Thirty Years’ Experience Informs Securus Technologies’ ContactUs

Correctional institutions can design an interface for the inmates to use which only allows them access to the tailored applications and information the institutions have deemed appropriate. Securus Technologies developed ContactUs with thirty years’ experience in the incarceration industry to inform their design. As a result, the program has a ubiquity of customization written into its software. View the company profile on

Securus Technologies works with over 2,000 correctional facilities in the United States, and has had ample time to collect data. The following is a brief illustrative example deliberately understanding the severity of what Securus found. First, 13.8 complaints and grievances forms are filed per inmate per month. Most institutions dealing such inmates house 100 or more. 100 multiplied by 13.8 is 1380. 1380 multiplied by 12 (the months in a year) is 16,560. In total, some 16,560 forms would be processed yearly by this institution. At only five minutes per form (total), that comes to 1,380 man hours; or roughly an hour per form by the end of the year. At $20 an hour, that’s $27,600. If 2,000 of the facilities Securus works with adopted this technology, the end result would be a yearly savings of $55,200,000–assuming the 1,999 institutions not included in the above calculation only house 100 inmates. But there is a more accurate way of estimating this number.

Securus deals with 1.2 million inmates. At 13.8 complaints and grievances forms per inmate per month, estimated savings potential for Securus’ inmates is $331,200,000; or a third of a billion dollars, conservatively. No wonder Securus Technologies has received an A+ rating with the folks over at the Better Business Bureau.

Securus Technologies Discloses How Global Tel Link Was Involved in Dishonest Activities.

Securus Technologies is a competent technology firm that primarily serves the inmate communication industry. The main services that are provided by the company are investigations, incident management, informing the public, communication, information management, inmate self-service, and biometric analysis. All solutions that they provide have the main goal of making the world a better place. Most of the clients that Securus serves are civil and criminal justice institutions, which are based in North America. They are currently contracted by about 3450 correctional facilities that have a population of about 1.2 million inmates.

Securus lately said that they have a plan of exposing information, substantiation, and publications that will disclose many fraudulent undertaking of Global Tel Link (GTL), a firm that also provides technology solutions for the inmate communication industry. The company engaged in several malpractices in the past that ruin the name of the sector. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, said that enterprises in the industry should prioritize the mission of the sector, which is offering excellent communication services to the clients. Securus’ wants to shame GTL by giving the press information of the transgressions of the company.

Securus will have many press releases, and the first publication will have an official Order Number U-20784-B, which was issued by the Public Service Commission of Louisiana (PSC) on GTL’s fraudulent activities. The company was contracted to provide technology solutions to the Louisiana Department of Corrections; however, a review of its serves by the PSC revealed several misconducts. The company intentionally overcharged the clients in various ways. The telephone clocks that they provided to the facilities were programmed to have 15 to 36 more seconds in every call. They also inflated the call rates beyond what was acceptable to the PSC and GTL by having extra charges on the client apart from the standard billing and double billing some calls. GTL was illegally paid 1.243 million dollars from the taxpayer’s money.

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