Highland Capital Management Makes A Generous Donation

Recently, Highland Capital Management gave $10 million to Engage at the Bush Center in conjunction with a $10 million donation on the behalf of Boeing Corp. for the Military Service Initiative. Highland Capital has supported the Bush Center since 2012 with donations in excess of $5 million. The co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital, Jim Dondero, was proud to be able to help support the center and plans to help with future visions. Jim Dondero is going to serve as the executive advisory council for the center along with its CEO Kenneth Hersh.

Highland Capital is hosting a program that has been created with the National Constitution Center called “Constitutional Conversations: Justice Scalia’s Memorable Speeches, as well as James Madison & Today’s Media. These events are free but require that attendees register at the Bush Center’s website. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

The son of late Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Scalia will be in attendance at the event. After the program, there will be a discussion pertaining to the thoughts of James Madison, who was the creator of the First Amendment. A few of the noteworthy attendees include Jeffrey Rosen who is the National Constitution Center CEO, Mike Wilson who is the Dallas Morning News Editor, and Amy Mitchel of State and News Media report.

Along with Highland Capital’s generous donation, Boeing has also donated to specifically help 9/11 veterans and this most recent endowment is a part of a $30 million investment that the company has spread out over three years. They have worked to help with rehabilitation, recovery, and veteran transition services all over the world.

Visit: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/031216/highland-capital-management-investment-manager-highlight.asp

Aside from their $30 million donation, they have contributed $50 million in grants. These grants target specific areas such as civic and environmental issues, math, engineering, technology, and many other areas critical to all areas of community and veterans issues. With the help of Highland Capital Investments and Boeing, veterans have additional access to grants and services they need to transition into civilian life and assist them in becoming integral parts of the civilian community. Both companies have a great interest in community efforts to help veterans and their families. Read more at bloomberg.com.

José AuriemoNeto: How To Choose A Real Estate Advisor

Want to invest in real estate and need professional guidance or training? Need to get help from someone who is highly developer knowledgeable and experienced and can point you in the right direction?

There are proven ways to make money or become successful in real estate. Coaching is a popular way to learn the right way to approach the business.

José AuriemoNeto is a leader in the real estate field and has worked with many successful entrepreneurs. Based in Brazil, José AuriemoNeto has been advising and guiding clients throughout the nation.

If you are interested in starting your own real estate business or investing a real estate development firm, you need to consult with an expert like José AuriemoNeto. Getting professional guidance will certainly make it easier for you to understand what works and be on your way to investment success.

You can improve your real estate investment skills with expert techniques and strategies from a successful professional who has helped numerous people achieve success. José AuriemoNeto will teach you how real estate investment and real estate development work.

His expert guidance enables clients to explore best practices for performing market research, evaluating projects, dealing with decision makers, increasing brand awareness, and taking appropriate steps to boost your profits.

José AuriemoNeto is passionate about helping ambitious investors and others who want to learn the business and achieve the success they want. If you are serious about creating your fortune in this lucrative industry, or if simply want to start a side business in the industry, then consider getting expert assistance.

José AuriemoNeto is available to help you and will ensure that you are provided with the coaching or training you need to reach your goal.

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Securus Technologies Leads The Inmate Calling Network

Securus Technologies got their start as an inmate communications regulations network provider. They quickly grew as as one of the leading network providers in the industry as reported by PRN Newswire magazine. They are still the leaders in surveillance and monitoring ensuring the safety of the general public against telecommunications crimes. They have over 12,000+ IT professionals that are highly trained in telecommunications security and the highest level of customer service satisfaction. They ensure that their customers are communicating over a secure network that costs less and you eliminate a commute to a correctional facility to visit your love ones. Securus is known for technologically advanced inmate calling features that really help their customers stay connected with the ones they love.


Why Switch To Securus Technologies?


Securus has a high level of customer service excellence that has recently allowed them to be awarded the prestigious Stevie Award. The Stevie Award is the highest award that can be given for customer service and each nominee is carefully selected from a list of the top providers in the industry. A sophisticated team of judges has awarded Securus the outstanding customer service award. They ensure their customers can continue to rely on a secure network with customer service satisfaction as their mission statement.


Securus Technologies Features


Remote Visitation


You can visit your love ones face-to-face over the internet and have complete control over the high definition video and the sound with a control of a few onscreen functions. For a small processing fee you can visit your love ones without leaving home on special occasions including Christmas.


Inmate Voicemail


Get inmate voicemail services over a secure network that allows inmates to receive and retrieve messages. Their loved ones, legal counsel, and friends can leave a message to ensure that they don’t miss a single thing on the outside.


You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details today.


Future Plans and Coopoerations of Oncotarget

The online medical journal of Oncotarget is now accessible on the archive PubMed as well as on other prominent scientific archives and scientific research indexes. What is more, Oncotarget has started publishing twice a week instead of once a week according to its previous schedule. Oncotarget is focused on delivering accurate and well-researched data and information. The doubled plan will allow the online biomedical journals to provide more to the practitioners and other readers in their fanbase. Watch this video on Youtube.

Oncotarget covers a lot of groups as it is a multidisciplinary journal. It is free to access on several archives such as PubMed, ISI/ Web of Science: Science Citation Index Expanded, Pub Med Central, Biological Abstracts, Scopus, EMBASE, as well as BIOSIS Preview.


Oncotarget has been working with the National Library of Medicine. The online biomedical journal is on its way to achieving one of its goals and submit a whole issue to the archives of PubMed after online publication. So far, Oncotarge thas uploaded its issues 31 through 34 of Volume 8 and issues 35 and 36 will quickly appear on the PubMed archives as well as the National Library of Medicine finishes processing them. Learn more about Oncotarget at Eurekalert.org.


The biomedical journal of Oncotarget started by publishing all things oncology. Later, the journal branched out and started covering several other topics as well which also increased its readership. Up to date, the topics published are Pathology, Immunology, Autophagy, Chromosomes, Microbiology, Aging, and a few more. Oncotarget has hinted that it might be looking to expand upon its disciplines further.


Over the years since 2010, Onotarget has published seven volumes, containing 324 issues in total. The online biomedical journal is currently working on its eight volume and is 36 issues in. Every paper that is published on Oncotarget receives a direct object identifier of DOI, The recommendations of the COPE or Committee of Publication Ethics are always applied too all published works in Oncotarget.


The Oncotarget journal is reviewed by peer experts. Its Editorial Board includes two Editors in Chief and more than a dozen members of the Founding Editorial Board. Every discipline has its editorial board with more than a dozen experts.

Learn more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1558/

Desiree Perez Is Praised For Her Work Within The Music Industry

The work of Desiree Perez within the music and entertainment industry has recently been praised in “Billboard” magazine after the publisher recognized the Roc Nation executive for her skills across much of the entertainment industry. Where Desiree Perez has made her mark in the entertainment industry is by pursuing the most important partnerships and sponsorship deals between the label, its artists, and major corporations reflecting the position and status of Roc Nation in popular culture.

The latest developments at Roc Nation have all included the input and negotiating power of Desiree Perez as the brand has sought to build a brighter future for itself and the artists being represented. During a renegotiation process for the $100 million deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation which has been in place for over a decade the presence of Desiree Perez in the negotiating team was seen as a sign of the serious nature of the deal for Jay-Z’s label.

Despite the importance of the Live Nation deal, Desiree Perez was also able to play a major part in the establishment of the sports agency created by Roc Nation over the last few years and source new deals for music publishing rights; meetings were reported to have been held with Desiree Perez creating a new music publishing and distribution deal with the Universal Music Group to extend the reach of the label in the coming decade.

Desiree Perez has found it simple to partner members of the Roc Nation stable of artists with major corporations including the Puma sponsorship of Jay-Z’s forthcoming “4:44” world tour. Revenues when a major sponsor can be found for a tour usually increase with Desiree Perez’s partnering of Rihanna with electronics giant, Samsung the model for future music live tours.

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Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings UK is a trusted place to apply for a stock-based or margin loan. Founded in 2002, the company continue to provide professional services for borrowers to get the financial help they need. There are offices in NY, Sydney, Hong Kong, China, London, and many other locations.

It’s a platform that is desired to help people who need cash to qualify. It’s an easy way to get the cash you need to help relieve financial stress. They are currently a leader in the European market, and continue to rise as one of the best lenders in the world.

True Coffee Lovers Choose Premium Coffee From Organo Gold

There have been many studies on the benefits, or non benefits, of coffee through the years. Many people were under the impression that coffee was not good for the health. The most recent research study showed that coffee does have some beneficial value. It has been found that coffee can actually help prolong your life. The claim is that coffee can help decrease the risk factors of certain diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. That morning cup of energy booster can now help save your life. The studies were done on Americans of different ethnic backgrounds. The test involved African Americans, Latinos, Japanese Americans, and white Americans. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Now that you understand that coffee does have in your lives, you want to drink it without fear that it may be harmful. You also want to drink the best premium coffee available. Organo Gold has a premium coffee that is rich in flavor, and it gives you that mush needed energy boost. It comes in all of the most popular flavors like mocha, which is an all time favorite for many. Organo Gold is a Global Network Marketing Company that offers career opportunities to those seeking financial freedom, and balance, and an increased earning potential. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Organo Gold is sold through a global group of distributors who are available in over fifty countries. Organo Gold distributors can offer customers sample products, discounts on various products, and automated shipping by way of their preferred customer program. Organo Gold also has many other products that include personal care products, nad health management products. They not only sell the best beverages, they also halp you to maintain your basic health and grooming. Continue to decrease your risk factors for certain diseases while drinking your favorite morning beverage, and add many more years to your life.

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