Benefits of Choosing Southridge Capital as a Financial Advisory Partner

Southridge Capital is a blossoming financial organization that has been offering advisory services on direct investment and other economic aspects in the industry. The entity has expanded from being a small company in Connecticut or a national and a global financial organization that is offering its services in different geographical regions. Here are some of the factors that have led to the growth of the organization within a short period.


  • Risk Management Strategies

Risks and uncertainties remain to be some of the critical factors that hinder the growth of any business. However, Southridge Capital has been helping a significant number of companies, especially the small and medium enterprises on how to manage and minimize their risks. The company goes further to offer reliable risk mitigation strategies that can help a company to maneuver substantial financial problems in the economy and remain operational.


  • Customized Financial Program

Financial companies that offer advisory services are known to provide a financial template to an organization so that it can overturn its financial problems. Some of the programs have been used repetitively by different organizations without bearing fruits. Southridge Capital provides customized financial programs to organizations so that they can solve the problems hindering their growth. A personalized financial program is a reliable tool because it only addresses the economic challenges affecting a particular organization.


  • Hedge Management Skills

According to newswire, a significant number of organizations are pulling resources from a considerable number of investors after which they are investing in various investment opportunities available in the market. Such hedging organizations are confronted by the problem of poor portfolio structuring, which might cause them to experience severe financial strategies. Southridge has proved to be a reliable financial partner as it held a large number of hedge companies to structure their portfolio hence avoid risks and uncertainties.


  • Affordable Fees

A large number of firms that offer financial advisory services are fond of overcharging their clients even for those little financial tips, which makes customers scared. Southridge Capital has proven to be a reliable financial organization that offers advisory services at affordable rates. The company has since built a massive reputation due to its pricing and organizational strategies. For more details you can visit


Matt Badiali Shares His Views On Some Investment Opportunities In Natural Resources

Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing covers natural resource investing. One of the investments he has been keeping close tabs on recently is the Canadian marijuana industry. He recently wrote about marijuana-infused beer as the next big investment opportunity when it comes to natural resources.

One company he wrote about is Two Roots Brewing Company. This company created Cannabier which is a non-alcoholic beer that has been infused with THC. This adult beverage is now available in Nevada, one of the states that has fully legalized marijuana. The person that is brewing this beer is Keith Villa who had created the Blue Moon brand. He had retired but Matt Badiali says that he came back and created three beers that have been infused with marijuana.

This company isn’t alone when it comes to this concept of infusing beer with marijuana, Matt Badiali says. Another company with the same concept is Province Brands whose products will soon be on Canadian grocery shelves. Meanwhile, California’s Lagunitas is now selling a sparkling water that has THC in it.

Precious metals is an investment that Matt Badiali has been covering since he started his career in financial industry. He says that in 2018 the market hates precious metals. The reason for this is that Trump’s trade war with China is going to result in that nation’s economy slowing down. As China consumes quite a bit of the commodities market that means that precious metals aren’t worth as much as they once were due to too little demand and too much supply.

In China, they but raw ores, turn them into pure metal, and then sell them to the rest of the world. As China’s demand declines that means that most of the precious metals lose value. Almost all of the precious metals are now at two-year loans, Matt Badiali has written.

However, he thinks platinum will soon be a great buy. Its value is at a 14-year low which he says doesn’t make much since given the supply of this metal is down, not up. He says that the supplies from South Africa are in decline of platinum and he expects supply to further dry up. Once he sees the value of platinum hit bottom he expects it to rapidly rebound.

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