Cancer Treatment Centers of America-Helping People Get Back to Thier Lives

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is integrating a new solution that will enable eviti to access clinical workflows in the Allscripts Sunrise health record. eviti is a NantHealth support solution that will make it possible for physicians to get information from a massive medical-based library that has over 2,700 treatment regimens that covers cancer subtypes as well as all cancers.

This integration makes it possible for Clinical Pathways to help inform the treatment process without disturbing the physician’s workflow. It was created by hundreds of oncologists and is a very thorough collection of important data concerning cancer care.

Clinical Pathways helps by eliminating guesswork and will optimize efficiency. The new network makes it possible for patients to choose from cancer treatment options that are efficient and safe. Clinical Pathways has been designed with the patient in mind and offers the latest cancer research available. It also covers a list of care protocols for physicians to access and treatment regimens and therapy. The treatment platform makes it possible to make informed comparisons between different treatment options, obtain real-time functionality, and create custom treatment regimens.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is located in Boca Raton, Florida and has a total of five hospitals located in Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Tulsa, and Phoenix. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provide genomic testing, immunotherapy, radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy. Cancer Treatment Centers of America not only help their patients with their therapy, but they also help their patients get back to their lives by helping them t manage the side effects during and after treatment. They are rated to be the highest for quality of care and patient satisfaction among US hospitals. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides their patients with information about their treatments and will help them to make the best choice for their treatment.

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