MB2 Dental, Community for Dentists

MB2 Dental Solutions is a practice management network that serves as a partner to affiliated dentists. It bridges the gap between corporate dentists and practice owners. It was also developed to promote the provision of better dental services to patients. It was founded in 2009 in Texas State. MB2 was established by Doctor Chris Villanueva and is one of the largest dental support organizations in America owned privately by doctors. He was faced with challenges on both sides and concluded that forming an independent network of dentists would somehow banish some obstacles. He, therefore, went ahead and established the MB2 Dental Solution to connect dentists everywhere. He worked as a sole practitioner and as a corporate dentist. MB2 Dental presently operates in six states with over 80 affiliated locations and has employed at least 500 employees.

MB2 Dental Solutions plays essential roles to both dentists and patients. MB2’s primary objective is to provide suitable working conditions for dentists. The dental solution also makes networking and connection of dentists easier. Through the relationship, dentists can assist each other when faced with difficulties. Dentists, therefore, channel their energy to providing better dental services to patients. MB2 Dental organizes retreats for their members twice a year. This gives the dentists a chance to bond, share experiences, learn from each other and above all have fun. MB2 puts the priorities of the patients before those of the dentist. The dental solution organization improves the operations of the dentists thereby proving high-quality services to their patients at all times.

Being an autonomous organization comprising of dentists only, the dentists concentrate more on what they do best. The organization’s mission is to avail non-clinical knowledge, guidance, and personalized systems to members. This would enable private practitioners to make proper business decisions and at the same time focus on providing quality patient care.

MD2 has a group of young, energetic leaders. Dr. Chris S. Villanueva apart from being the organization’s founder is its Chief Executive Officer. Chris has a lot of experiences in dentistry. He has served as an associate dentist trainer, advocate for the model doctors’ practice and an associate dentist. He focuses on improving and maintaining the integrity of dentists. Justin Carrol is the Chief Operating Officer at MB2. Carroll has experiences in private equity investments and operations improvement consultations. The president of MB2 Dental Solutions is Justin Puckett, a dentist.
MD2 Dental Solutions is transforming dental services and at the same time providing an environment where dentists learn from each other and grow.

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