Why People are Productive in Shared Office Spaces

Co-working space is a unique alternative to the regular office spaces. The innovative concept offers an opportunity for independent employees and entrepreneurs to work within an open workspace rather than traditional cubicles commonly found in coffee shops. Many researchers have discovered that employees who work in shared office spaces are more productive than those who do their jobs in traditional offices.

Gretchen Spreitzer, Lyndon Garrett, and Peter Bacevice interviewed several founders of shared office space and community managers and carried out a thorough survey of hundreds of workers from several Coworking spaces. Their primary goal was to find out why Coworking spaces were unique and effective. After a rigorous analysis of data collected, they were able to identify three major predictors of thriving.
Individuals who work in shared office spaces are passionate about their work
Individuals who do their job in Coworking spaces are extra careful when choosing their projects. Unlike the traditional office, shared office spaces comprise of people who handle diverse projects and ventures. With the reduced direct competition, these individuals can focus on building their personal identity. Team working is an aspect that makes people working in shared offices to have the right attitude about their jobs. Members can learn from each other and develop new skills.

Job control
For instance, people can choose to extend their stay especially when they need to beat deadlines or take a long break when they have completed all their tasks. They can opt to work in a quiet office or a collaborative space consisting of shared tables where interaction is allowed.

Although coworkers like the Coworking arrangement, they also desire some planning in their professional lives. Too much independence can significantly reduce productivity since people lack routines. Coworkers said that working in a community assists them in creating structures and discipline, which motivates them.

Sense of belonging
Building meaningful relationships is one of the primary reasons why most people pay to work in a shared/communal space rather than working from home at zero cost.

An overview on Workville
The co-working space is strategically located some few steps from the amazing Times Square, beautiful Bryant Park, and key transportation centers. Workville comprises of shared offices, move-in ready offices, as well as open desks. Members are offered a chance to spread out to work, attend meetings, pick calls from the cafeteria, three outdoor terraces, and Lounge area.
New York shared office space: http://workvillenyc.com/