All Is Possible With Dick DeVos

Have you ever envisioned living a life where you had no one to offer assistance when you needed it most! It is my belief that life for you would be unbearable. Dick DeVos is one of the most generous men ever to be born. With Dick being the eldest son of Richard Marvin, he was able to be given the responsibility of heading Amway Corporation right after college.



Despite Dick’s success in life, he has gone through his share of trouble. He had to persevere through school like any other child and got fortunate enough to complete a Bachelor of Business Administration in business degree. It is the knowledge that he acquired way back in business school that has been able to propel his career to greater heights.



Some of the dockets he has been fortunate enough to lead include board of directors, vice-chairman, founder, chairman, co-chairman and president under organizations like the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Willow Creek Association, Grand Action Committee, West Michigan Aviation Academy and the Windquest Group.



At a very tender age, Dick DeVos got sad by the poor living conditions by of some American citizens. It is at this point in life that he decided to do something to turn the tables around completely. To date, DeVos has been very categorical in helping the young and energetic minds to advance their education. For instance, he provides financial aid to American institutions that offer technical training to students.



With DeVos being a stout Christian, he believes in nurturing young people on leadership, since they are the leaders of tomorrow. For this reason, DeVos has formed partnerships with Christian schools and other religious institutions to have them train young people on how to become responsible and honorable people. To add icing on the cake, he also furnishes these organizations with money so as to ensure that the students get the best training there is.



DeVos philanthropy has also present in the political scene. Coming from a wealthy family that also has a great interest in politics; he furnishes American political aspirants that he has chosen with money to help them advance their campaigns. Besides, he also has tried at one point in time to vie for a governorship post in America.



Previously, he had served as the Cabinet Secretary for Education, a docket that he led and improved since it his desire to see to it that all children within the United States of America get a quality education. Above all, Soros is a family man having sired children with Betsy DeVos, his longtime sweetheart. Therefore, Dick DeVos is an individual who in his many years of existence has had the desire to see others reach a place of financial prosperity as him, a trait he has indirectly passed on to his children.