Highland Capital Management’s Model Established Company as Leading Asset-Class Investor

Highland Capital Management began its firm at the trailing end of the Savings and Loan economic downturn in the United States. The company invested in purchasing value-challenged assets during this time to build a foundation of core principle investment.


Credit research has proven to be an added gain to Highland Capital Management for building its company beyond just another credit managing firm. Highland Capital Management has become an innovative change-maker for the credit industry; leading the path for competitors to follow.


Highland Capital Management operates on the core principle of having a good alignment with investors. The firm operates on a full understanding of the correlation between the allocated funds for investment and the responsibility of a responsible return to investors. The firm has developed a key alliance structure for a balanced experience.


Highland Capital Management has built a successful enterprise based upon a value of the relationships of investors as well as understanding borrowers in order to fully assess risk management. When the firm first began its investment operations, it was at a time when banks were in an asset-class of only lending to other banks. Highland Capital Management managed to turn that asset-class into an advantage for the firm, by accessing bank debt for investments within the credit market.


Highland Capital Management created its first collateralized loan obligation (CLO) in 1996. In today’s credit market, that bank asset-class has risen to over $1 trillion with hundreds of market participants. CLO’s now account for approximately 60 percent of the loan asset-class. Highland Capital Management has played a key role in changing this asset-class for the industry.


Highland Capital Management has grown into an indispensable alternative credit managing firm by choosing to align itself with the interests of the investors that matter. With investors all across the globe in New York, Singapore and Brazil, Highland Capital Management focuses on value that investors can rely upon rather than because it’s kv

. The firm disciplines its investment interests by determining what’s prudent for investors in order to maintain those business relationships and offer tangible results.


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