How Dentists Can Have The Best Of Both Worlds

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. He founded it with the goal of offering the best from both the practitioner side and the corporate side of the dental industry. He himself has worked on both sides of the dental industry, so he knows exactly how to provide both practitioners and those on the corporate side with the results and services they need.

MB2 Dental was founded in order to provide practitioners with the support they needed without weighing them down with all sorts of requirements that hinder them. They now support practitioners at over seventy locations in six states. They have over five hundred employees.

Most corporate dental management companies are boring and drab. They are focused on one thing: Profit margins. Dr. Villanueva founded MB2 Dental in order to create something that is inspiring. His company is owned by dentists themselves. They provide support for dentists in a fun and inspiring way. They help dentists make improvements that help their patients. They help them improve their operating standards. This leads to happier customers who keep coming back.

When asked where the idea for MB2 Dental came from, Dr. Villanueva said that when he started out as a dentist, there were only two ways that were available to dentists like him. The first was to join a large corporate firm. You had more support and more resources if you followed this path. At the same time, however, you also did not have complete autonomy and you had all kinds of strings attached. The other option was to open up your own private practice. You had autonomy if you did that, but you missed out on the resources available to other dentists. In other words, you were basically all on your own. Dr. Chris Villanueva started MB2 Dental in order to give dentists the best of both worlds. It provides them with all the resources that a regular corporate company would provide them, but it does not come with all the strings. It is managed by dentists who know what it feels like to be a dentist. They put doctors and patients first.

When asked what his typical day looks like and how he makes it productive, Dr. Villanueva explained that he is a night owl and loves working at night. Late at night is when his kids are asleep and he is able to focus on coming up with new ideas.

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