Bob Reina

Bob Reina recently announced that his company Talk Fusion has released its latest product. The new product is called Live Meetings which will help a number of consumers interact with one anther more easily. It will provide businesses and individuals with a tool that can help them conduct meetings and other events that require communication via the computer. Read more:

With this new product, Talk Fusion will be in position to continue meeting the communication needs of consumers as well as innovating their product line. Reina is very thrilled to have released this product that is now currently on the market for consumers to take advantage of. Read more: Bob Reina Talk Fusion | Huffington Post

Live Meetings is a communication tool that uses the latest software. With the latest software, Live Meetings will provide consumers with the best picture and sound quality when it comes to communication video programs. Since many people are now looking to hold meetings and speaking events remotely, Live Meetings will likely be in high demand for years to come.

Consumers who purchase and use Live Meetings will be able to hold conferences, make speeches, talk to individuals and also promote things from anywhere in the world using internet video. As a result, the communication and marketing process has gotten much more efficient with the new Live Meetings product.

When Bob Reina first began his career, he worked as a police officer for a number of years. This job was quite rewarding for him but he was looking to make extra money on the side. He decided to make this extra money by selling products to individuals.

This was a very successful activity for him and he therefore believed that selling was something to pursue in the future. As a result, he decided to give up his job as a police officer and get more involved in selling. He would then go on to pursue network marketing.

Reina spent a couple of years in the network marketing industry and also came up with the idea for a new business. He would develop video marketing products which he would sell to others. This was making steady profits for him and he looked to have other distributors to help increase the revenue.

Bob would then make his company a network marketing organization where individuals can join the company and sell video marketing products as independent associates.

Michael Lacey: Towards Greater Understanding of Mathematics

The Salem Prize is one of the most prestigious individual awards bestowed on individuals who have shown excellent mathematical skills.

One such mathematician whose dedication to greater understanding of mathematics saw him win the coveted prize, which comes with a financial reward, is Michael Lacey: a preeminent mathematician, mentor and scholar. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

He won the award in 1997 together with Christoph Thiele as they deciphered the tricky Hilbert transform, which is part of the Fourier series the award was dedicated to.

Scholarly Endeavors

Michael Lacey has dedicated his entire scholarly life to mentoring students and expanding knowledge on the existing mathematical theories and ideologies. For close to three decades, he has played this role as a scholar in Mathematics who is not afraid to go the extra mile in ensuring that new great minds are continuously churned out the education system.

This he has attained by delivery key note speeches and plenary talks on various platforms extending beyond the education sector or the United States.

His scholarly endeavors have seen visit American universities such as Trinity University among others to deliver important plenary talks. He has also visited Yale University and Lund University other learning institutions and plenary platforms and conferences in several countries including China, Spain and Australia among others. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

In 2012, he became a fellow at American Mathematical Society, which also saw him appointed to serve as the editor of Geometric Analysis and Harmonic Analysis.

His role on the journal’s board primarily centers on editing the society’s proceedings. He also has over 100 scientific publications to his name either as an author or coauthor.

Some of these papers were authored or coauthored following grants and fellowships awarded to him by various institutions including Lund University and Fulbright where he was a fellow based in Buenos Aires. He also received a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the National Science Foundation.

Education and Career Background

Michael Lacey is a true Mathematics scholar with a strong academic background and a logn history of professional career as a Mathematics lecturer. He graduated from the University of Texas in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. In 1987, he graduated from the University of Illinois’ Urbana-Champaign campus with a PhD in Mathematics.

This paved way for a long career as a Mathematics lecturer, which began with an associate professor position at Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge in 1987.

Between 1989 and 2001, he held the same position at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Indiana University-Bloomington and Georgia Institute of Technology. In 2001, he was appointed a professor of Mathematics by the latter institution.

Highland Capital Management Co Founder James Dondero

James Dondero is among the most prominent financial executives in the United States. He co founded the Dallas based investment firm Highland Capital Management. Over the years, he has built the firm into one of the most versatile and reputable financial services companies in the world. Today his firm stands out as one of the best financial services companies around. James has expanded the firm to multiple locations worldwide. During the last several years, James has opened up offices in Singapore, South Korea, Brazil and New York City. Before he started up his own investment firm, James spent a number of years working in the financial sector as an analyst and investment officer at other firms. This experience allowed him to come up with the expertise to start up his own investment firm. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

In 1990, James Dondero founded a life insurance company with Mark Okada. They built the firm into a reputable company that provides quality life insurance policies for many consumers and businesses. While the firm was quite successful as a life insurance provider, Dondero wanted to add more services to the company. He would then begin offering wealth management and asset management services to a number of clients. This would allow the firm to expand at a rapid base during the rest of the 1990’s decade. During this time, James would begin offering collateralized loan obligations as well as management of credit/debt backed securities. By the end of the 90’s, Highland Capital Management emerged as one of the premier finance firms in the industry under the leadership of James.


As well as being a very successful entrepreneur in the finance industry, James is also a well known philanthropist. During the last several years, James has made a positive impact on his local community. He has donated funds for various causes such as healthcare, community development, veteran’s affairs and also public policy. His most recent charitable activity was hosting a luncheon and fundraiser for an organization that helps those who suffered from family violence. James continues to donate funds to a number of causes to this day which makes him among the most generous business. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

How Boraie Development is Growing New Jersey

Recently, an article published by Real Estate NJ, tells the story of how Boraie Development is on the rise in New Jersey. CEO Omar Boraie, has more than revealed his ability to grow his development company successfully with the launch of his latest project with more than 250 new apartments for rent in Atlantic City. This project will be the very first market-rate property to be developed in this city in the last 25 years.

The Press of Atlantic City recently took a peek at the new development. This long awaited development site totals more than $81 million dollars, and is going to be reminiscent of many of the developments one would expect to find near any beach. The name of the development is now The Beach at South Inlet. This development is going to border several key streets including Atlantic, Pacific, Connecticut and New Jersey Avenues. Those who work in the area will find this development a welcome change, especially those who make a lengthy commute.

According to WSJ, Boraie Development has been optimistic in their launch of this project, with news that they are anxious to see how many initial applications they will draw. This development is also a welcome change to the city. The economy hit hard in 2007, leaving little hope of growth, especially in real estate of any kind. Today, this sign of growth is having a positive impact on the community and those who live and work there today. For more details visit Central jersey Working Moms.

Focused on developing the urban community, Boraie Development has been striving for excellence in commercial real estate, sales, marketing, and the management of various properties. Building a spectacular property is just one of the many efforts of the company. The mainstay for this developer is serving customers and ensuring that they get what they need most.

The company’s strong relationships with lenders and architects that lean on their imagination and expertise in their specified markets. The contractors that are working with Boraie also focus on doing the best work possible and ensuring that deadlines are met. The future is looking bright for Boraie Development as they continue to grow New Jersey.

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Mighty Fortress Church

To most peoples surprise Minnesota has some of the most beautifully astounding churches in the United States. That is no joke. These architectural and spiritual wonders really have to make one think of gods grace, when one sees these diamonds in the rough. Although to those that have a fear of religion, they may only see lumps of stone and brick. That doesn’t stop the Mighty Fortress Church, one of these gyms I was referring.

What is motivating people to join up with the Mighty Fortress Church is that it preaches relevant messages for today’s modern society. Creating a safe and friendly place to learn and hear the lords words is at the for front for this church. View the interactive map at

Its weekly services foster and nurture the words of god, becoming building blocks to their spiritual awakening. Its come as you are policy allows those who are less formal of fear religion to have an opportunity to hear gods words without judgement or prejudice.

Bishop Thomas Williams, the churches pastor has been in ministry for over thirty years and is highly respected in his teachings of the gospel. As founder of Might Fortress Church, he has integrated support groups and outreach ministries. This is how the Bishop brings former non-believers in to his flock.


Mighty Fortress Church is a modern church for today’s society with a modern design. It has a large entertainment venue with a one thousand seat auditorium, book store and media center. Don’t let its modern look scare you, inside it is truly a place of warmth and comfort for the whole family.

If you live to far from Mighty Fortress Church here are some other architectural and spiritual gyms. Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church in Minneapolis is a Gothic gym that would make one feel that they are visiting an English country parish church. If you like the old world feel for churches this one is for you. Church of St. Mary’s, New Trier is one for the 19th century architectural buff. Its french Beaux-Arts style would make some one think they are in Paris or New York in the 1900’s. Finally there is Christ the King Catholic Church in Browerville. Built by Polish immigrants inspired by there homeland this church brings old world Europe to America with this Baroque revival beauty. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Soros Donates Wealth to Charity, Prepares for Progressive Causes

George Soros is, perhaps, one of the most notable progressives in the entire world. Soros first leaped into politics when he stood up to George W. Bush in order to argue against the march to war in Iraq following the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks. Since then, Soros has steadily increased his profile into one of the most notable and effective progressive voices in the world. Now, Soros is in the news for his latest gesture toward progressive change: a donation of $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations is a charity that George Soros established back in 1979. The goal of the charity is to support grassroots activists all around the world in their fight for equality, social justice, freedom of expression and transparent government. The OSF has been active in major regions all around the world, from Apartheid-era Africa to the fight for marriage equality here in the United States. Soros is proud of his wealth and proud of his ability to give almost all of it away to charity in order to fight for the things that he believes in. Soros says, “My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people.” Soros continues to say, “This allows me to take a stand on controversial issues. In fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.”

Soros decision to shift $18 billion of his own personal wealth to charity is one that quickly made headlines around the United States and the rest of the world. While the reaction was largely positive, many on the right wing of American politics believe it just another ploy by their favorite progressive bogeyman. Thanks to Soros’ success in finance and his outspoken progressive beliefs, any action he takes becomes an instant and nefarious plot according to his conservative detractors. Still, that hasn’t stopped Soros from continuing to stand up for what he believes, even in the face of baseball accusations and skepticism from those on the right.

Born and raised in Hungary, George Soros quickly saw a normal life vanish when the Nazi occupation began while he was still a young teenager. Soros and his family were forced to flee the country, eventually emigrating to London. In London Soros would go on to study at the London School of Economics and he would work multiple jobs in order to pay his tuition. Soros would eventually graduate and set sail for New York in order to pursue his dreams of making it big as a business owner. Soros would take with him everything that he learned about the Open Society as written by Karl Popper. This mindset would eventually inform Soros’ decision to start the Open Society Foundation.

A huge aspect of Soros decision to donate his wealth to charity was the rise of Donald Trump. Soros saw Trump as an immediate and epic threat to many of the most basic elements of progressive life. Rather than what Trump’s disastrous regime erode all of these great qualities, Soros decided to fight back.

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Desiree Perez: The Gem of ROC Nation

The entertainment and music industry is a behemoth and mostly ruled by men due to various reasons. There are only very few women who could actually rule the roost in this high-profile industry. One of the prominent names in this section is none other than Desiree Perez, the senior executive of ROC Nation and close associate of Jay Z. She played an important role in shaping the future of Roc Nation and helped it to grow as one of the most successful entertainment and talent management firms in the world. She is a strong negotiator who is always known for crunching numbers.

Perez has also helped Jay Z to run SC Enterprises, another business interest of the rapper. Perez is known for displaying charisma and confidence that give her upper hands in negotiations in favor of Roc Nation. She is also keen on identifying the opportunities in the music industry and understands the corporate profitability and other areas of management quickly. She is credited with a number of negotiations in the past, including $25 million deal with Samsung collaboration that ensured the promotion of Anti tour of Rihanna. It helped Rihanna to register herself as a successful singer and performer in the industry.

Perez also took an active role in the 10-year contract between Roc Nation and Live Nation in 2008, which fetched $150-million. Desiree Perez leads the music and entertainment firm as its Chief Operating Officer. In her role, she takes care of the entire operations of the company including publishing, management, labeling operations, and more. Interestingly, she is part of Hova Circle of Influence, a special collective that also includes Chaka Pilgrim, J. Fleischman, Ty Ty Smith, and Jay Brown. Perez also featured in a 2013 documentary called “Change: The LifeParticle Effect” that depicted the thoughts of leaders in various industries.

Chris Villanueva Bringing New Culture of Dentistry using MB2 Dentals

It is in line with the dentists to be professionals in their acts and also offer professional support to their patients. In life, it is a norm to visit a dentist once in a while and thus dentistry will affect all people who visit a dentist. Dr. Chris Villanueva believes that the usual culture that is stereotypic should be abandoned and change brought to the industry. He notes that a patient will just be concerned on the treatment that is received from the dentists, however, that is not all for the dentists. The dentists will further go ahead and perform duties that are beyond treating and entail even the administrative and non-clinical duties.
According to Chris Villanueva, the environment laid by the MB2 dentals offers a supportive culture that entails having fun together in the industry. The unique culture enhances doctor to doctor relationship that is supportive. He notes that in each industry each practitioner should be able to support each other both personally and also professionally. Actually this is one of a kind, as according to many organizations and dental care institutions, they are driven by the fact of promoting the patient and doctor relationship and thus viewing other practitioners as competitors in the industry.
His new culture has brought dentists together through the trips they organize and other activities that have seen dentists from different cities that include Louisiana and Alaska joining together and taking breaks from their professional career to enjoy themselves. Some of the activities that he has spearheaded through the MB2 dentals include playing volleyball, spending time on the beach, swimming and playing golf among others.
Chris Villanueva notes that working together as dentists can provide a better ground for each one of them. According to him, the togetherness will bring a sense of belonging and thus promote their culture towards each other. He also has the notion that when working independently one may not be able to achieve as one can achieve while working together.
The leadership of the Dr. Villanueva are well outlined in his career where he has more than one thousand employees and about eighty affiliates. His leadership in the industry aims to promote both the sole proprietor and the industry of the dentists in general. Some of the services that the MB2 offers to other practitioners is the management of the operations of the office. The services may entail book keeping and human resource.

Life Line Screening Makes Health Testing Easy

Life Line Screening utilizes that latest technology and they are fully in step with the latest research findings as they screen patients for potentially devastating illnesses. They are able to help patients gain a greater understanding of their health with three primary areas in which they test. They regularly perform Ultrasound screenings, simple finger-stick blood screenings, and Electrocardiograph tests for an irregular heartbeat.

The preparation needs for a Life Line Screening procedure are simple as the tests are non-invasive and painless. Fasting is sometimes required for blood tests while others only require loose clothes or short sleeve shirts. Wearing two-piece clothing that is loose-fitting and comfortable is the best way to prepare for many tests.

It is also recommended that people avoid wearing watches and jewelry during their test and phones are better left in the car as they can interfere with sensitive diagnostic equipment. Avoid wearing oils and lotions which could interfere with some procedures and another important recommendation is to wear shoes and socks which can be quickly and easily removed.

Each procedure that Life Line Screening performs has a unique protocol for preparation and every patient should understand the requirements for test. Their website is a great place to start and local phone numbers can also be used so everyone knows exactly how to dress and what to expect.

Life Line Screening is a privately operated company that is passionate about prevention. They are able to give patients the information they need regarding personal medical issues and the current state of their health. The company is aptly named as they carefully screen for the most serious and potentially adverse health conditions of our day.

Cardiovascular disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and Cholesterol issues can all be addressed with their timely, available services. Nine out of ten medical doctors agree that prevention is a critical issue and should be more widely utilized in light of today’s pressing health issues that are so commonplace.

The quality of the healthcare professionals that staff Life Line Screening is impressive as they are fully credentialed and current with the latest research findings. They are also passionate about prevention and consider their work to be timely and crucial. Life Line Screening also maintains an inventory of the latest and best diagnostic equipment that is FDA approved. The old saying that knowledge is power is especially true in regards to one’s most precious gift, their health.

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Understanding the Mind and Body with Neurocore

Studies show depression has become one of the most commonplace mental health issues in the United States, with around six percent of the population being affected. Depression typically affects those who are older, but occurs among all ages. The National Institute of Mental Health states depression has a physical toll on the body, causing headaches, stomach problems, and shortness of breath among other things. Imaging tests also show a depressed brain functions less effectively than a non depressed brain. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Depression has many causes, usually there isn’t a single reason. However, people are at higher risk of suffering from depression if they have experienced some sort of recent trauma. There is data showing biological factors as well as genetic predisposition could indicate depression. Possible symptoms include: emptiness, numbness, and sadness, as well as tiredness or excessive sleeping, lack of sleep or insomnia, substantial weight gain or weight loss, indifference, irritability, fatigue, and the lack of an ability to concentrate.

Not surprisingly, depression is a leading factor in suicide. Despite the number of suicides from depression being similar to breast cancer, there is a huge disparity between the funding both causes receive. Fortunately, depression can be treated even in extreme cases. The standard procedure for treating depression is medication and therapy. However, sometimes this is not enough and other methods are used. For those wishing to forgo the usual methods considered invasive by some, neurofeedback may be ideal.

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Neurocore works toward the study of the brain at a neurological level. Their services include performing tests such as what is called a “Quantitative Electroencephalogram” (qEEG) to assess brain activity. The various brain networks have brainwave frequencies that can be measured and recorded. In addition to the qEEG is “Brain Performance Training.”

Brain Performance Training conditions one’s brain to achieve equilibrium and improve brain function. This type of therapy is said to improve both breathing and heart function. They also provide “Heart Rate Variability” tests to measure if the cardiovascular and respiratory system are working in harmony. Established in 2004, Neurocenters continues to be a leading authority in the field.

See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.