Dr. Sameer Jejurika: Plastic Surgery 101

Plastic surgery is one of the more successful industries on earth as of 2018, and this success is looking to continue for an extended amount of time in the future. This particular industry brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis. One of the top plastic surgeons in the United States reside in Dallas, Texas. This plastic surgeon is known as Sameer Jejurikar. Plastic surgery is his forte, and he has a vast resume that backs up all claims. Dr. Jejurikar is well-respected throughout the industry. Thanks to providing such great work, this man has gotten the chance to work at numerous medical centers in the city of Dallas. This includes the popular Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Forrest Park Medical Center, Baylor Medical Center and Dallas Day Surgery Center.

When it comes to likeable doctors, Jejurikar fits the bill perfectly. He just seems to be a natural people’s person. In reflection to his likeable character, Jejurikar was honored by People’s Choice with the Compassionate Doctor Certification. This particular award is presented to doctors who have a tremendous amount of positive- patient reviews. Jejurikar won this award in 2012, and he has been going strong ever since. This board-certified plastic surgeon has been practicing medicine for nearly two decades, and he earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. Helping his patients reach their medical goals is what he specializes in, and he utilizes some of the most advanced technologies to reach his goals.


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