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*An in depth look at Oncotarget & their Press releases:

Oncotarget publishes research type materials which supply up to date information concerning various Cancers as well as any new research or treatment options. Oncotarget is published by Rapamycin Press. The material published by Oncotarget is informational, easy to read and always current. Oncotarget published an article in September which stated that there was a definite link between those diagnosed with Cancer and the strong possibility that they will experience financial hardship which may eventually lead to Bankruptcy. cancer is difficult to deal with by itself. exploring the possibility that a cancer diagnosis could Bankrupt you and your family is like receiving a double shot of very bad news.

Informational/ Immediate Release Articles:

Immediate release articles are continually published on Oncotarget’s web site. For example, an immediate release article which appeared on the web site the first week of October discussed advances in Cancer treatments. However, the article also discussed how the cost of Cancer treatment seems to steadily increase. Therefore, even though Cancer treatments are greatly improved which can very well prolong life; the down side is the cost of treatment can be astronomical even with adequate insurance coverage. Oncotarget also supplies useful information and statistics on various Cancers as well as the likelihood of occurrence according to age groups, racial groups, geographical area and likelihood of remission and re-occurrence. Therefore, these articles can be extremely helpful to researchers, Physicians, students, Registered Nurses and the public.Oncotarget divides its publications into two groups. First, recent news is discussed on the main page. Recent news normally consists of articles of public interest. In addition, the second group of articles on the Oncotarget web site includes any recent “Breakthrough’s and Discoveries. The Breakthrough’s and Discovery section would probably capture the interest of Professional Medical Personnel. However, anyone can read whatever article they find interesting or relevant to their current situation.

*Additional information/ web site resources:

Finally, Oncotarget is an excellent source when looking for accurate and current information on Cancer. In addition, each article or finding gives complete information on where the article originated and who originally published the material.Please view www.impactjournals.com for additional information about Oncotarget and the current topics available for review. Most articles published on the web site may be used for educational as well as instructional purposes. Therefore, the medical information published on the web site could be used for a teaching or information source in relation to undergraduate medical students.

Source of the article : https://oncotarget.msubmit.net/cgi-bin/main.plex

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