Traveling Wine Tasting Events Offer Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

What is a better way for someone that loves wine to spend an evening than sipping great wine? The simple answer is getting paid while sipping great wine. An entrepreneurial opportunity is now available to people that want to work from home, build a side business slowly and become involved in work they truly enjoy. The entire business was inspired by a simple backyard wine tasting and has now developed into a company that is helping men and women around the country to become successful business owners.

The company is called Traveling Vineyard and it is a marketing opportunity that provides a high-level of support for its wine guides. Anyone interested in the business is required to fill out an application at the company website. Once completed, an area leader is sent to the home of the applicant where they are provided with selling instructions, able to sample the wines the company offers and given the history and goals of the organization.

The company operates a comprehensive website that explains their business model and they maintain social media accounts that provide additional tips and information for everyone. The company also encourages its wine guides to create their own pages and have fun with the experience.

The company began in 2001 based on the understanding that it was often necessary to let people sample wine before it could be sold. Expanding the range of the company was easier when they began working variety of individual sellers who could take the product directly to the home of the customer.

There are many benefits for people that take advantage of this opportunity. They have unlimited earning potential. They host events at their own home or at the home of the client. Most guides begin with small affairs and people they know in order to build their confidence. The parties are meant to be exciting and fun and rarely feel like work at all. The company does not require any minimum quota so it is very easy for anyone to work with the company regardless of other obligations or time constraints.

Traveling Vineyard offers a network of supportive local and regional leaders and they encourage their guides to communicate and aid each other as needed. Regular meetings keep everyone updated and three paychecks a month means that no one is every left waiting weeks for payment. The average guide earns between $80-$100 at every tasting and it is possible to earn a marketing fee of as much as 35 percent. Additional bonus opportunities also make it possible for successful guides to earn much more.