Mexico is Once Again on the Spot, all Because of Omar Yunes, the Best Franchisee in the World

Mexico is once again on the spot for all the right reasons. For many years, Mexico has been known to be the land where children receive presents only in January and not on Christmas Day as done by other cultures. Also, Mexico is renowned for being the home of the second largest border in the world. However, Omar Yunes is taking the fame of Mexico to a whole new level. Thanks to efforts by the Mexican investor of Sushi Itto, Mexico is now considered to be a top performer as far as franchises are concerned.


So far, Omar Yunes runs 13 franchises located in the regions of Puebla, Veracruz, and Mexico City. While starting out, Omar began with a single venture which has since grown into a world class enterprise. Based on strategy, innovation, and hard work, Omar Yunes has been able to create a brand much respected from any corner of the globe. Thanks to Omar’s different leadership approaches, he has been able to establish a robust business network that made it possible for him to win at first place the Best Franchisee of the World, a competition organized to honor outstanding corporate managers.


During the event held in 2015, Omar Yunes successfully beat competitors from 34 countries. As the winner, Omar Yunes sold Sushi Itto to the rest of the world as an institution much capable of providing quality products and services to its customers. Thanks to Omar Yunes, gone are the days when Mexican Franchises were only an ‘in-thing.’ Mr. Yunes has in a big way placed Sushi Itto and other franchises of its kind on the global map. In the competition, Ivan Tamer emerged in second place thus helping raise the Mexican flag much higher.


Some of the categories analyzed during the Best Franchisee of the World competition 2015 include how an individual has motivated his employees, the number of savings implemented, how an individual has impacted his company, and the level of knowledge the franchisee has contributed to his franchise. Out of all the above categories, Omar Yunes happened to excel in all of them. Thus, Omar Yunes is an accurate representation of the Mexican spirit.

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