Matt Badiali Promotes Unique investment Opportunity

With our hectic lifestyles, the average individual does not have the time to find the gems in the investment world that can help them obtain remarkable returns. It is prudent for these individuals to seek a financial advisor with a proven track record of excellence. One such individual is Matt Badiali. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Earth Science at Penn State University and obtained his Masters in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. His experience as a geologist have helped him to learn about investments from the resource sector and has traveled to multiple countries inspecting mines personally. While working on his PhD at the University of North Carolina. Matt Badiali was introduced to finance. After being introduced to the finance industry, individuals who have followed his advice have seen spectacular investment gains.

After the financial crisis of 2008, he took a large stake in Kaminak Gold Corporation at the very end of 2008. His friends and family had advised against this but sold the shares in 2010 for a return of 4400 percent. In 2017 he launched a newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist. Matt Badiali has recently been advising investors of a golden investment opportunity that has been called “Freedom Checks”.

“Freedom Checks” are just checks that are paid to investors who place their money in “Master Limited Partnerships”, the companies that Matt Badiali are currently advising individuals to invest in. An MLP has the advantage of the profits only being taxed after they are distributed to the shareholder. MLPs enhance cashflow because the allocate all available resources to shareholders. This can lower capital costs for companies that are highly capital focused. There are over 500 companies that can legally offer these checks to investors. “Freedom Checks” can be remarkably greater than a social security check by multiples, which can bring a reliable income stream.

There are sites that claim that Freedom Checks are just another scam. The research into these investments from Matt Badiali with a track record of bring above average returns to investors says otherwise and he may be just the financial advisor to listen to for seeking gems that are sure to be extremely profitable.

How David McDonalds Tenure In OSI Group Made An Ever-Growing Business

OSI had its roots of success when it started as a humble butcher shop back in the 20th century. This store became a worldwide food distributor ever since it started to gain reputation from its home in Chicago, and when it started to gain partnerships with McDonald’s to assist the fast-food restaurant in providing the most affordable and delicious food items. It’s true that the OSI Group (named Otto & Sons at the time they partnered with McDonald’s) has been one of the factors that helped McDonald’s become famous ever since its first restaurant opened in 1955.

One of the personalities that rooted from the Otto & Sons family is David McDonald – which now stands at the top of the OSI Group as its president. The classic methods of the OSI Group in providing its quality foods through procedures such as flash freezing was one of the main reasons why the company gained huge success ever since the 20th century. That’s why many supermarkets and other retailers prefer the wholesale products that this company is providing. David McDonald is simply the new generation leader of this gigantic corporation.

OSI Group is one of the most popular companies even during David McDonald’s tenure as he did his best to maintain the business using the well-developed strategy of the family who is operating it for decades. This resulted in an ever-growing business that is still expanding its opportunities and reach towards many people when it comes to the consumption of food, particularly meat products. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

Continuing Growth To Sustain The Food Demand

Lately, this February 2018, David McDonald led OSI Group in expanding further in Spain. As a result, the Span Plant of the company doubled their chicken production output – efficiently providing even more chicken products throughout Spain for both retailers and consumers to benefit from. This also results in a dramatic increase of jobs to provide more opportunities to the people who need money, as well as a chain-reaction causing farmers to gain more income, and for farms to develop better in the future. It’s an amazing tactic that David McDonald ensured as he observed the increase of chicken demand within the country and in Portugal.

This simply shows that the OSI Group’s everlasting dedication to providing the best food that will sustain the food demand in any part of the world is still on-point. No matter how many generations of OSI Group leaders come, as long as its style of marketing and leadership is retained by its current president, expect that the business will always be ever-growing.

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Exciting New Investment Opportunities in Freedom Checks

Recently, Freedom Checks, have become a hot topic in investment.

Matt Baldiali, an advocate for investing in Freedom Checks, describes them as ongoing investments.He cautions investors that successfully investing in Freedom Checks requires detailed knowledge of how they work. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.


These investments rely on master limited partnerships (MLPs) and Statute F-26.In 1981, Congress passed legislation that created business partnerships that can also double as publicly traded limited partnerships called master limited partnerships (MLPs).

Then seven years later Congress passed Statute 26-F which allows MLPs to operate tax-free as long as they meet two conditions. It’s important to note here that trading an MLP requires that investors share the assets of the MLP.

The first condition is that an MLP must pay out checks to their shareholders. Then they must also generate 90% of their revenue from oil and gas processing, transportation, storage, and production in the US.

Finally, MLPs must pay out at least 90% of their income to investors. Investing in MLPs that do not meet these conditions will mean that the investments will not be tax-free. When an investor in an MLP receives their check, they can choose if they want to invest in additional shares or not. Even if an investor chooses not to invest in more shares, they can expect over time their shares to go up over time and their payments to increase.


Investors that want to sell their shares can do so at the capital gains tax rate which can be an advantage since the capital gains rate is lower than the income tax rate. Badiali believes that the amount of natural gas imported from Middle Eastern countries will continue their recent decline and that domestic sources of oil and gas in the US will continue their current rise.

According to him, this recent trend of declines in Middle Eastern sources of oil and gas has already led gains of between 5,889% and 39,832% for MLPs.

Investing in MLPs appears to be an easy investment opportunity one only needs to purchase shares in an MLP which works the same as purchasing shares in companies like Amazon and Microsoft, but reaching the full potential of MLP investments is difficult.

Investors must spot the right opportunities in natural resources to maximize their investments. Watch this video at Youtube.

Anil Chaturvedi- Banker with four decades of experience

Anil Chaturvedi is an accomplished financial expert who has been in the financial sector for the past four decades. His experience has mainly been in working with different banks. With four decades in the banking sector, he is one of the respected experts in the industry. He commands respect from junior and fellow executives in the industry. His opinion on various issues affecting the banking sector is normally sought after due to his experience and brilliance in addressing emerging issues. He has worked with various banking organizations and helped them realizes huge benefits. He has been able to lead his clients into making the right financial decisions. At a time when financial crises are becoming a norm, having a leader who can advise on the right thing to do is paramount.

In all the organization that Anil Chaturvedi has worked for, he has always left with a good name. In his career, he has worked with top banking organization in Europe and America. This goes to show that his experience is based on proves record of working for the biggest financial institutions in the world. His experience has come in handy to complement his experience. As a person who has been in the industry for such a long time, ensuring that there is good productivity at all times is paramount. At any given time, he has a passion for helping the client accomplish the best results.

Anil Chaturvedi was born in India. He attended Delhi University where he received his bachelors in economics and MBA in Financial Management. His humble origin has been a motivation for him. He always wanted to show that you can come from anywhere and still make it as long as you have the right mindset to take you through your path of success.

Currently, Anil Chaturvedi is working with a banking organization known as Hinduja Bank which is based in Switzerland. His first job was with the State Bank of India before he moved to the United States to work for ANZ Grandlays and later Merrill Lynch. It is at Merrill Lynch that he got a chance to interact with the best of in the financial industry. He worked there for close to 20 years.

From Leading Brands of Water To Waiakea

Some people can say that Waiakea is a lot better than other brands when it comes to water. However, one would need clarity on a couple of factors. One thing that people would need clarity on is in what way Waiakea is better than many other brands of water.


Another thing that needs to be clarified is what other brands of water Waiakea is being compared to. One of the most important ways that Waiakea outshines other brands of water is that it offers water that is alkaline in nature while other brands are acidic for the most part.


Among the other brands of water that people have grown accustomed to are Aquafina, Dasani, Arrowhead among others. One thing that these brands of water have in common with each other is that they do not have a high pH level. It often shows in the taste of the water as well. This is why people are starting to turn away from these brands of water and find other brands of water that are a little more premium. With acidic water, they are not getting themselves any healthier. If they drink tons of water from those brands then they are setting themselves up for problems.


Another issue with the other brands of water is that they do not have as much electrolytes in many cases as Waiakea. Therefore, people are not doing themselves too many favors in consuming water from those brands. If people drink enough water from other brands without taking care of their electrolytes, then they run the risk of water intoxication. There are other issues that come with drinking regular water from the other brands of water. For instance, water that is acidic by nature is going to leave people vulnerable to cancer and other diseases that are going to hurt them.

Biofeedback Techniques from Neurocore Help Athletes Perform Better

Chronicle of Week published Haley Thompson’s article, “Neurocore Maximizes Performance” which reveals how athletes are using a new kind of training to improve their performance. As professional athletes continue to improve their physical training, it becomes more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd as one of the best players. All the athletes are at their peak physical state, often training for hours each day and eating the best foods to fuel their body. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Now, athletes are beginning to train their mind to help them stand out from the crowd. Athletes who perform well often have rituals and techniques to get into the zone where muscle memory takes over conscious thought, allowing them to make rapid decisions with confidence. Previously, athletes would have to learn how to get into the zone by themselves. Now however, there are a variety of training centers like Neurocore Brain Training Centers that can help them get into a peak mental state, in the same way that a physical trainer can help them get into top physical shape.

When athletes don’t do this type of brain training, it can often be seen in their performance. Take Kirk Cousins for example. After performing incredibly well in collegiate football at Michigan State, he suffered a downturn in performance when he became a professional. When he started working with Neurocore, they discovered that his mind was simply overwhelmed with adrenaline and cortisol, overstressing the mind and body. This caused him to make poor decisions and miss a large number of passes. However, once he started working on his mind, he was able to start performing better consistently. He allowed his mind to relax which in turn, helped him get into the zone where his muscle memory took over. See more information about Neurocore at

Neurocore uses biofeedback training and modern neuroscience to help athletes and clients train their brains. They use EEG leads attached to a monitor on the head to watch the brains reactions as the client watches a video. When the brain sends signals of relaxation and focus, the video continues to play. However, when the mind gets distracted the video will cease. It requires the brain to stay focused, encouraging the brain to relax and gradually increasing cognitive performance.