How David McDonalds Tenure In OSI Group Made An Ever-Growing Business

OSI had its roots of success when it started as a humble butcher shop back in the 20th century. This store became a worldwide food distributor ever since it started to gain reputation from its home in Chicago, and when it started to gain partnerships with McDonald’s to assist the fast-food restaurant in providing the most affordable and delicious food items. It’s true that the OSI Group (named Otto & Sons at the time they partnered with McDonald’s) has been one of the factors that helped McDonald’s become famous ever since its first restaurant opened in 1955.

One of the personalities that rooted from the Otto & Sons family is David McDonald – which now stands at the top of the OSI Group as its president. The classic methods of the OSI Group in providing its quality foods through procedures such as flash freezing was one of the main reasons why the company gained huge success ever since the 20th century. That’s why many supermarkets and other retailers prefer the wholesale products that this company is providing. David McDonald is simply the new generation leader of this gigantic corporation.

OSI Group is one of the most popular companies even during David McDonald’s tenure as he did his best to maintain the business using the well-developed strategy of the family who is operating it for decades. This resulted in an ever-growing business that is still expanding its opportunities and reach towards many people when it comes to the consumption of food, particularly meat products. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

Continuing Growth To Sustain The Food Demand

Lately, this February 2018, David McDonald led OSI Group in expanding further in Spain. As a result, the Span Plant of the company doubled their chicken production output – efficiently providing even more chicken products throughout Spain for both retailers and consumers to benefit from. This also results in a dramatic increase of jobs to provide more opportunities to the people who need money, as well as a chain-reaction causing farmers to gain more income, and for farms to develop better in the future. It’s an amazing tactic that David McDonald ensured as he observed the increase of chicken demand within the country and in Portugal.

This simply shows that the OSI Group’s everlasting dedication to providing the best food that will sustain the food demand in any part of the world is still on-point. No matter how many generations of OSI Group leaders come, as long as its style of marketing and leadership is retained by its current president, expect that the business will always be ever-growing.

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OSI Food Solutions Is A Company That Cares About Its Employees

OSI Food Solutions is a premier international food provider that is partnered up with the world’s top food brands to offer its customers customized food solutions. The company believes that its employees are the key to its success, and it works very hard to provide a safe, challenging, stimulating, and rewarding environment that is open to all-comers. In today’s world, a company must go above-and-beyond to ensure that it creates opportunities for everyone in need, and that is exactly what OSI does. By creating an entrepreneurial environment where everyone’s ideas are considered, OSI Food Solutions puts together teams that thrive and accomplish everything they have set out to accomplish. As an equal opportunity employer OSI does not discriminate on any basis when it is hiring employees, and this has enabled it to continue its rapid growth.

In recent news, OSI Food Solutions has built an expansion to its Toledo, Spain plant, and it came at a cost of €17 million. The new high-capacity production line will enable the company to process and produce twice the amount of chicken than it could before its installation. Instead of being able to only put out 12,000 tons of processed chicken products, OSI can now produce 24,000 tons. On top of this, it can produce a combined amount of 45,000 tons of beef, chicken, and pork products on a yearly basis. What is also great about this new expansion is the fact that it is bringing in more jobs to the Toledo, Spain region. Adding to the already strong workforce of 140 people at the plant, there will be 20 new positions opening up, which means that the company will be employing 160 people now. OSI buys former Tyson Foods plant on South Side for $7.4M.

Altogether, the new extension measures out to be 22,600 square-feet, and included with it are a spread of rooms and areas that will be used for its existing needs. Part of the addition is a product development kitchen where the company can come up with specific food items based on what people are demanding in the area. There is also a refrigerated room along with storage containers for waste, a storage area for supplies that are needed at the plant, and a new social area where employees of the company can relax. OSI Food Solutions is looking to continue its growth over the following years, and it has made a commitment to always have its employees concerns on the top of its list of where its focus should be. It truly is a company that cares.

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OSI Group Understands What You Want to Eat

Formally named OSI Industries, OSI Group is one of the leading food and drink providers around the globe. With more than 65 facilities in 17 countries, the vast OSI Group employs 20,000. The company offers custom food solutions, exceptional culinary skill and a commitment to sustainability throughout all of their work. OSI Group has expanded globally in hopes of providing global food ideas and product consistency.

Aurora, Illinois is where the OSI Group Headquarters is currently located. They have recently made a purchase of a Tyson Foods Plant in the Chicago area. Tyson announced that the food plant would be closing down in October 2016. The OSI Group acquired the facility for $7.4 million and offered 250 of Tyson’s former employees a job position.

2016 was a year of continuous growth from OSI Group. The British Safety Council awarded the food company the 2016 Globe of Honour. This award is given to organizations that display high attention to environmental management. The Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, Mike Robinson, presented the award stating, “Leadership is a Key Factor in achieving excellence. You can legislate for compliance, but you have to inspire people towards excellence.” OSI has been in production in the U.K. since 1989 with beef and pork products.

Other endeavors for the OSI Group have been their recent expansion in Spain. Their production line located in Toledo, Spain has increased its ability to provide chicken products. The number of chicken products has doubled. They estimate their output of products will be in the 45,000-ton range. Those products include chicken, beef, and pork. This increase in the product line has enabled the company to create 20 more jobs in managerial positions.

OSI Group is spreading their wings further into Europe with the acuistion of Baho Food. Baho Food controls five subsidiaries that have processing food plants in 18 different European countries. OSI and Baho Food will be trading resources in order to serve their customers and suppliers better. John Balvers, Director of Baho Foods, claims “I am excited about becoming part of the larger OSI group.”

OSI Group is sticking to their goals in all that they do as a food provider. Their beliefs in innovation put R & D specialist in every production facility. OSI promises to deliver on all of their customers’ unique demands with precision. All of this made possible while making sure that every product sent is safe and retains the highest quality. Moreover, OSI Group stays one step ahead by staying current in all aspects of food development and prep.

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Sheldon Lavin- Being Innovative and Trumping

OSI Group boasts of having the most committed and highly skilled Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Sheldon Lavin, and he also serves as the OSI International Foods president. Lavin stays actives with the different facets of the company vast global operations and ensuring the quality and efficiency remains high top. The company is well renowned globally for dealing with packaging and manufacturing of food and meat products with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin in 1970 helped to start the finance Otto and Sons that later evolved into a global company OSI Group.

He boasts of being successful food executive with years of extensive industry expertise making him a great leader with vision. Sheldon Lavin leadership and broad vision have seen OSI Group experience rapid growth from being a domestic food process to becoming one of the international blueprints in the retail sector.

Sheldon Lavin in 2016 received Global Visionary Award presented to him for his tremendous job growth both locally and international scene awarded by India Vision Academy. Additionally, in 2015, he received Lifetime Achievement Award honored to him by RSM-US LLP for his exceptional and unrivaled commitment to serving the Chicago business community. Lavin boasts of multiple times being honored and humbled by such recognition for his achievements and accomplishments in making OSI group a global powerhouse.

Sheldon has worked hard in expanding the OSI group operations across all the continents and leadership and unique skills he has changed the food processing and meat industry views. He specializes in large-scale operations enabling the company to quickly and vastly manage the complexity of the supply chains. Lavin dedicates his life to the welfare of his 20,000 employees ensuring his people receive the given directions and are well-compensated for their dedication and hard work. Sheldon is involved in various charitable causes like the Ronald McDonald Houses Charities, donating to college funds, sick children, chronic illness funds, and a Jewish organization and helping his community and others.

Sheldon Lavin vision for his future and that of OSI is to continue with profitable growth serving the clients with world-class services and tailor-made operations. He stated they look forward to maintaining their lead as the world food industry. Sheldon is currently 85 years and still planning on playing a significant role in boosting the company to expanse growth. He is committed to promoting sustainable supply chain, reducing the environments impact and taking part in making social contributions to communities and workers globally.

About Sheldon Lavin:

For Sheldon Lavin, being a global visionary comes with the territory as the CEO of the prestigious American Food Company, OSI

As a well respected American food company like OSI Group, doing great things in the food industry can have a substantial ripple effect. The CEO of OSI Group, Seldon Lavin, has made some significant acquisitions of European food companies over the last few years.

OSI Group has been brokering big deals with international food companies and also purchasing critical brands in Europe. This business approach by Lavin has led OSI to the top. OSI has also strived to be a best-in-quality and a best-in-service company. In 2016, OSI was designated as a top 100 American food and beverage company.

Otto & Sons Inc. was a small family meat company founded in 1909 in Illinois by a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky. Many decades later, OSI was Otto & Sons’ predecessor, having been renamed and turned into an international, food processing firm with an estimated 6.1 billion dollars. OSI has 20,000 employees and 65 facilities in 16 nations.

According to, OSI is ranked #58 in wealth as a private company. The company headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. Its products include bacon, meat patties, hot dogs, fish, pizza, poultry and vegetable products. OSI supplies 85 percent of McDonald’s franchises with meat, globally. Since 1955, when Ray Kroc decided to choose Otto & Sons as its top beef supplier, OSI has expanded internationally, with facilities in India and China.

OSI has attained many impressive business milestones and awards under Lavin’s watchful eye. Lavin’s critical leadership in areas of mergers and acquisition the business world has helped OSI gained significant recognition and some impressive awards. In December of 2016, one of OSI’s subsidiaries located in the UK was presented with the Globe of Honour on behalf of the British Safety Council. This yearly award, which is given by the British Safety Council, focuses on those companies in the UK that do exceptional things concerning the environmental safety area.

Lavin’s philanthropic pursuits included the support of the Ronald McDonald House, a charity. Lavin has supported them for 25 plus years. Lavin’s role comprises trustee and chairman of their capital campaign. Lavin has helped many other charities. Sheldon has the position of Director of Sheba Foundation as well as president.

Lavin earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. He attended the Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. Lavin once owned Sheldon Lavin and Associates, a consulting firm, which resulted in him being hired by Otto & Sons.

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From a Local Meat Supplier to a Global Brand- the Story of OSI Industries

OSI Group is a privately owned American company of meat processors that services the international food industry. The company’s headquarters are in Aurora Illinois. The premier global food provider has made it their business to delight their customers with great products and services across continents.

Entrepreneurial passion and agility bring curiosity and helps in customer collaboration. OSI offers innovative ways to deliver the next generation food solutions and turning great ideas into a success. They offer custom food solutions which are unique and precise to their specifications. They have an efficient and trustworthy supply chain. Commitment and sustainability throughout the network is their priory. OSI will not only deliver but hey will also make sure that they practice unsurpassed food safety and quality assurance which makes the have all their customers trust.

OSI serves its customers by fooling their core values. They seek partnership and relationship with their customers, strive to continuously improve and learn from previous mistakes, act with integrity because it is key to a lot of customers, they work together as a team to ensure both parties are satisfied, they also do their best to the group, and they explore innovative solutions. OSI being the world largest food processing company it has created a lot of employment opportunities for many. It has trained the staffs in a unique way which helps them satisfy the customers’ needs and also have a career growth.

In the recent past, OSI Group acquired Baho Food a Dutch manufacturing and convenience food deli meats and snack segment which serve the retail. David McDonald president of OSI and COO Group said that was a great idea because it would help in growing their business in Europe. OSI Group also purchased Tyson Foods a food processing facility and a storage warehouse in Chicago. By doing this OSI Group provided the infrastructure and support to continue with the business growth.

OSI group has been extending its businesses across the globe and by doing that hey purchased Flagship Europe group a food supply service product across the UK including the frozen poultry. Having established its roots and service delivery OSI Group has been the most love company by its customers. OSI Group is American’s Top 100 Food Company because it delivers on its core values and it also serves in most of the places. To customers, availability is a crucial factor, and they had understood that and worked hard to deliver.

Sheldon Lavin is A Great Example to Follow in Business & Life

When Sheldon Lavin was growing up, the furthest thing from his mind was the idea that he would one day be working in a meat packing plant. He Lavin certainly didn’t think that he would be the owner of said plant, and that he would grow it into one of the largest meat packing businesses in not only North America, but the world. He started his career as an outsider, having already worked successfully in the financial management industry. It was a chance encounter with the original owner of OSI, then known as Otto & Sons Meat Packing, in his role as a financial planner that set him on the path toward becoming the CEO of OSI today.

When OSI started out it was a meat supplier to McDonalds, one of the key burger suppliers for the signature quarter pounder, and Big Mac patties. Otto & Sons had a chance to build a new larger facility to help them meet the increased demand of McDonalds for their meat. They turned to an investment and finance firm, where Lavin was working, to secure financing for the build. As the project continued, Lavin and Otto became friends and with time he found himself invested in the business, and later becoming the principal shareholder.

Over the years, Lavin has grown OSI into one of the largest meat providers in the world. The company, now known as the OSI group, providing an ever-expanding line of meat products to the food industry as well as a growing number of non-meat food based products for specialized environments such as is real and India. OSI is now the single greatest supplier of meat alternative products in India as well as one of the nation’s largest employers outside of the tech and outsourced customer care industries.

In his personal life, Lavin has found time to give back through his support of Ronald McDonald house, as well as serving as the chairman of the current capital funds campaign. He is a widower, having survived his wife of more than 50 years. He is active with his three grown children as well as his many grandchildren. He considers the employees of OSI to be part of his extended family, especially those who he has worked with on his direct staff for decades. Sheldon Lavin is a prime example of someone who may find success in a place that they never thought to look. He is a great example of someone who uses their success to help others.

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OSI Group’s Quest For Success

Located in the heart of Aurora Illinois, lies the unshaken OSI Group, with a revenue of $6.1 billion. In 2016, OSI Group was ranked position 58 by Forbes Magazine’s America’s largest privately owned firms. So far, the company has more than 20,000 employees in seventeen countries. The company began as a butcher shop in the year 1909, however, through strategic partnership and a visionary leadership, the company has grown to be one of the largest companies around the globe.

OSI Group specializes in meat, and is named the largest meat processing company in the country. The company deals in all types of meat, vegetable and meat products including bacon and sausages. Being a global company, some people may think satisfying customers may be hard. However, OSI Group and its leaders have invested in high end technology to ensure that all their customers get what exactly they want.

Being in the business for more than a hundred years has given OSI Group adequate experience and a command in respect from their competitors. The leaders at OSI Group have a strong understanding of the ways they continue to stay winning. One of the ways is through strategic partnerships and alliances. During its early years, OSI Group partnered with McDonalds as their main supplier. This partnership has since been in existence and the relationship keeps going strong.

In 2016, OSI Group strategically acquired Baho Food Industries. Baho Food Industries is one of the biggest food companies in Netherlands with a strong following in Europe at large. This acquisition was intended to introduce OSI Group across Europe and to continue distributing deli products across the eighteen countries that Baho Food did before.

In their quest to reach European markets, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe has strong base in Europe, a strategic move for both the companies. With the acquisition, OSI Group hopes to expand and reach more customers across Europe while on the other hand, Flagship Europe intends to use the resources and the technology used by OSI Group in order to increase their customer satisfaction. Through these alliances, OSI Group continue expanding and being one of the biggest employers.

David McDonald Has a Track Record Of Success In The Business World

Sustainability in Business

Many people today are excited about the work that David McDonald is doing in business. He is working to make his company, OSI Group, more sustainable with the environment. This is a massive undertaking that he has been working on for years.

Becoming a sustainable company is a great competitive advantage in today’s economy. Many consumers want to conduct business with companies that are focused on this area.

David McDonald

David McDonald has a track record of success in business world. He took OSI Group to new heights, and he is still fairly early in his career. Over the years, he has focused on areas other than just profits at OSI Group. A lot of business owners make the mistake of hurting the local environment in favor of increasing profits. This may work for a short period of time, but it is not the way to conduct business in the future.


Many companies today are investing time and money into becoming more sustainable. This is a huge issue in the business world today. In the OSI Group technology industry, many companies like OSI Group have been focused on sustainability for many years.

David McDonald leading voice of change on this topic. He is excited about all of the different options that are available in this area today. Now is the time to start investing in sustainability in order to create goodwill with customers. A recent study showed that younger customers today are much more likely to conduct business with companies that focus on sustainability to learn more: click here.

In the coming years, David McDonald wants to make OSI Group one of the most sustainable companies in the world. He is focusing heavily on improving the environmental footprint of his business. Even though it costs a lot of capital, David McDonald believes it is the right move for his company.