Fabletics Showcases How Reverse Showrooms Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Many consumers will follow the trends that are hot and will turn to reviews in order to decide what is good and what is not. For the longest time, people would turn to their closest friends and family to give them advice on things to buy and things to avoid. With the large number of brands on the market today that are trendy, many consumers are turning to celebrities to guide their fashion choices.


One of those brands is the Fabletics brand. When this brand launches in 2013, no one knew that it would sell as quickly as it did and the number of people who would stand behind the product. Since launching, the brand has grown by over 200% of the original number of shoppers. This brand has brought in over $235 million dollars. There are currently more than a million people who are paying monthly for the Fabletics membership.


The rapid growth of the brand is attributed to the spokesperson who stands behind it. That spokesperson is no other than Kate Hudson. There are a number of celebrities who speak on behalf of the products they are selling however in many cases, the products are not personally endorsed by the spokesperson.


When it comes to Fabletics however, Kate Hudson stands firmly behind the products she endorses. You will see photographs of Kate entering and exiting the gym weekly. It is then that you will see Kate Hudson wearing the same products that she stands and advertises for.


Kate works hard to ensure that the brands she stands behind are worth the money. Fabletics is a brand that offers users the ability to have nice, stylish workout gear but for half of the normal cost that you would pay in the local stores. The quality of the brand is what helps to bring people in to trying them out. Upon trying the brand, the instant they try them on, they discover why the brand is so popular.


Kate was first approached by the company to help them bring customers in to purchase the product that they knew was going to be a huge success. From the very start of the proposal, Kate knew that others who are active would want something more than simple black workout gear. The Fabletics brand is offering the users to have stylish workout gear instead of the plain, solid colors that they were used to.


The number of internet stores is skyrocketing each year. The use of internet shopping has caused the decline in physical stores. In order to reach a wider audience, reverse showrooms are the way to go. A reverse showroom is going to allow shoppers to browse for the items they need without actually traveling from one shop to another. Fabletics turned the tables on competitors by serving as a membership type shop. The consumers will shop for their favorite styles and the choices they like will stay saved in their profile which helps them to keep track of future orders because of a lifestyle quiz.

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