IAP Worldwide Services, INC. is truly a unique and special company to do some research on and consider working for or with….or even both. In fact, I highly recommend it. You may begin by seeing who the company is and what they are all about. The world wide web is truly a marvelous and wonderful thing, is it not? As is this special company.

For those of you curious—and I’m sure there are quite a few at this point—the IAP in IAP WORLDWIDE SERVICES, INC. stands for INGENUITY AND PURPOSE on clearancejobs.com. In essence, the employees are skilled and ingenuous. They also move with a purpose, as does the greater company at large.

IAP Worldwide Services, began in 1953 and has worked long and hard, taking quite an arduous path of toil and patience to arrive at where it is today. It currently operates in over twenty countries of the globe and contains around sixteen hundred employees….just to give you a slight picture of where things are at here. This organization and what it stands for are no joke…they promise and they deliver upon what they promise.

Speaking of which, just what exactly do they promise, live by, and stand by….that makes them so great? Well, I’m glad you asked….because that just so happens to be my very next point! In fact, it will be the very reason why this company just says ‘wonderful’.

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IAP WORLDWIDE stands by five special values in its mission and vision as a whole .These values are those of focus, agility, capabilities, commitment, and values (believe it or not…..’values’ are one of the values here.). For focus and agility, IAP WORLDWIDE SERVICES, INC. states:

“Your mission is our mission. We take personal ownership of each engagement, in support of the team and as part of the team.

Wow….what a statement indeed! This not only says that the company as a whole values our time. IAP Services also states that they are committed to providing an exceptional service of quality, as well as a reputation of solid trust, all in the same breath. This speaks wonders for what the company can do when it really pushes the bar and sets a new bar in its place. I am just amazed.

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