Matt Badiali: Agricultural Prices Fall Thanks to Oilac

In order to promote long-term wealth, the most common advice that anyone in the finance industry will give you is to invest your money wisely. Wise investments with your money will not only allow you to save money will actually let you turn your money into something that is working for you and producing income on its own. It can be exceedingly difficult in order to know just how you should invest your money, however. Banyan Hill Publishing Company has taken it upon itself to make this process much easier by producing some of the leading investment advice newsletters in the United States of America. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

The current natural resources expert for Banyan Hill Publishing Company is Matt Badiali. Matt Badiali utilizes a hands-on approach where he observes potential investment opportunities firsthand by traveling the world in order to meet with the leaders of the various companies and corporations. He has experience as a trained scientist and holds a Masters degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He uses the skills that he has learned over his very long career in order to produce incredible insights into the natural resources industries.

Matt Badiali has recently posted about changes in the agricultural market of the United States of America. Just recently the official US Farm Bureau has released a survey which he collects every year in regards to the price of holiday meals. According to the data collected from the survey, the price for holiday meals in the United States America is down to its lowest point in the last five years. The biggest contributing factor to this decrease in price is oil prices. As a result of oil prices changing it has become much easier to grow grains more efficiently.


There is a direct correlation between the price of oil and the cost of producing grains. By lowering the price of grains, it is possible to lower the price of other agricultural goods such as turkey. In total it takes around 35 pounds of grains in order to produce a 16 pound turkey. In addition to the lowering cost of grains, there has been a shift in the dynamic between supply and demand of turkey. As it becomes more economically viable to produce more turkey farmers raise more of the livestock. This increases the overall supply, and as supply outpaces demand, the price of the food decreases in turn. This is seen amongst a number of other agricultural goods such as corn as well. Visit to know more about Matt Badiali.

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