Infinity Group Australia Wins Prestigious “Innovative Business” Spot

Graeme Holm went from college to working at one of the Big 4 banking institutions in Australia. While there as a payment processor, and other positions as he was promoted over his ten-year tenure there, he noticed a trend that disturbed him: Banks stopped financial counselling for their borrowers and debtors. This led to many people who were trying to pay down their debts over-paying both the total amount of their debt as well as their monthly or annual payments on these debts.


Since there was no real motivation for banks to begin doing this, Holm spent months looking into the profitability of a business that would help borrowers over the long term. He found there was a deep need for this service and so, with his partner Rebecca Walker, founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013, initially working out of their home office.


Infinity Group Australia is a debt counselling and reduction firm, and also provides investment and retirement planning services as a major part of their business model. They primarily work to help people reduce debt, be it accrued or from a mortgage, and gain a new sense of financial security. They have expert employees who know the ins and outs of financial law. These experts don’t just write up a budget for their clients and then wash their hands of them: They stay in regular contact with the client, making sure that things are proceeding as they were planned and providing any new opportunities to reduce debt and payments that they can find. If Infinity Group Australia’s clients don’t save money, then IGA doesn’t make any money: This approach has allowed them to have a nearly 100% success rate on reducing their clients debts. They also work hard to make sure that not only do their clients save money, but also have something each month for retirement or just living life.


As an innovator in the financial field, Infinity Group Australia was awarded a spot on Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies list for 2018. Selected 58th out of thousands of businesses nominated, the award acknowledges Infinity Group Australia’s innovative approach to debt reduction, an approach that puts the borrower or debtor first but also makes sure the financial institutions owning the debt don’t lose money. This means that all parties, and therefore all of Australia’s economy, benefits from their services. This is how their won their award.¬†Learn more :¬†