Luiz Carlos Trabuco May Have Resigned From Bradesco, But Is Still Knowledgeable About Brazils Economy

The latest news of Brazil’s recovery from the economic crisis is just a testament that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is still an expert in finance. The former president of Trabuco Bradesco states that it is too early for everyone to celebrate the recovery of Brazil from the crisis. He also stated that the recovery of Brazil’s economy will live a short life if there are no reforms that will contain public account issues. The chairman of Bradesco’s Board of Directors notes that the recent months brought better results during the recovery process of the economy. Read more at Ultimo Segundo about Trabuco.


The former Trabuco Bradesco president states that the recovery will just serve as a cycle change as the comparison bases are said to be very low. This means that the cycle change in economy will just serve as the actual “recovery” of it. That’s why he even noted that it will just become a “chicken flight” if there are no reforms as the Brazilians celebrate too early for the recovery to happen. He also states that lack of measures such as adopting for limiting the government spending means to prevent fiscal deficits. Luiz also noted that the lack of reform can also question the country’s capability to resolve economic issues. The former Bradesco president said that the public spending may be a wish; something that must be hoped for wholeheartedly.


That’s why Governor Geraldo Alckmin states that if he wins the Presidential election, the Pension Reform will be a top priority. Alckmin agrees with the tactic that the former Trabuco proposed as it’s a very predictive move to provide reforms that will definitely stabilize the economy for the long term. It just shows that Trabuco still has the skills to develop better financing.



Luiz Carlos Luiz was the former president before he got replaced by Octavio De Lazari Jr., the former vice president of the bank and former president of Bradesco Seguros. His new position as CEO granted him an R $ 1.3 trillion in assets.


Bradesco’s decision to give the position to Octavio De Lazari was a decision based on the process of succession in position, along with nomination procedures that were endorsed on a committee. This promotion was scheduled on March 12, but it was actually planned in September 2016; it was delayed due to age limit issues. But despite his resignation, his capability as a financer is still valuable in assisting the economy of the country. Learn more about Trabuco at Crunchbase.

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