Malcolm CasSelle: Possible Revolution in the Exchange of Virtual Assets

Malcolm CasSelle is a man with a plan. He has key insights that he has developed during his career in the digital technology industry. He currently serves as the chief investment officer for one of the world’s largest in-game sales companies. This company is known as OPSkins. OPSkins allows users to conduct transactions in virtual worlds. As of now the ability to transact virtually is dependent upon centralized marketplaces. The use of centralized marketplaces contains inherent flaws.

The two biggest flaws associated with centralized marketplaces are those of fragmentation and fraud. Malcolm CasSelle has recently launched a new company that he has named worldwide asset exchange. This company is based on the blockchain technology that is also behind the popular digital currency bitcoin. Utilizes cryptographic techniques in order to ensure the immutability of transactions and creates a system that does not need a middleman and does not need to trust in order to operate. Instead, he uses able to construct transactions using a common store of value. In the case of his new company which will serve as a piece centralized marketplace for the exchange of virtual goods users will be using something that is called a wax tokens. These tokens will function as a common store of value and will eliminate the need for foreign exchange markets to facilitate transactions. The use of foreign-exchange markets creates upward pressure on the price of doing transactions amongst users of different geographical areas. Additionally, since the blockchain utilizes cryptographic techniques in order to ensure the immutability of transactions, it will also help to reduce the prevalence of fraud significantly.

Malcolm CasSelle is not only known for his role in the industry of virtual asset exchange but has been able to make an impact in a number of other companies as well. He has been in the successful venture capitalist. He was able to invest in the earliest stages of both Facebook and Zynga. This led to him being incredibly successful at an early age. He has since then gone on to create a significant influence in the world of digital technology companies.


OSI Group Understands What You Want to Eat

Formally named OSI Industries, OSI Group is one of the leading food and drink providers around the globe. With more than 65 facilities in 17 countries, the vast OSI Group employs 20,000. The company offers custom food solutions, exceptional culinary skill and a commitment to sustainability throughout all of their work. OSI Group has expanded globally in hopes of providing global food ideas and product consistency.

Aurora, Illinois is where the OSI Group Headquarters is currently located. They have recently made a purchase of a Tyson Foods Plant in the Chicago area. Tyson announced that the food plant would be closing down in October 2016. The OSI Group acquired the facility for $7.4 million and offered 250 of Tyson’s former employees a job position.

2016 was a year of continuous growth from OSI Group. The British Safety Council awarded the food company the 2016 Globe of Honour. This award is given to organizations that display high attention to environmental management. The Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, Mike Robinson, presented the award stating, “Leadership is a Key Factor in achieving excellence. You can legislate for compliance, but you have to inspire people towards excellence.” OSI has been in production in the U.K. since 1989 with beef and pork products.

Other endeavors for the OSI Group have been their recent expansion in Spain. Their production line located in Toledo, Spain has increased its ability to provide chicken products. The number of chicken products has doubled. They estimate their output of products will be in the 45,000-ton range. Those products include chicken, beef, and pork. This increase in the product line has enabled the company to create 20 more jobs in managerial positions.

OSI Group is spreading their wings further into Europe with the acuistion of Baho Food. Baho Food controls five subsidiaries that have processing food plants in 18 different European countries. OSI and Baho Food will be trading resources in order to serve their customers and suppliers better. John Balvers, Director of Baho Foods, claims “I am excited about becoming part of the larger OSI group.”

OSI Group is sticking to their goals in all that they do as a food provider. Their beliefs in innovation put R & D specialist in every production facility. OSI promises to deliver on all of their customers’ unique demands with precision. All of this made possible while making sure that every product sent is safe and retains the highest quality. Moreover, OSI Group stays one step ahead by staying current in all aspects of food development and prep.

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Thinking Outside of the Box and Finding Creative Solutions With Inspiration From Susan McGalla

One thing that many people are made to believe is that the only way to rise to the top is to start at the bottom of an established company and then work their way to the top. This is often one of the paths that have been sold to women among other people. However, women are at a disadvantage. It is rare for a woman to achieve the level of success that Susan McGalla has achieved. Fortunately, there are alternatives to being a leader of an established business. Susan McGalla herself has taken on one of the alternatives.

One thing women can do is start their own business. This is where they can have all of the freedom that they want with their business. One thing that they can do is decide on the nature of the business and how they are going to earn. This can help them find a business model that is best suited to them. One of the best advantages to owning their own business is that they have the choice on what they want to do and what direction they want to take their business in. They do not have to answer to anyone. They also get to keep as much money as they make. This is one of the easiest ways to break the glass ceiling.

One thing that Susan McGalla has shown women is that there is more than one way to be successful. One does not have to be subject to the oppressive work system. Women that are creative enough are going to find a lot of good fortune when it comes to their business. If they have the courage to step out and reach people to get them on board with what they are promoting, then they are going to make tons of money.

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Matt Badiali: Agricultural Prices Fall Thanks to Oilac

In order to promote long-term wealth, the most common advice that anyone in the finance industry will give you is to invest your money wisely. Wise investments with your money will not only allow you to save money will actually let you turn your money into something that is working for you and producing income on its own. It can be exceedingly difficult in order to know just how you should invest your money, however. Banyan Hill Publishing Company has taken it upon itself to make this process much easier by producing some of the leading investment advice newsletters in the United States of America. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

The current natural resources expert for Banyan Hill Publishing Company is Matt Badiali. Matt Badiali utilizes a hands-on approach where he observes potential investment opportunities firsthand by traveling the world in order to meet with the leaders of the various companies and corporations. He has experience as a trained scientist and holds a Masters degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He uses the skills that he has learned over his very long career in order to produce incredible insights into the natural resources industries.

Matt Badiali has recently posted about changes in the agricultural market of the United States of America. Just recently the official US Farm Bureau has released a survey which he collects every year in regards to the price of holiday meals. According to the data collected from the survey, the price for holiday meals in the United States America is down to its lowest point in the last five years. The biggest contributing factor to this decrease in price is oil prices. As a result of oil prices changing it has become much easier to grow grains more efficiently.


There is a direct correlation between the price of oil and the cost of producing grains. By lowering the price of grains, it is possible to lower the price of other agricultural goods such as turkey. In total it takes around 35 pounds of grains in order to produce a 16 pound turkey. In addition to the lowering cost of grains, there has been a shift in the dynamic between supply and demand of turkey. As it becomes more economically viable to produce more turkey farmers raise more of the livestock. This increases the overall supply, and as supply outpaces demand, the price of the food decreases in turn. This is seen amongst a number of other agricultural goods such as corn as well. Visit to know more about Matt Badiali.

Sheldon Lavin- Being Innovative and Trumping

OSI Group boasts of having the most committed and highly skilled Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Sheldon Lavin, and he also serves as the OSI International Foods president. Lavin stays actives with the different facets of the company vast global operations and ensuring the quality and efficiency remains high top. The company is well renowned globally for dealing with packaging and manufacturing of food and meat products with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin in 1970 helped to start the finance Otto and Sons that later evolved into a global company OSI Group.

He boasts of being successful food executive with years of extensive industry expertise making him a great leader with vision. Sheldon Lavin leadership and broad vision have seen OSI Group experience rapid growth from being a domestic food process to becoming one of the international blueprints in the retail sector.

Sheldon Lavin in 2016 received Global Visionary Award presented to him for his tremendous job growth both locally and international scene awarded by India Vision Academy. Additionally, in 2015, he received Lifetime Achievement Award honored to him by RSM-US LLP for his exceptional and unrivaled commitment to serving the Chicago business community. Lavin boasts of multiple times being honored and humbled by such recognition for his achievements and accomplishments in making OSI group a global powerhouse.

Sheldon has worked hard in expanding the OSI group operations across all the continents and leadership and unique skills he has changed the food processing and meat industry views. He specializes in large-scale operations enabling the company to quickly and vastly manage the complexity of the supply chains. Lavin dedicates his life to the welfare of his 20,000 employees ensuring his people receive the given directions and are well-compensated for their dedication and hard work. Sheldon is involved in various charitable causes like the Ronald McDonald Houses Charities, donating to college funds, sick children, chronic illness funds, and a Jewish organization and helping his community and others.

Sheldon Lavin vision for his future and that of OSI is to continue with profitable growth serving the clients with world-class services and tailor-made operations. He stated they look forward to maintaining their lead as the world food industry. Sheldon is currently 85 years and still planning on playing a significant role in boosting the company to expanse growth. He is committed to promoting sustainable supply chain, reducing the environments impact and taking part in making social contributions to communities and workers globally.

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Lori Senecal and What it Takes to Get Ahead

Lori Senecal has done a lot for the industry of advertising. This is one of the reasons that she is one of the most trustworthy people in the advertisement industry. For one thing, she knows what it takes for one to build a successful company. She goes beyond what is necessary for success. Her passion takes her beyond the necessary work. Therefore, she is always taking the companies she works for to the next level of success. She is also willing to help people learn what they need to do so that they can move forward. She is an example to follow.


One thing that can be said for Lori Senecal is that she knows how to succeed with the use of her strengths. She has surprised people with her talents. She knows how to focus and bring about the desired results in a short amount of time. When she manages this, she gains the trust of clients and others. This is what has grown CP+B when she has worked for it. She is also one of the most effective leaders. She uses her example as well as her words to get across her expectations in a way that everyone will understand. Check out



She also has a lot of compassion which she has learned when she was a leader of gymnastics. She has learned how to work with her team and bring out the best without being hard and judgmental with them. In the world of advertising, she understands that it is important to do a lot of work. Therefore, she looks at multiple platforms and enters her ad campaign where she can so that she can reach a multitude of people. This causes the business of her clients to grow. As a result, she gains another client for more projects. You can check out YouTube to see more.


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Remarkable Facts About ClassDojo

One of the things educators are always looking to do would be to create a positive classroom environment. In their quest to create a positive culture with classrooms, schools, communities, and the world, many of them have discovered a host of exciting apps to connect their students to the outside world. One of these apps would be ClassDojo.

Needless to say, many of these Educators were pleased with how efficient ClassDojo actually is. It has increased in popularity, and is now used in almost every classroom in the United States. However, what most U.S. teachers do not realize is that it is actually used worldwide as well. Indeed, connecting classrooms is a breeze with the ClassDojo software.

Take David in Lagos, Nigeria and Stacy in suburban Illinois, for example. One of the things they quickly discovered was that even though they had 6000 miles of distance between them they still shared many common ideals and goals. David in Nigeria and Stacy in Illinois quickly realized they could use this as a teachable moment for their students. Both the students in Illinois and the students in Nigeria learned many things about each other. Most of all, through ClassDojo they learned about kindness and the power of community. This was all due to the fact that ClassDojo literally erased the 6,000 mile distance. Not to mention, both students learned an incredible amount about the differences in culture through this communication platform. Needless to say, this new communication medium opened up new discussions between both classrooms. For example, the Nigerian classroom did not understand why the American classroom were not wearing uniforms and the American schoolchildren wondered what kind of food the Nigerians would eat on a daily basis!

All of this was made possible by the app ClassDojo. Of course, this is what the engineers of ClassDojo and sought to accomplish in the first place. They wanted to create a technological medium that would not only create a positive culture, but what also be able to give students a voice, and encourage teamwork and communication between teachers, administrators, and parents. Although the jury is still out, it definitely appears that at least in the case of Stacy and David this medium has accomplished its goals!

The Effort Of Shafik Sachedina In Transformed The Operations Of Shafik Sachedina

Sachedina has put his career at the peak point in the arena of surgical with the aim of creating transformation in the community. There are many changes that he has fostered positively in the society through his dedication as the leader who is skilled in the field of surgery.

Shafik is one of the great alumni of the London University. He pursued dental surgery at the degree level in the institution. His career has made him proud in many of steps that he has taken in his life. Shafik further enriched his skills in the field of medicine while at England. The efforts that he has showcased as skilled personnel has made him created a better opportunity for investing in his area of healthcare. Furthermore, Shafik has excellent management skills that have enabled him to put most of the institutions that he has led at the better position. Example of the successful organization that is attributed to the leadership of Shafik is Sussex Healthcare Ismaili community.

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Shafik Sachedina has managed to take control of the Sussex healthcare. There are many of the agendas that have been planted into the system of the institution with an aimed at making it to the peak position in the healthcare segment. Shafik has played a significant role in drafting the goals of the Sussex healthcare and fixing many challenges in various sectors within the institution. The other organization that Shafik has demonstrated his skills in managing it is the Jamati Institutions. Shafik has managed to create a perfect cohesion within the 16 branches of the organization. The aim of the Shafik in dedicating his effort in the field is to mark the level of philanthropism that will boost the transformation in the community. Most of the managerial post that Shafik has served in has been outstanding. He has been offering the services of leadership at the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions out of his will. The purpose of him taking the step of to create a better avenue that will see the community at the gaining side. The support that Shafik has imparted to the many of the organization has been lauded by the concerned team of individuals in the society.

The stride that he has made as the leader of the Sussex Health Care has placed the workers on the advantage side of acquiring the authorization to carry out their duties from the known University of Chichester. The other part that employees of the institution have benefited most is the acquisition of the BA from the recognized institutions.

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Ronald Fowlkes: Inspiring a Tactical Gear Manufacturing Company

Eagle Industries Unlimited is one of the leading arms manufacturers and tactical gear producers in the world. They became popular worldwide because of their quality products, and their clients loved the way they are used. In just a short period, they established their positive reputation among their clients and enjoyed a prolonged status of being the creators of high-end gears and arms. The company is also known for employing experienced people who know how to use their products well. One of them is Ronald Fowlkes, who is former military personnel. They have employed Ronald Fowlkes to become their business development manager, and he has contributed a lot to the company. He is currently based in the city of St. Louis in Missouri, and he was tasked to look after the law enforcement department of the company, as well as their commercial products.



Ronald Fowlkes had a colorful history when he joined the American military. He was recruited to become a part of the army, and he was designated to work within the tactical training department. He managed to build his skills in being a tactical trainer, and overtime, his expertise grew, and it involved several other specialties. He included these experiences that he had with the military when he applied for the position. Eagle Industries Unlimited has seen a great potential with Ronald Fowlkes, ultimately deciding to choose him to serve under the position. He started his career with the leading tactical gear producers in July 2008, and since then, he stated that he enjoyed his work and he would sometimes give the employees under his watch some basic real-life information on how these things work.



Every day at work, Ronald Fowlkes is making sure that the department under his watch would keep producing tactical gears of high quality. He wanted to impress their clients and customers, which is why he is working hard to remind the employees to focus on their craft and not miss any detail. Eagle Industries Unlimited has been known for their high-quality products, and it would be a shame if they missed something concerning the product. Aside from the current number of their clients, Ronald Fowlkes is also tasked to get new clients and explain to them why their brand is the best.



Today, Ronald Fowlkes keeps his excellent track record with the company. He is very hands-on when it comes to tactical gears and arms, and he would always show his employees how they should work. He stated that he is also being motivated by the company that he works for, and he is satisfied with all of the benefits that are being given to him. In the present, experts believe that the Eagle Unlimited Industries will keep its flourishing condition because of the increasing demand for arms and tactical gears.



For Sheldon Lavin, being a global visionary comes with the territory as the CEO of the prestigious American Food Company, OSI

As a well respected American food company like OSI Group, doing great things in the food industry can have a substantial ripple effect. The CEO of OSI Group, Seldon Lavin, has made some significant acquisitions of European food companies over the last few years.

OSI Group has been brokering big deals with international food companies and also purchasing critical brands in Europe. This business approach by Lavin has led OSI to the top. OSI has also strived to be a best-in-quality and a best-in-service company. In 2016, OSI was designated as a top 100 American food and beverage company.

Otto & Sons Inc. was a small family meat company founded in 1909 in Illinois by a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky. Many decades later, OSI was Otto & Sons’ predecessor, having been renamed and turned into an international, food processing firm with an estimated 6.1 billion dollars. OSI has 20,000 employees and 65 facilities in 16 nations.

According to, OSI is ranked #58 in wealth as a private company. The company headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. Its products include bacon, meat patties, hot dogs, fish, pizza, poultry and vegetable products. OSI supplies 85 percent of McDonald’s franchises with meat, globally. Since 1955, when Ray Kroc decided to choose Otto & Sons as its top beef supplier, OSI has expanded internationally, with facilities in India and China.

OSI has attained many impressive business milestones and awards under Lavin’s watchful eye. Lavin’s critical leadership in areas of mergers and acquisition the business world has helped OSI gained significant recognition and some impressive awards. In December of 2016, one of OSI’s subsidiaries located in the UK was presented with the Globe of Honour on behalf of the British Safety Council. This yearly award, which is given by the British Safety Council, focuses on those companies in the UK that do exceptional things concerning the environmental safety area.

Lavin’s philanthropic pursuits included the support of the Ronald McDonald House, a charity. Lavin has supported them for 25 plus years. Lavin’s role comprises trustee and chairman of their capital campaign. Lavin has helped many other charities. Sheldon has the position of Director of Sheba Foundation as well as president.

Lavin earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. He attended the Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. Lavin once owned Sheldon Lavin and Associates, a consulting firm, which resulted in him being hired by Otto & Sons.

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