OSI Group Shares Their Success With McDonald’s

While many people have not ever heard of OSI Group, there is a good chance that they have eaten at least one of their products within the last month. The corporation is one of the main suppliers of the fast-food chain McDonald’s and has been with the company since they were just a few restaurants scattered around the suburbs. The OSI Group started as just an immigrant-owned butcher shop in Chicago before growing to the international corporation that it is today. It is truly a success story based around German immigrants putting in the hard work needed to achieve their American dream. Started in 1909, it only took the company around a decade to venture into the profitable area of wholesale.

It was around this point that Otto Kolschowsky handed off the reigns to his sons as is common among many family businesses that were started by immigrants at the time. His sons shared their father’s passion for the business and strived to grow the business into an even their bigger success than it already was. The turning point for the company that would eventually become OSI Group was when the Kolschowsky sons made an important handshake agreement with the man who would come to be the Chief Executive Officer of the entire McDonald’s chain after buying out all of the individual restaurants that were scattered around the suburbs.

As McDonald’s grew, Ray Kroc did not forget about the agreement he had made with Otto’s sons and still came to them as the main supplier of fresh hamburger. As McDonald’s continued to grow OSI Group was kept along for the ride and quickly needed to find new ways to keep their product fresh so it could be shipped across the country. This led to OSI Group implementing new types of technology and solutions to improve their products. The demand also led to OSI expanding their production capabilities by opening up more facilities outside of Chicago to better serve the needs of their clients. Eventually, McDonald’s began to expand to other countries and OSI did as well by opening up facilities in both Spain and Germany.

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