The Effort Of Shafik Sachedina In Transformed The Operations Of Shafik Sachedina

Sachedina has put his career at the peak point in the arena of surgical with the aim of creating transformation in the community. There are many changes that he has fostered positively in the society through his dedication as the leader who is skilled in the field of surgery.

Shafik is one of the great alumni of the London University. He pursued dental surgery at the degree level in the institution. His career has made him proud in many of steps that he has taken in his life. Shafik further enriched his skills in the field of medicine while at England. The efforts that he has showcased as skilled personnel has made him created a better opportunity for investing in his area of healthcare. Furthermore, Shafik has excellent management skills that have enabled him to put most of the institutions that he has led at the better position. Example of the successful organization that is attributed to the leadership of Shafik is Sussex Healthcare Ismaili community.

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Shafik Sachedina has managed to take control of the Sussex healthcare. There are many of the agendas that have been planted into the system of the institution with an aimed at making it to the peak position in the healthcare segment. Shafik has played a significant role in drafting the goals of the Sussex healthcare and fixing many challenges in various sectors within the institution. The other organization that Shafik has demonstrated his skills in managing it is the Jamati Institutions. Shafik has managed to create a perfect cohesion within the 16 branches of the organization. The aim of the Shafik in dedicating his effort in the field is to mark the level of philanthropism that will boost the transformation in the community. Most of the managerial post that Shafik has served in has been outstanding. He has been offering the services of leadership at the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions out of his will. The purpose of him taking the step of to create a better avenue that will see the community at the gaining side. The support that Shafik has imparted to the many of the organization has been lauded by the concerned team of individuals in the society.

The stride that he has made as the leader of the Sussex Health Care has placed the workers on the advantage side of acquiring the authorization to carry out their duties from the known University of Chichester. The other part that employees of the institution have benefited most is the acquisition of the BA from the recognized institutions.

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Ronald Fowlkes: Inspiring a Tactical Gear Manufacturing Company

Eagle Industries Unlimited is one of the leading arms manufacturers and tactical gear producers in the world. They became popular worldwide because of their quality products, and their clients loved the way they are used. In just a short period, they established their positive reputation among their clients and enjoyed a prolonged status of being the creators of high-end gears and arms. The company is also known for employing experienced people who know how to use their products well. One of them is Ronald Fowlkes, who is former military personnel. They have employed Ronald Fowlkes to become their business development manager, and he has contributed a lot to the company. He is currently based in the city of St. Louis in Missouri, and he was tasked to look after the law enforcement department of the company, as well as their commercial products.



Ronald Fowlkes had a colorful history when he joined the American military. He was recruited to become a part of the army, and he was designated to work within the tactical training department. He managed to build his skills in being a tactical trainer, and overtime, his expertise grew, and it involved several other specialties. He included these experiences that he had with the military when he applied for the position. Eagle Industries Unlimited has seen a great potential with Ronald Fowlkes, ultimately deciding to choose him to serve under the position. He started his career with the leading tactical gear producers in July 2008, and since then, he stated that he enjoyed his work and he would sometimes give the employees under his watch some basic real-life information on how these things work.



Every day at work, Ronald Fowlkes is making sure that the department under his watch would keep producing tactical gears of high quality. He wanted to impress their clients and customers, which is why he is working hard to remind the employees to focus on their craft and not miss any detail. Eagle Industries Unlimited has been known for their high-quality products, and it would be a shame if they missed something concerning the product. Aside from the current number of their clients, Ronald Fowlkes is also tasked to get new clients and explain to them why their brand is the best.



Today, Ronald Fowlkes keeps his excellent track record with the company. He is very hands-on when it comes to tactical gears and arms, and he would always show his employees how they should work. He stated that he is also being motivated by the company that he works for, and he is satisfied with all of the benefits that are being given to him. In the present, experts believe that the Eagle Unlimited Industries will keep its flourishing condition because of the increasing demand for arms and tactical gears.



For Sheldon Lavin, being a global visionary comes with the territory as the CEO of the prestigious American Food Company, OSI

As a well respected American food company like OSI Group, doing great things in the food industry can have a substantial ripple effect. The CEO of OSI Group, Seldon Lavin, has made some significant acquisitions of European food companies over the last few years.

OSI Group has been brokering big deals with international food companies and also purchasing critical brands in Europe. This business approach by Lavin has led OSI to the top. OSI has also strived to be a best-in-quality and a best-in-service company. In 2016, OSI was designated as a top 100 American food and beverage company.

Otto & Sons Inc. was a small family meat company founded in 1909 in Illinois by a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky. Many decades later, OSI was Otto & Sons’ predecessor, having been renamed and turned into an international, food processing firm with an estimated 6.1 billion dollars. OSI has 20,000 employees and 65 facilities in 16 nations.

According to, OSI is ranked #58 in wealth as a private company. The company headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. Its products include bacon, meat patties, hot dogs, fish, pizza, poultry and vegetable products. OSI supplies 85 percent of McDonald’s franchises with meat, globally. Since 1955, when Ray Kroc decided to choose Otto & Sons as its top beef supplier, OSI has expanded internationally, with facilities in India and China.

OSI has attained many impressive business milestones and awards under Lavin’s watchful eye. Lavin’s critical leadership in areas of mergers and acquisition the business world has helped OSI gained significant recognition and some impressive awards. In December of 2016, one of OSI’s subsidiaries located in the UK was presented with the Globe of Honour on behalf of the British Safety Council. This yearly award, which is given by the British Safety Council, focuses on those companies in the UK that do exceptional things concerning the environmental safety area.

Lavin’s philanthropic pursuits included the support of the Ronald McDonald House, a charity. Lavin has supported them for 25 plus years. Lavin’s role comprises trustee and chairman of their capital campaign. Lavin has helped many other charities. Sheldon has the position of Director of Sheba Foundation as well as president.

Lavin earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. He attended the Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. Lavin once owned Sheldon Lavin and Associates, a consulting firm, which resulted in him being hired by Otto & Sons.

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Bob Reina: A Man with a Winning Plan

Bob Reina does not give up. A man with over 20 years’ professional experience, Reina has the best-laid plans when it comes to reaching success. He knows just what it takes to succeed and even when “no” is the answer he receives, he shakes the dust off of his feet and keeps moving.


Bob Reina is familiar with the network marketing business model. He has taken the skills and wisdom he honed as a network marketer to his tech business.


What particular wisdom has he taken, however? The knowledge that one can do anything he puts his mind to if he works hard enough.


Bob is very focused on financial independence. The desire for his own financial independence and the financial independence of others drives him daily to work harder and to continue in his line of work.


Aside from having a passion for what he does, Bob remarks that when someone approaches him to tell him how their lives have been dramatically impacted due to his guidance and the revelations he give, he couldn’t be more happy.


Because Reina currently works in the technology field, he often has new ideas buzzing around in his head. Making smart business moves includes knowing which ideas to implement, leading Reina to pick and choose the ideas that would provide the best solutions for the people he serves.


Although picking and choosing the best ideas leaves some very good proposals on the backburner, these ideas are there for another day; Reina knows that he can go back to them when the time is right and when the market needs them. Learn more:


But just how passionate is Bob Reina when it comes to helping people reach their dreams? Passionate enough to share his knowledge for free!


Yes, Bob Reina has started Talk Fusion University, which is an educational platform that gives everyone interested in being their best selves the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed at no cost to them.


Dr. David Samadi Gives Back to All His Patients

No matter what others doctors do, Dr. David Samadi knows there are things he must do to stay on top of the trends in medicine. He has a lot of experience working in medicine and that helps him keep up with all the things that make sense to him. He’s spent time trying to figure out the right way to do everything for his patients and that’s part of how he can make a difference for people he works with. No matter what issues people face, Dr. David Samadi knows he can be a positive influence on their lives.

Even though there are some issues that could come from Dr. David Samadi’s work, he knows what he needs to do. He also knows the positive parts of the business will all work better if he can make a bigger impact on the people he usually works with. It’s his way of showing people how to make more money and how to give back no matter what issues they’re facing. It’s also part of what helps him continue serving patients with all the help they could need on their own. He always does what he can to give people the attention they need.

Throughout his time learning about diseases and studying urology the right way, Dr. David Samadi knew there were things he could do to make a difference. He also knew what it would take to show people how much he cared about things that were having a negative effect on health. If he spent a lot of time giving people the opportunities they needed, he would continue feeling good about the business opportunities he had. He would also feel good about how he could help others. Thanks to the hard work he put into learning about urology, Dr. David Samadi is now an expert on the subject.

Even though Dr. David Samadi spent time working to help others, he felt good about the things he was doing on his own. He always knew there were things that would happen that would allow him to keep growing and that’s how he made the most out of his career. By promoting positive influences on his own and giving back to the community in New York, Dr. David Samadi made himself one of the most sought-after urologists in the whole city. People always want to book appointments with him because of the work he does.

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Paul Mampilly and Profits Unlimited Help Investors Find Winners

Paul Mampilly has a passion for markets and stock picking that has propelled his career forward to an extraordinary degree. This former hedge fund manager enjoyed a Wall Street career that must have made many of his peers envious as they looked upon his accomplishments. He has received acknowledgment and recognition from the likes of the Templeton Foundation which was named after the legendary investor. He has appeared on financial television as an expert on markets and investing with outlets like CNBC and Bloomberg requesting his commentary. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

It all began for Mampilly when he showed great promise as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. His knack for markets and investing was soon apparent and other opportunities followed soon after. He continued to build his skills while enjoying success with ING and Deutsche Bank as well. The accounts that he managed grew commensurately with his greater responsibilities and involved multiple millions of dollars.

One chapter in the career of Paul Mampilly that really jumps out is his tenure at Kinetics Asset Management when he ran their hedge fund. This 6 billion dollar firm realized market-beating returns that averaged 26 percent while Mampilly was there. Barron’s singled this hedge fund out as one of the World’s Best with this excellent performance.

The Templeton Foundation is an eminent organization in honor of the famed investor and their competition often pits top investors against each other. Paul Mampilly achieved a notable success when he won their contest during trying market conditions. He utilized a long-only strategy during the steepest market decline in recent memory and brought home the victory with his outstanding analytical abilities.


The financial media came calling as his career became more prominent and he’s appeared on the likes of CNBC, Bloomberg, and the Fox Business Channel to offer commentary and market insights. In light of all this, his expertise had grown considerably along with his wealth and success. However, the frantic pace of Wall Street was beginning to take its toll on him and he retired early from the hustle and bustle that a high flying career like his entailed.

Profits Unlimited is how Paul Mampilly stays in the game and his focus has changed. He’s now committed to helping busy, ordinary Americans find prosperity from the markets which many find quite intimidating. He brings successful hedge fund quality research to the public for a nominal fee with this newsletter. He analyzes market trends and highlights some of the most lucrative opportunities available. Visit the website to learn more.

Hiring Ricardo Tosto for Your Legal Needs

Your legal requirements need a good lawyer who you can trust. The problem a lot of people have is that they do not know who to hire or which professional is good for their needs. Once you hire the right lawyer, they are the one to help with the case that you have open and can assist you in ways that you would not be able to do for yourself. If you would like a good lawyer, the first thing you need to look for is someone who has lots of experience. This gives you the knowledge that they will be able to help the case that you have open or are going to have open in the near future.

One of the greatest lawyers in Brazil who is available for hire is known as Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto has been working for many years within the field and has helped hundreds of different clients who have needed his services. You will find that hiring a professional like Ricardo Tosto takes the work off your shoulders and ensures that you feel confident in winning the case. Because Ricardo Tosto has received his degree and continues to work on his education, you can be sure you’re hiring a professional who has the latest news and updates within the field itself because of his studies.

There are hundreds of clients making use of Ricardo Tosto and finding this professional to be a great asset to their needs. If you’re afraid of representing yourself in court, there is no need to do this when you hire Ricardo Tosto. Once you hire his services, he will work directly on the case to ensure that you get the work done and the compensation that you might need right now. There is no reason why you should struggle so much with this problem when there are lots of services that Ricardo Tosto can offer to you. You can call Ricardo Tosto’s office and find out more about what he can do for you and what to expect when you hire his services and have him work for you.

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The Purpose Of Online Dating And How Whitney Wolfe Is Making It Easier For Daters

The internet has done a lot for the world. Among the different accomplishments of the internet is giving a voice to a certain group of people that have been marginalized. These are the shy and introverted people. These are the people that have a hard time getting dates. However, in recent times, online dating has become even more difficult than actually walking up and talking to people. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has managed to bring something to this group of people that makes it a lot easier. This one is known as Bumble. Whitney Wolfe’s app has grown a lot, and has attracted the attention of all types of people.

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One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done with Bumble was disable the men’s account. Therefore, men have no choice but to wait until a woman starts to talk to them. This is one of the major dreams of some of the shy guys on the internet. This is also a refreshing change for men who have sent out tons of messages with no response. People who have thrown in the towel will see that they have a fighting chance with Bumble. This is one of the reasons that people are choosing Bumble over other dating sites.

With the success of Bumble, The Match Group is noticing the company and is doing everything it can to buy it for itself. CEO Whitney Wolfe has plenty of other things that she wants to do with the dating app. She is not willing to let other companies destroy it. One thing that Whitney Wolfe is doing is always coming up with different ways to grow the company. This is a lot more than what can be said about The Match Group. All that company is trying to do is keep from losing subscribers and revenue.


The JASTA Threat- Dr. Kamil Idris Comments

JASTA and the third world war is a book by author Professor Kamil Idris that was published in 2017. With dedication and experience, Kamil Idris is a former Director-General of the UN’s World Intelectual Property Agency (WIPO) and is the current president of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation (ICAM). He has had a long career and worked with many World leaders such as President Bill Clinton, Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat to name a few. Promoting American ingenuity he was welcomed by Congress and was appointed to be the Director-General for another six-year term.


Kamil Idris warns about the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) and how it is going to remove international sovereignty laws. JASTA would give American people the right to sue any foreign country for sponsoring terrorism or housing terrorists knowingly. This bill was vetoed by President Barak Obama but still managed to get passed in 2016. The French and Saudi ministries have voiced concerns about violating international laws and possibly damaging democracy itself and causing nationalist backlashes as other countries defend themselves against this very real treat.


Kamil Idris warns implicitly in his book that this is against this act and how it challenges international law and directly challenges the sovereignty of a foreign country. This act may cause any country in question take a defensive stance against the possible lawsuit. In his book, Professor Idris states that our current political mood is similar to what was happening in the pre-WWI era. Having distrust in powerful political figures and rejecting international institutions and rousing Nationalism at the same time makes it a tense time in the world of international law. Professor Idris feels that this could lead the rebirth of defensive nationalism and creating the same climate that was similar to what was seen during WWI and WWII.

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Sean Penn’s best-selling Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Penning down Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Sean Penn stands out an exceptional writer. He is by profession a producer and film director. For several years, Sean Penn has been a performer, and this has earned him a position in the society as the best-performed actor.


His age has not been a determining factor in the writing career. However, Sean observes that with his current state and being 57 years of age, he has a lot of free time and lesser commitment. With these two factors, he can concentrate a lot more on writing than other activities.


It is important to note, however, that Sean Penn has not always been a writer. He has in the past specialized more in production and the making of audio books. Actually, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was first audio. However, the need to not only visualize in writing but also make the expressions real, Sean saw it necessary to put it in print.


Bob, a character in the novel, is met with different feelings by the general public. While many people are not for the role of Bob, some align with Sean. However, writing criticism is always important for a better experience in the future.


Sean does not see his novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff as an opinion or factual writing. Actually, as he wrote it in pure fiction, he did not expect such reaction. He wonders why people find it hard to read a fictionally written book and take for the fiction that it is rather than fix opinions to its interpretation.


Writing is a skill that Sean Penn seeks to improve with an aim to build a legacy for himself. His vision of his writing career is not a best-selling author because he already is; but rather an accomplished one. His love for inking ideas is growing tremendously, and Sean believes that as long as his hands can still write, he will go further than just Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and publish more novels. His writing is not dependent on whether his work is published or not.


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