Squaw Valley: The Best Lake Tahoe Skiing Resort

When it comes to sports and interests, skiing is a pastime that anyone can participate in and is loved by many. Once you pick this sport up, it’s hard to put it down. However, this is a great sport for beginners to participate in as well. Skiing in a location mapped out for such sport is crucial to your safety and everyone else. The Lake Tahoe resort Squaw Valley is one of the best places one could ski. Not only is skiing and main attraction here, the stay is top notch as well.

This is an ideal location to consider for a family vacation. You’ll find family friendly activities such as the Squaw Kids Adventure Camp which includes mini golf, yoga, crafts, trails, and disc golf. Parents do not have to be present, however, child between the ages of 5 to 13 can participate. This can give you and your spouse more time to connect, unwind, and just enjoy yourself for a while. If you truly want to relax, you may be interested in the Trilogy Spa. Here you can get anything form a peppermint pedicure to a full body Swedish massage.

Lake Tahoe brings many people wishing to explore the outdoors. You will find this place does not lack when it comes to outdoor activities. Whether you’re wishing to swim, go hiking, walk trails, wall climbing, skiing, or riding snowmobiles there’s something here for everyone. If you’re trying to have a lazy day there are some other ways to have fun. Aerial trams and a billiard lounge is just some of the many ways you can lay back and relax.

It’s important to take seasons into consideration. Some activities are open only during certain seasons although many are open all through the year. Activities such as dog sledding, snowmobiles, and ice skating are open only during the winter season for example. However, other activities such as hot tubs, spas, and aerial trams are open in the summer as well. Foodies will love the fact that there are a variety of restaurants offering a broad range of food. Whether you’re looking for an Irish pub or European dessert, you can find it here.

We all know just how important lodging is and how it can effect your trip. Squaw Valley Village has bathrooms in every bedroom in the suite making it much easier on those with multiple people or big families staying in one suite. Rooms also include private balconies, fire places, and all kitchens are fully equipped. Parking is an issue many are concerned about specifically speaking about the winter months and the toll it can take on your vehicle. Squaw Valley Village offers heated underground parking to guests to be everyone at ease.