The Rowing Team of Orange Coast College in the 2017 Rowing Championship Regatta

Rowing is an intense sport that requires teamwork more than anything else, but a lot of muscle strength as well. By putting a team of athletes together in a pointy boat, all participants of the boat have to be in sync in order to get the best momentum and maximum speed.

According to a specialist of the sport, which is little known outside of University competitions,

The Orange Coast College has a rowing team that is competing in the 2017 American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship Regatta and left their home school to train their athletes for the upcoming event that will take place in Gainesville, GA.

The dedicated assistant coach of the group, Steve Morris, is with the athletes almost 100% of the time, giving them the necessary uplift to keep their spirit up for the competition.

Daniel Amado, on the other hand, is the captain of the Orange Coast College rowing team, and he has the dedication of a true leader. According to friends of the group, the leader is só familiar with the sport that he was in the rowing sport during the high school period.

During training, both men are there to root the rest of the team and to make sure that all of the participants of the crew are feeling the energy to compete. The reason behind this is that the art of rowing requires the entire team to be focused and, what is most important, connected with each other. Most of the training revolves around that aspect of this fantastic sport.

The Orange Coast College has high chances to win the rowing competitions, with one of the most impressive teams of athletes among Universities that are in the same sport. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Part of the record and positive track of the team is because of the college’s philosophy of dedicating and improving themselves no matter what education or activity they are pursuing. They value teamwork, discipline, creativity, and a sense of competition and participation.

It is a community college that was founded in 1947 and has grown to become one of the largest colleges in the United States and widely spread across the territory, with thousands of new students every year participating in their chosen education or sports.