The Role of NewsWatch TV Review in the Marketing and Branding of Companies

The toughest challenge for any company is to reach out to its target customers; convince them about the benefits and advantages of their products and motivate them to purchase it. The task takes on a stricter turn if the product is a newly invented one and needs to be launched on the market. This mammoth task for most companies is being made much easier by NewsWatch TV. Owned and operated by Bridge communications, NewsWatch is the media company which started airing its show in the late 1980s. Today, after running successfully for more than 25 years; the show is still going strong and is currently being aired on ION and AMC networks.

The unique and creative way in which the show presents the product reviews of any company almost inevitably leads to the popularity of that product which immediately translates into much higher sales figures. Many brands openly admit to the show improving their way of marketing and presenting them in a much better way than they themselves would have done. AVANCA, Saygus, Alexium, App Marketing, BYO Channel, Contour Workstations, Intel, Audi, VXI, GOFBA, Panacast, etc. are just a few of the names who have had a successful campaign after their segment was aired in the show. The show does an in-house production of the segment which makes the cost for every company very cost-efficient. Thus, not only the Fortune 500 companies but smaller companies also reach out to the show unhesitant and exploit the reach and power of the show for their gains.

Each section is made concise and very entertaining while the facts are drooled out. It keeps the audience hooked, and the companies are able to reach their target market successfully. NewsWatch TV can be easily reached through their website and their representative for anybody aspiring for a helping hand in becoming successful.


Lime Crime Debuts Its Softer Purple Grunge Side For Spring Makeup Elegance

Nothing welcomes the season of spring quite like a fresh, colorful palette of pretty makeup. Like fashion, beauty has its incredible trends, and together, they help define your look.

Reporter Expert delved into the world of cosmetics for the new products that women are crazy over. The popular publication singled out Lime Crime makeup for most of the spring collection, and we can see why.

Lime Crime is modern cosmetics admired for their juicy colors, vibrancy and gorgeous makeup textures. These fantasy lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters and hair tints are always contemporary, made with cool pigment intensity, gorgeous packaging and a whimsical attitude.

CEO and founder Doe Deere believes that makeup should be fun, sexy, bold and beautiful and empower all who wear it. That’s why she got into the competitive makeup industry. She wanted to offer women (and men, too) another alternative to the boring, traditional cosmetics consisting of tired, unimaginative products.

Lime Crime is head-turning makeup that often features glitter, crystals, iridescence, glossiness and rainbow beauty in many of its palettes.

The Venus Palette is one great example. These eight-pan eyeshadow kits are grunge-heaven and deliver gorgeous color pay-offs. These shadows are top quality and feel silky smooth as you touch them.

Doe Deere felt inspired by the pretty color purple and decided her new kit, the Venus III Palette, would feature a lovely, feminine radiance of violets and pinks and chocolate shades.

Fans were excited to see how the new Venus Palette would glide on to the eyelids and create a sultry purple glow and flatter every skin tone.

The Venus Palette (original), Venus II, Venus XL and the Venus III all share a close connection and come housed in stunning packaging. The famous painting “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli graces the top of the kit, and inside, you’ll find a wonderful compact mirror and succulent eyeshadow shades.

The Venus III creates a softer side of grunge, and Doe Deere feels inspired by the purpleness. In fact, she’s not alone; ultra-violet is the top shade announced by the famous Pantone Color Institute this season.

Solid Leadership of Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group

Solid Leadership of Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a financial professional with an experience of more than two decades in asset management. Currently, he serves as the chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group a prominent international investment management company located in San Francisco, California. The group serves to both institutional and private investors and manages assets of more than $65 billion. He was elected as the board co-chairman in 2009, and he had directed the firm’s operations in different managerial roles as from 2002.

Peter Briger graduated from Princeton University and also from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School with an MBA. His professional career started when he joined Goldman Sachs as a partner, overseeing operations in various business capacities and leadership roles. As a dedicated and a skilled professional, he gained vast knowledge during his term at the banking investment company, developing and refining skill set including foreign investments, loans and trading, distressed debts and real estate. His business skills and financial acumen later saw him became a reputable bank partner before leaving to join Fortress in 2002 as the co-CEO.

In addition to serving inboards including Asian Management Board and Global Control and Compliance Board, he maintained his duties as the head of Whole Loan Transactions and Trading Business and Fixed Income Principal Savings Group. Mr. Briger also helps out in managing divisions such as Goldman Sach Exceptional Opportunities Fund and Asian Distressed Debts Company. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

According to him, he was appointed to be the principal and the board co-chairman after demonstrating his capability to lead. From 2002 when he was elected, he has proposed many projects for the firm. In his new role, he is the one accountable for monitoring the company credit status and the condition of the assets in the real estate business. He volunteered to help once the company requires additional personnel. His colleagues welcome him for his ability to address various issues within the firm. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Besides his professional roles, Peter Briger is recognized for his philanthropic accomplishments. He is a member of different organizations and groups, who cooperate to provide a better life to the forthcoming generations. He is in the leadership Council of Silicon Valley where he collects global fund for children. He founded Princeton entrepreneurship which is a program to support the alumni of Princeton University to bring up their startup ideas into reality. They are provided with funding of up to $100,000, mentorship and learning opportunity. He is also a member of Foreign Relations Council, a nonpartisan association that works to promote a great perspective of foreign policy problems among both elected officials and citizens. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group