Exciting New Investment Opportunities in Freedom Checks

Recently, Freedom Checks, have become a hot topic in investment.

Matt Baldiali, an advocate for investing in Freedom Checks, describes them as ongoing investments.He cautions investors that successfully investing in Freedom Checks requires detailed knowledge of how they work. Visit kennedyaccounts.com to know more about Freedom Checks.


These investments rely on master limited partnerships (MLPs) and Statute F-26.In 1981, Congress passed legislation that created business partnerships that can also double as publicly traded limited partnerships called master limited partnerships (MLPs).

Then seven years later Congress passed Statute 26-F which allows MLPs to operate tax-free as long as they meet two conditions. It’s important to note here that trading an MLP requires that investors share the assets of the MLP.

The first condition is that an MLP must pay out checks to their shareholders. Then they must also generate 90% of their revenue from oil and gas processing, transportation, storage, and production in the US.

Finally, MLPs must pay out at least 90% of their income to investors. Investing in MLPs that do not meet these conditions will mean that the investments will not be tax-free. When an investor in an MLP receives their check, they can choose if they want to invest in additional shares or not. Even if an investor chooses not to invest in more shares, they can expect over time their shares to go up over time and their payments to increase.

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Investors that want to sell their shares can do so at the capital gains tax rate which can be an advantage since the capital gains rate is lower than the income tax rate. Badiali believes that the amount of natural gas imported from Middle Eastern countries will continue their recent decline and that domestic sources of oil and gas in the US will continue their current rise.

According to him, this recent trend of declines in Middle Eastern sources of oil and gas has already led gains of between 5,889% and 39,832% for MLPs.

Investing in MLPs appears to be an easy investment opportunity one only needs to purchase shares in an MLP which works the same as purchasing shares in companies like Amazon and Microsoft, but reaching the full potential of MLP investments is difficult.

Investors must spot the right opportunities in natural resources to maximize their investments. Watch this video at Youtube.

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