Karl Heideck: A Pennsylvania Litigator

Pennsylvania Litigator Karl Heideck
Pennsylvania Litigator Karl Heideck

Do you ever wonder about the process of litigation? Would you like to learn more about the education of a litigator, or what a litigator does?

Litigation: A Brief Summary
Litigation starts after a complaint from the plaintiff is filed with the court against the defendant. This complaint represents the plaintiff’s side of the dispute. Then, a copy goes to the defendant who has to file a response to the complaint in a specified length of time, which offers the defendant’s side. Additionally, this process may continue with a counter-claim from the defendant about the plaintiff, and so on back and forth. The court then has the defined issues that need resolving.

Next is the discovery phase. A lawsuit is filed. Both parties and third parties discuss the facts and issues. Many times, cases depend on expert witnesses. Motions are made to the court for judgments on laws and facts, or to seek clarity or resolution of procedural disputes. Finally, the matter goes to trial.

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Litigation Work And Education
A litigator can represent either the plaintiff or defendant in civil cases and is in control of every aspect of the litigation procedure. Typically, the education of a litigator starts with earning a bachelor’s degree, then taking the LSAT to enter law school. Once graduating law school, the litigator takes a bar exam to become licensed.

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The Experience And Education Of A Pennsylvania Attorney
Karl Heideck, a Pennsylvania attorney, specializes in the practices of compliance, litigation, and risk management. Furthermore, Karl Heideck has proficiency in corporate law, commercial litigation, and employment law, to name a few.

In the tradition of becoming a litigator, Heideck received his bachelor’s in 2003 at Swarthmore College. Then, Heideck continued his education at Templeton University Beasely School of Law, where he earned his JD in 2009. The hands-on experience that he acquired after graduating served to advance his knowledge and expertise as a litigator.

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