SEC Whistleblower Financial Awards Reported By Labaton Sucharow

The U.S. Congress has created a fund for those who take part in the SEC whistleblower program totaling more than $400 million to make sure each individual receives their financial reward in a timely fashion. Jordan A. Thomas, an author of the Dodd-Frank Act that helped establish the SEC whistleblower program and is now head of a dedicated whistleblower team at the Labaton Sucharow law firm explains this fund also plays a key role in protecting the identity of each person entering the program.

Thomas believes the ability of each SEC whistleblower to receive their own financial reward when they supply high quality information to the SEC about financial wrong doing will play an important role in future cases brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission. While reporting the fact Labaton Sucharow had represented a whistleblower receiving the second largest financial reward in the six year history of the program at $17 million, attorney Thomas explained his belief that others in the financial industry would soon look to bring their own knowledge of financial irregularities to the SEC in return for a substantial financial reward. In fact, Thomas explained his personal view that in the future each case brought by the SEC would be kicked off by information provided by a whistleblower.

The SEC whistleblower program looks to develop a relationship with potential whistleblowers that is established upon the chance to receive between 10 and 30 percent of any fines levied by the SEC. The protection of each whistleblower is of key importance to the SEC and the team at Labaton Sucharow, including the rules allowing each whistleblower anonymity and the opportunity to retain their role in any company they work for. Jordan Thomas has already worked on cases protecting the identity of a whistleblower, which the SEC looks to protect by not naming which cases a whistleblower is involved in.

Jordan A. Thomas has brought his knowledge of the Dodd-Frank Act and the SEC whistleblower program to the Labaton Sucharow law firm, which draws on the fact aropund 78 percent of Americans would be willing to report wrongdoing in the workplace if their identity and employment were protected. Labaton Sucharow work with each whistleblower to make sure the correct information and timing is used to raise the alarm over financial wrongdoing with the SEC.

SEC Whistleblower Program set to Streamline Securities’ Trading

The U.S financial regulation passed the Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. It was a remarkable amendment that was meant to fix various issues of violations in the financial department.

The act supported the implementation of a whistleblower program that ensured employment protection and monetary awards for whistleblowers who report illegal issues with securities markets to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Whistleblower Representation Practice
Based on this significant financial amendment act, Labaton Sucharow law firm started the Whistleblower Representation Practice. The representation practice consisted of a pool of experts in different forms of fraud investigations, financial analysis, and forensic accountancy with a strong passion for law enforcement.

The representation method provides legal advice and attorney representation. It acts to protect whistleblowers from unfair treatment at their workplaces and enables them to receive fair compensation for their whistleblowing services.

Significance of Whistleblower Representation program
The whistleblower practice was introduced to serve as a mediator between the SEC and whistleblowers during an investigation or enforcement action. The attorneys representing the whistleblower advocate for the highest potential remuneration if their client’s submission leads to a successful enforcement action.

Additionally, the practice guarantees anonymous reporting to assure employment protection to whistleblowers.

The whistleblower representation practice protects whistleblowers from retaliation and social stigma after reporting security violations. In this way, it promotes corporate compliance and an ability of law enforcement authorities to detect and get support information on trade law violations.

By guaranteeing whistleblowers of employment protection, the new whistleblower reform has boosted whistleblowers’ confidence. Due to the fear of losing employment or facing unfair treatment in the job area, some whistleblowers previously chose to keep silent fearing various repercussions if they got involved.

As a result, a protection act that protects employee whistleblowers was found to be significant. The Dodd- Frank Act states that an employer should not discharge, demote, suspend, threaten or discriminate against whistleblowers that provide violation information to the SEC.

How to get the SEC Whistleblower Practice services
In cases where a whistleblower needs to report securities violations anonymously to protect their employment and avoid being stigmatized it is recommended that they seek for attorney services from SEC Whistleblower Practice services.

The attorney representation team can be contacted by telephone, email, or electronic submission through their website.

Choosing to Hire SEC Whistleblower Attorneys

When you have an upcoming case in a court of law, it is vital that you have the proper legal representation. One of the reasons to consider hiring SEC Whistleblower is because they work specifically on fraud cases and can get you the outcome that you know you are going to need for yourself. This is an option that a lot of people have chosen for themselves and they are thrilled with the final results of hiring someone who is able to help them as much as these people are for their own needs.

The best way for you to hire the SEC Whistleblower attorneys is to contact their legal office and to see what they can do for you. Once hired, they will do an amazing job of working with you on just about any type of case that you happen to have for yourself. This is one of the best things for you if this is an option you have been considering for quite some time. There are lots of people currently making use of the SEC Whistleblower lawyers with great success and this is obviously something that you are going to want to check out for yourself as well.

Once hired, the attorneys with SEC Whistleblower will get to work right away and give you exactly what it is that you both need and want for yourself. They will be able to tell you more about your case and let you know what else you need to realize before going into a court of law for the fraud case that you are involved in. The other wonderful thing about SEC Whistleblower is that they do not charge a lot of money, so you know you can get legal help without it costing you a small fortune.

There are lots of reasons to consider hiring the SEC Whistleblower attorneys and it is a wonder why you might attempt to go to court without their help in the first place. Instead of attempting this, it might be a good idea for you to think about the benefits of choosing SEC Whistleblower and see what they are going to be able to do for you and for anything else that you might be involved in that is going to change your life and the overall outcome of how well you are going to be able to do while in court. Learn more:

Labaton Sucharow Manages An Excellent SEC Whistleblower Program

The Labaton Sucharow law firm is in control of an excellent SEC Whistleblower campaign that involves the transfer of information to the federal government when impropriety has occurred. The government has amended rules found in the Dodd-Frank bill to allow for payment to whistleblowers, but the act of whistleblowing may be quite stressful for the one holding the information. This article explains how the whistleblower goes from a small amount of information to a payment from the government for services rendered.

#1: What Does The Program Do For Clients?

Labaton Sucharow is a full-service law firm that supports clients with legal representation when they come forward with information. Anyone who comes forward will submit their evidence to the government, and their payout is handled by the staff at Labaton Sucharow. The lawyers will support their clients in any manner needed, and the clients may receive support long after their case is complete.

#2: Why Is A Whistleblower Program Important?

Information supplied by the program is used to prosecute people who have been charged with crimes, and the crimes are often financial. There are documents, eyewitness testimony and personal testimony of a whistleblower are submitted to the court by Labaton Sucharow, and they assist in trying cases that involve their clients. Learn more:

#3: Everyone Who Chooses To Blow The Whistle Deserves Protection

Protection is provided by the attorneys at Labaton Sucharow until their clients have received payment and found new jobs. A whistleblower puts their job in danger when testifying, and they may require a lawyer when seeking new employment.

The whistleblowers who are exposed during federal investigations require a lawyer who understands the processes created by Dodd-Frank. The law is in dire need of someone with inside information that provides evidence against criminals, and anyone who comes forward with such information will have representation that allows informants to move on with their lives.

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