Securus Technologies Leads The Inmate Calling Network

Securus Technologies got their start as an inmate communications regulations network provider. They quickly grew as as one of the leading network providers in the industry as reported by PRN Newswire magazine. They are still the leaders in surveillance and monitoring ensuring the safety of the general public against telecommunications crimes. They have over 12,000+ IT professionals that are highly trained in telecommunications security and the highest level of customer service satisfaction. They ensure that their customers are communicating over a secure network that costs less and you eliminate a commute to a correctional facility to visit your love ones. Securus is known for technologically advanced inmate calling features that really help their customers stay connected with the ones they love.


Why Switch To Securus Technologies?


Securus has a high level of customer service excellence that has recently allowed them to be awarded the prestigious Stevie Award. The Stevie Award is the highest award that can be given for customer service and each nominee is carefully selected from a list of the top providers in the industry. A sophisticated team of judges has awarded Securus the outstanding customer service award. They ensure their customers can continue to rely on a secure network with customer service satisfaction as their mission statement.


Securus Technologies Features


Remote Visitation


You can visit your love ones face-to-face over the internet and have complete control over the high definition video and the sound with a control of a few onscreen functions. For a small processing fee you can visit your love ones without leaving home on special occasions including Christmas.


Inmate Voicemail


Get inmate voicemail services over a secure network that allows inmates to receive and retrieve messages. Their loved ones, legal counsel, and friends can leave a message to ensure that they don’t miss a single thing on the outside.


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Securus Technologies and Creative Communication Options

Securus Technologies is the name of a well-known prison technology firm that’s located in the United States. Its main office is in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies has been in operations since the middle of the eighties. It was launched in 1986. It has regional branches in areas all over the nation. They’re in Atlanta, Georgia, Allen, Texas and Carrollton, Texas. Securus Technologies has a staff that consists of roughly 1,000 workers. The firm is believed to cater to about 2,600 American correctional centers. It doesn’t focus solely on the United States, either. Securus Technologies also accommodates the needs of many Canadian correctional centers.


Richard A. Smith is the diligent professional who works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Securus Technologies. His nickname is “Rick” and people frequently refer to him that way. He’s held this executive position with the company since the summer of 2008. Richard Falcone was the person who was in charge at Securus Technologies prior to Smith. Falcone was the company’s CEO and Chairman until 2008.


Securus Technologies specializes in all kinds of convenient technology-related products for correctional institutions of all sizes and types. People who employ Securus Technologies’ many offerings frequently discuss how user-friendly, effective and convenient they are. Securus Technologies has a comprehensive system that manages contraband mobile devices. This firm works hard to stop contraband cell phones from being able to successfully access networks for mobile communications.


This company is known for being among the biggest and most trusted correctional center communication suppliers in North America. It concentrates on many key categories. It focuses on communications for inmates. It also concentrates on government details and even the assessment of parolees. There’s no doubt in the world that Securus Technologies is a powerhouse in the IT (Information Technology), enterprise software and analytics realms.


A Wonderful Christmas Video Visit

The person who would normally take me to see my niece in prison was sick and I had no way to visit her. I am the only female in our family who has kept contact, so our visits are very important. I was feeling really down about it until I was informed of the Securus Technologies Video Visitation. I did my research and watched all of the videos I could find on Youtube. If her facility had that program, I was going to find out about it. Thank God, they were hooked into the Securus Technologies Video Visitation. I was so happy I could scream. I did all the necessary paperwork and got connected through my home computer. Just like you have a certain time to visit in person, it is the same with Securus Technologies Video Visitation. I made sure I was ready and waiting. And there she was. The stream was live. I could see and hear my niece. I could see the background where she was sitting. And she could see me and my surroundings. Just when I thought there was no answer, Securus Technologies Video Visitation came through for me.

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It is now the Christmas holiday season. I still don’t have a way to get out to the prison. I am going to apply for another visit with my niece from Securus Technologies Video Visitation. I am sure she will enjoy the visit. She was actually surprised that the prison would allow the inmates that type of freedom. This experience has made her calm down some and appreciate the kindness shown to her while there. She is becoming a role model because she is able to experience this form of outside communication because of Securus Technologies Video Visitation. I am so thankful this program is available to the inmates. It really helps on both sides of the fence. I personally am sold on this way of communicating with my niece, as I have no way to actually see her. Thank you Securus Technologies Video Visitation for helping me to stay connected.