Is Your Dog a Beneful Dog?

Whether you have an energetic puppy who seems to be constantly on the go, or an older dog who needs extra support for his sensitive tummy, Beneful has all the needs for your dog’s special diet. This skillfully crafted recipe is most importantly known for its number one ingredients; authentic beef, real salmon, and farm-raised chicken. 100% all natural blends of genuine meats, grains, and vegetables. Now introducing the newest brand, ‘Grain-Free’. Grain-free means there is more room for the meats they love so much. No matter what kind your buying, Beneful promotes a healthy active life for your four-legged companion by adding natural ingredients such as proteins, calcium, minerals, and vitamins. Don’t forget Benefuls great taste! Make sure your favorite friend is getting the most out of their life by eating Beneful dog food.

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