New Fantasy Baseball Lineup!


Fantasy Baseball finally has the package for its 2017 season lineup! First on the list is Luis Perdomo, pitching for the Padres. He is steady with the groundballs, and being steady means that he has the potential to win. Second is Ben Gamel, playing for the Mariners. He’s gotten a lot of hits in a lot of games, and that percentage can climb. Next is first baseman, Rhys Hoskins, playing for the Phillies. Pitchers for the International League seem to have a fear of his strong power.


After Hoskins, in the MLB Lineup, we have Ryan Schimpf, second baseman for the Padres. He has an “all or nothing” attitude, which can definitely win games. There is Eddie Butler, pitcher for the Cubs. It may not be his pitching arm that gives him the vote for consideration, but the team on which he plays. The Cubs are a team that are sure to get some Fantasy wins.


Up next is Jed Lowrie, second baseman for the Athletics. He has exceeded his total from last year with a 10.9 percent walk rate. His hitting value is quite impressive, and his definitely up for consideration. Hansel Robles, pitcher for the Mets has held a number of victories with his fastball pitching. After him, we have Kennys Vargas, first baseman for the Twins. This man has power when it comes to batting, and that power should not be wasted.


Next, is Jose Urena, pitcher for the Marlins. He’s a better starter than relief, and he is sure to gain some wins. Last is Jorge Soler, outfielder for the Royals. What he may appear to lack is overcome by confidence and power that can grow as he improves. For more information on all of the lineup, the players, and more Fantasy Baseball news, visit