Ara Chackerian’s Newest Investment Deals With the Mind

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is the newest medical foray of serial investor Ara Chackerian. TMS is a innovative procedure for the treatment of depression, but it also has applications suited for other mental illness as well. At present it is a fringe form of treatment, but he doors Chackerian has opened are allowing it to gain legitimacy. At present there are seven centers devoted to TMS treatment throughout California. TMS Health Solutions is not the first medical company Chackerian has invested in. The successful co-founder of ASC Capital Holdings has invested in medical start-ups for years.


Chackerian is one of many wealthy investors who fund the future of healthcare. His investment in medical start-ups comes from a desire to help fellow entrepreneurs realize their dream. At the same time it provides the opportunity to better the quality of human life. So far his investments have been in companies advocating a new medical technology or treatment. In the case of TMS Ara Chakerian sees it as a new pillar of psychiatric care. The possibilities of its use are endless.


Ara Chackerian became aware of TMS through a chance meeting with Dr. Richard Bermudas. Dr. Bermudas was a pioneer for the treatment who was bound by medical coverage red tape. is belief in the advantages of TMS convinced Chackerian of its validity, and the entrepreneur decided to buy in. Now Bermudas has the opportunity to advance the technology further. Check out for more.



TMS uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate areas of the brain. The stimulation helps the imbalance in the brain’s problem areas. An electrode is held near the scalp to transmit a wave of energy through the spot. This type of treatment does not require pills, and has the ability to influence different areas of the brain. So far results have been pretty fair, but the implications for other illnesses have yet to be fully explored. Visit their website


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