Dick Devos in Washington DC with FAA Council

The Devos family has moved into Washington. While Betsy Devos campaigns for education reform across the country as the 11th US Education Secretary, her husband Dick Devos has also joined the political arena. Now he will be working with the Federal Aviation Administration as part of their Management Advisory Council. The council consists of 13 members from transportation officials to former airline executives. Dick Devos is one of the unique members of the council to not have a very specific background in aviation, but that’s only if you didn’t really know Devos.


While most know him as the son of Rick Devos and former CEO of Amway, Dick Devos has made a name for himself by being an excellent businessman who created record breaking sales for Amway. Now he runs his own business, a private equity firm called The Windquest Group.


The Windquest Group helps businesses that are dedicated to providing a better future, such as companies like Boxed Water. Devos has dedicated a lot of his later life to helping his hometown and the business owners around it, including the CEO of the nearby airport. Devos started working with the CEO of Gerald R. Ford International Airport in 1999. At the time, the airport was relaunching in order to bring in new sales.


However, the airport continued to have stagnant growth, most likely due to a poor selection of destinations. It was Devos who made the phone call to AirTran Airways to see whether the would open up new destinations. He talked directly to the CEO. How many people do you know can call up the CEO to get a favor, such as opening four new destinations?


The new destinations were able to bring in much needed traffic to the airport and started up a new ticket sales boom for business travelers. Devos had built up part of Grand Rapids’ downtown to help change the face of the city into one that was made for business conferences and entertainment. This would include the Devos Place Convention Center, as well as Andel Arena and Devos Performing Arts Hall.


Now he will be working with transportation officials and former airline executives on the Management Advisory Council for the FAA. The council was hand-picked to help the FAA with new policies and regulations as part of their initiative to meet the challenge of the president. President Trump challenged the aviation industry in America, specifically with airports, during his presidential run.


The FAA has been releasing new policies and regulation changes throughout 2018. Devos has been joining the council for their meetings once every quarter. The goal for Devos has been to affect change for airports and airlines, where he has spent the most of his expertise. It was Devos who helped the Gerald R. Ford International Airport regain prominence and even expand with a $45 million fund. The expansion will be completed in 2018.


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Flavio Maluf’s Success in the Business World

Flavio Maluf was born in a politically based family. His family was quite wealthy as his father was a renowned businessman and politician and still is. However, all this family success did not stop him from hardworking and devoting many hours to learn essential business skills to earn his money and build an empire.

He studied mechanical engineering at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he earned his bachelor’s degree. Despite the knowledge, Flavio had gained in engineering during his time in the university he had a huge desire to become an entrepreneur. So in 1997, he decided to take over the leadership of the family business from his father. Visit their website flaviomalufoficial.com to learn more.

Flavio has been the owner of Eucatex which has been operational since 1979. His experience in the business world is enormous. He has built such a high profile over the years, and so many people seek his advice across the globe.

Being a successful entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf advises anyone that is interested in joining the business industry they should be careful. He points out that owning a business does not necessarily mean you will work less and make lots of profits. He says for any company to grow and be successful, the owner has to make many sacrifices and create time in foreseeing the business’s activities.

For Flavio one of the main aspects to success is being able to keep and manage time. Flavio, for instance, gets to the office around 9:00 am and leaves at around 6:30 pm and that is on a normal day. In his pursuit for success, he points out that you should always be relentless and face every challenge head-on. The strong you are and the more perseverant you get, the better your chances of being successful get. On the issue of money, Flavio advice people to start where they are and that money should not hold them back.

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The Effort Of Shafik Sachedina In Transformed The Operations Of Shafik Sachedina

Sachedina has put his career at the peak point in the arena of surgical with the aim of creating transformation in the community. There are many changes that he has fostered positively in the society through his dedication as the leader who is skilled in the field of surgery.

Shafik is one of the great alumni of the London University. He pursued dental surgery at the degree level in the institution. His career has made him proud in many of steps that he has taken in his life. Shafik further enriched his skills in the field of medicine while at England. The efforts that he has showcased as skilled personnel has made him created a better opportunity for investing in his area of healthcare. Furthermore, Shafik has excellent management skills that have enabled him to put most of the institutions that he has led at the better position. Example of the successful organization that is attributed to the leadership of Shafik is Sussex Healthcare Ismaili community.

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Shafik Sachedina has managed to take control of the Sussex healthcare. There are many of the agendas that have been planted into the system of the institution with an aimed at making it to the peak position in the healthcare segment. Shafik has played a significant role in drafting the goals of the Sussex healthcare and fixing many challenges in various sectors within the institution. The other organization that Shafik has demonstrated his skills in managing it is the Jamati Institutions. Shafik has managed to create a perfect cohesion within the 16 branches of the organization. The aim of the Shafik in dedicating his effort in the field is to mark the level of philanthropism that will boost the transformation in the community. Most of the managerial post that Shafik has served in has been outstanding. He has been offering the services of leadership at the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions out of his will. The purpose of him taking the step of to create a better avenue that will see the community at the gaining side. The support that Shafik has imparted to the many of the organization has been lauded by the concerned team of individuals in the society.

The stride that he has made as the leader of the Sussex Health Care has placed the workers on the advantage side of acquiring the authorization to carry out their duties from the known University of Chichester. The other part that employees of the institution have benefited most is the acquisition of the BA from the recognized institutions.

Find more about Shafik Sachedina: https://www.cqc.org.uk/provider/1-101716401

Soros Donates Wealth to Charity, Prepares for Progressive Causes

George Soros is, perhaps, one of the most notable progressives in the entire world. Soros first leaped into politics when he stood up to George W. Bush in order to argue against the march to war in Iraq following the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks. Since then, Soros has steadily increased his profile into one of the most notable and effective progressive voices in the world. Now, Soros is in the news for his latest gesture toward progressive change: a donation of $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations is a charity that George Soros established back in 1979. The goal of the charity is to support grassroots activists all around the world in their fight for equality, social justice, freedom of expression and transparent government. The OSF has been active in major regions all around the world, from Apartheid-era Africa to the fight for marriage equality here in the United States. Soros is proud of his wealth and proud of his ability to give almost all of it away to charity in order to fight for the things that he believes in. Soros says, “My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people.” Soros continues to say, “This allows me to take a stand on controversial issues. In fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.”

Soros decision to shift $18 billion of his own personal wealth to charity is one that quickly made headlines around the United States and the rest of the world. While the reaction was largely positive, many on the right wing of American politics believe it just another ploy by their favorite progressive bogeyman. Thanks to Soros’ success in finance and his outspoken progressive beliefs, any action he takes becomes an instant and nefarious plot according to his conservative detractors. Still, that hasn’t stopped Soros from continuing to stand up for what he believes, even in the face of baseball accusations and skepticism from those on the right.

Born and raised in Hungary, George Soros quickly saw a normal life vanish when the Nazi occupation began while he was still a young teenager. Soros and his family were forced to flee the country, eventually emigrating to London. In London Soros would go on to study at the London School of Economics and he would work multiple jobs in order to pay his tuition. Soros would eventually graduate and set sail for New York in order to pursue his dreams of making it big as a business owner. Soros would take with him everything that he learned about the Open Society as written by Karl Popper. This mindset would eventually inform Soros’ decision to start the Open Society Foundation.

A huge aspect of Soros decision to donate his wealth to charity was the rise of Donald Trump. Soros saw Trump as an immediate and epic threat to many of the most basic elements of progressive life. Rather than what Trump’s disastrous regime erode all of these great qualities, Soros decided to fight back.

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