call. They also inflated the call rates beyond what was acceptable to the PSC and GTL by having extra charges on the client apart from the standard billing and double billing some calls. GTL was illegally paid 1.243 million dollars from the taxpayer’s money.

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Only The Best Work At Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading investment banking firms in the world. The company has dedicated itself to helping low and middle-level market companies grow by providing them with financial advisory services. Other than that, Madison Street Capital also offers other financial services such as expert advice on mergers and acquisitions and valuation services. It also provides its clients with financial options. The company offers its services to both public and private business entities. Madison Street Capital is a company dedicated to providing the highest standards of services that are unrivaled in the business service industry.

Madison Street Capital, established in the year 2005, has offices in Africa, Asia and North America. However, the company headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. The company is best known for attracting the best financial minds to its pool of professionals. This pool comprises of transaction professionals, senior valuation experts and research analysts. The company, therefore, provides a number of unique, nonpareil financial services to clients drawing from its full skill set. Some of the company’s most loyal clients include Fiber Science, Inc., Central Iowa Energy and Bond Medial Group. Madison Street Capital attributes the growth of its customers, to a global level, to the acknowledgment of emerging markets as a vital aspect of modern business. http://madisonstreetcapital.org/

Recently, Anthony Marsala, Madison Street Capital’s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer was recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) as part of their 40 Under Forty recognition program. This speaks to the quality of people working for Madison Street Capital. NACVA seeks to identify and recognize people under 40 who have made over-the-top advances in financial forensics, business valuation, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting, related professions and mergers and acquisitions. http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/orland-park-homer-glen/community/chi-ugc-article-madison-street-capitals-anthony-marsala-reco-2015-08-20-story.html

The Executive Staff of NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI) picked the honorees from a pool of more than 120 nominees. The honorees will be featured in a number of press releases, and their profiles will also feature in The Value Examiner, QuickReadBuzz Blog and NACVA Association News.

Anthony Marsala has been very subservient in managing Madison Street Capital’s international presence in Africa, Asia and Europe. He is also responsible for overseeing the company’s due diligence and the analytical teams that are in charge of the business valuation work for the company’s M&A and Corporate Finance clients.

Mr. Marsala is a well-known expert in corporate finance, M&A and business valuation. For over a decade now, Anthony Marsala has performed and reviewed a large number of valuation and transactional agreements all across different industries. He is an alumni of the Loyola University of Chicago where he earned his baccalaureate in Finance and Information Systems.

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George Soros’ Master Plan for the New Ukraine

Plummeting oil prices are the shot heard ’round the world, and the crisis in Russia is no exception. Sanctions imposed upon Russia from Europe and the United States have worked in a disastrous duet with low oil prices to bring Russian into a financial crisis comparable to their dilemma of 1998. In the late ’90s, Russia ran out of money reserves and dumped its debt, causing global financial upset.

The Russian Central Bank has managed a cliffhanger to the tune of a $100 billion trade-off with the People’s Bank of China for $24 billion. This is simply a band aid measure, the bleed is only beginning. In fact, the deadly combination of sanctions and low oil prices could end up to be more than the US and Europe ever imagined when they lowered the sanctions boom. Russia could, once again, be unable to pay its debt, resulting in considerable global financial crisis, particularly to the euro.

Sanctions seem the only sensible recourse against Russian aggression, as neither the US or Europe is willing to risk war with Russia to force changes. Unfortunately, sanctions today backfire on the very countries imposing them. Russian sanctions and their teetering economic results threaten to undo the stability of the eurozone. In the perfect storm of events, Russian nationalism now looms over the EU as a geopolitical ideology of strong ethnic leanings and threats of military force.

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George Soros – Forbes

In a bold and sacrificial advance, the Ukraine has reinvented itself through proposals to embrace the EU’s concepts of trade and democracy, as well as shown willingness to defend its territory from Separatist and Russian aggression. In so doing, nothing is guaranteed. The old state bureaucracy is solidly dug in, and content to ride the wave of a business oligarchy. Russian president Vladimir Putin vows to wipe out the new Ukraine before it gets off the starting block and before it can set any examples of independence.

In a thoughtful chess move, George Soros has proposed bolstering the Russian-besieged Ukrainian government. The proposal is based upon the premise that assisting the Ukraine to defend itself and prosper would put the brakes on Russian nationalistic conquest and force Valdimir Putin to recognize the EU’s international rule of law. The loss of a functioning Ukraine could have huge consequences for the EU, none of them good. Russia’s rule of force would overshadow any rule of law implemented.

Per George Soros Ukraine‘ plan, if Europe would come to the new Ukraine’s assistance with finances to fund the fledgling government, a new, democratic and prosperous Ukraine would present an example of reason and democracy and a strong partner in a strategic location for Europe. 
This could present the world with a new and vital Russia, as the effects of reform become economically viable.

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Advanced digital marketing with White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a leading company in the industry of Digital Marketing. The business works closely with clients, providing free evaluation as to perfectly suit companies interested in utilizing White Shark’s services. That is to say that no two companies are fitted with the same services and “package”.

White Shark acknowledges that, in reality, the needs of every individual company and business vary as greatly as the natures of such businesses themselves. Marketing is not a “one size fits all” endeavor and White Shark does well to establish a mutual understanding of this fact not only between themselves and paying customers, but also between themselves and potential clientele viewing the website for the first time.

The process of attaining personalized goals through marketing is streamlined and made simpler than ever by White Shark and never has digital marketing been so easy.

Working for White Shark Media feels more like working “with” White Shark Media because from the moment the application process began, I was treated as if I was already a long-since established member of a family. I was respected and understood immediately.

The training provided by White Shark Media upon employment is superb and I grew from a previously skilled “people person” into a consultation and customer interaction and support specialist. I am able to do my job professionally and make clients feel comfortable in working with White Shark Media on a personal level entirely abandoned by competitors.

In terms of workload, I have never felt as if I was met with higher expectations than I could handle and regarding my mindset at work, I never experience a dull moment because I work with people and direct communications daily. The customers of White Shark are always easy to communicate with and energetic, thus making it natural for me to feel energetic while working. Read more: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/ and http://citrite.org/white-shark-media-review-how-to-get-a-free-adwords-evaluation/

Any questions I have regarding the company or my job are quickly answered and I never feel “out of the loop”. Working at White Shark Media is a pleasure and I plan on continuing my career with White Shark well into the future due, in part, to the level of respect I receive on a daily basis from every person who works at White Shark.

The company claims to be “founded on the idea of delivering a world class experience” and it rings true and effective not only to the customers but also to employees.

White Shark Media holds all of its interactions in the highest regard possible and treats each one individually and thoroughly for the best possible experience for all who are involved. I love my job!

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