Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Changes Lives Through Philanthropy

When Bob Reina established Talk Fusion, a premier video marketing and communications firm, his goal was simply to bring a product to the masses that could utilize it. Reina himself had been in the market for a similar product and that was what led him to assemble a team of talented IT guys to make his mark. Now, in 2017, Talk Fusion is sitting pretty as one of the finest video marketing companies in the world. Reina hasn’t let that go to his head. In fact, Reina has turned his success into a new and noble goal: becoming an elite philanthropist as well.


Talk Fusion has taken philanthropy to heart as a company thanks to the leadership that CEO and Founder Bob Reina. Reina launched his own charity program that now operates within his associates at the company. The center of this program is the charity account. The free charity account is a mirror of the Talk Fusion premium monthly account and it offers all of the same great perks: live meetings, sign up forms, video chat, video email and more. The twist on this account, what makes it so philanthropic, is that the associate who opens the account can then tie it to a charity of their choice. This simple account is changing the culture of Talk Fusion and helping it become one of the more philanthropy focused companies in the industry.


Outside of the office you can see that Bob Reina maintains his focus on philanthropic excellence. Reina will be quick to say, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” Reina has already made a record a record breaking donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay — a $1 million donation. Reina has also donated to orphanages in Indonesia and a host of other personal passions. Reina’s even thrown fundraising efforts for victims and survivors of the infamous and horrific Nepal Earthquake and deadly tsunami that struck Japan. His focus on changing the world around him for the better will quickly rub off on his employees, making them all the better for it. We expect big things from Talk Fusion and Bob Reina in the coming years.


SEC Whistleblower Program and Its Features

The SEC Whistleblower program is an act that involves exposing any information seen as illegal in a company that is either private or public. The illegal activities include breaking enterprise rules as well as fraud and mismanagement of company assets and resources. The establishment of the whistleblower program was an act in the year two thousand and ten where the Congress executed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. It provides employment protections and monetary benefits which give an avenue where workers can report any cases of mismanagement of public funds to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Labaton Sucharow was the first law firm that took mandate in protecting and defending SEC whistleblowers. It involves some specialists to deal with a single case including a team of individual investigators, investment analysts, stock takers and law enforcement agents. The agents tear down arguments bit by bit to find the cause taking into consideration the issues that led to rising of the case. They make sure that they defend the defendants by taking them through a witness protection stage. It involves clearing their identities and providing them with security to prevent them from any harm. They are taken through a sequence of data analysis steps to ensure that the professionals collect all the recommended facts they need as proof of fraud committed.

Jordan Thomas is the leader of the SEC program. He is a former Assistant Director, and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in Division of Enforcement at the SEC. Jordan made sure that the program ran under the orders of one senior administrator to ensure uniformity. It is through the correlation of activities that the project has grown to become a success and enabled proper organization of running its operations.

The rules of SEC state that the tipster should be awarded at least ten to thirty percent as a token of appreciation for the services rendered to help in making sure that more people come to report cases of misconduct. Their reward will come from remunerations that SEC accrues as a result of successful winning of cases where they are paid more than one million dollars. The program also cuts down the number of informants by prohibiting reports not presented according to the rules of the SEC. To get more information on the program, one can visit the official website of the SEC program. All case evaluations and consultations are free and confidential.