Robert Ivy Receive Award As Recognition For Phenomenal Lifetime Achievements

Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, the largest body of architects in the United States. Since 2011, he has held this position and used it as an avenue of bringing phenomenal change in the field of architecture.

As a leader of fellow architects, he has lived up to the expectations that any group would have in their leadership. He has shown them the way and advocated for their welfare. As an experienced architect, he has a wealth of information that can benefit those who are joining the industry currently.

Ivy previously worked with Architectural Record as editor-in-chief. Under his tenure, the architectural publication became the best in the world. He oversaw numerous vital publications which discussed serious matters of growth in the industry. The publication even received the National Magazine Award for General Excellence, due to the impact it has created in the industry.

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Robert Ivy has been using his experience to mentor the young architects. He advocates for diversity as one way of resolving some of the challenges that the industry faces. Currently, there is a lot of pressure on opportunities available in the building and construction sector. The opportunities here are not enough for all the architects in the country. Ivy has therefore been advocating for architects to embrace diversification by exploring opportunities in other industries. The expertise of the architects can be utilized in many industries and not just building and construction.

Ivy gives an example of the healthcare sector a one which can benefit from the input of architects. Architects can assist doctors in creating environments that will automatically boost the health of the people it is possible to engage in exercises unknowingly if architects cooperate with doctors when coming up with designs.

Robert Ivy Awards
Robert Ivy is this year’s winner of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award which is given by the Mississippi Institute of Letters and Arts (MIAL). He was given this award as recognition for the work he has done in bringing architecture close to the people. The CEO of AIA has also supported the industry in its growth through his leadership at AIA.

It is the First time that an architect has won the award.

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