The attributes of growth for The Chainsmokers.

The Chainsmokers is a popular band which is made up of two deejays. Alex Pal and Drew Taggart started their music career as a hobby. For Alex Pall, he used to deejay as a part-time job while doing other works. The chance to meet Drew Taggart changed everything as they ventured into their passion as a career. They specialized in dance music as it was their path to fulfilment. One of the necessities for doing the venture into music is adequate knowledge.

The Chainsmokers have grown in the music industry and the good works they do has made them get rewards and recognized in many avenues. One of the recognition gained is that of the Billboard as the number one dance artist. They have won many awards including the Grammys which has motivated their productions and unique presentation. The unique character seen is due to a different approach to issues. For instance, the two deejays love to work upfront unlike many deejays hence use techniques to appear in their production. Also, the ambition and goal to change the dance music to a lively genre depicting emotions have made them grow.

In their studio, they recently got the opportunity to share some of the activities and techniques they use. It specifically pointed to the production of the ‘somebody’ video. The song has a lot of synthesizer work. The production is unique mainly due to the tone variation present. According to Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers, the difference in pitch is attributed by the fact that a part of the sound is from a different song.

Moreover, the dynamic present in the song is attributed to the use of different musical instruments. Some of them are the Ableton, the piano and a synthesizer which produces an electrical signal that is converted to sound. Therefore, The Chainsmokers get to display their creativity in music production which is vividly seen in the ‘somebody’ song production. It is their skills that have enabled the massive growth in the audience as well as singing artists in the dance music that previously had the emotionless view.

Alex Pall And Andrew Taggart Change The Face OF Electronic Music

The death of the Swedish DJ Avicii has brought electronic dance music into the public consciousness with The Chainsmokers continuing the legacy of the DJ by changing the face of the music scene forever. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have been pushing forward with their own changing music since coming together in 2012 to create one of the most successful EDM bands in the history of popular music.

The Chainsmokers have developed their own brand of music based around the electronic dance music they love and integrated their own creativity into a musical genre which has traditionally had a set number of rules. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have spent a large amount of time exploring the different options open to them in developing the sound of the band which was originally similar to many other DJ’s in the genre; The Chainsmokers have moved into the writing room alongside some of the most impressive and respected songwriters in the world.

Electronic dance music has been at the heart of the musical history of The Chainsmokers since Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart came together in 2012 to cement their relationship as musical collaborators. Taking authorship of their musical future is something Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart believe in very strongly as this is the first way the collaborators believed they could come up with a better way of developing their future and making sure they stay at the top of the electronic dance music scene.

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Alex Pall believes the ways in which he and Taggart work together helps them create both impressive music and a style which is easy to follow for those who have signed up for their social media accounts. By taking advantage of the success they achieved early in their careers as DJ’s, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are stepping out from behind the decks and taking over performing the vocals for their songs in a positive way.