Talk Fusion University: Eliminate Bad Network Marketing Information

Talk Fusion has launched a new University program for it associates. Bob Reina has created this learning program. Bob has been in the network marketing space for over 25 years and has a 4 step process for succeeding in the network marking industry.


Bob was approached to enter the network marketing world in the 1990s. Bob was a Hillsborough County cop at the time and had no selling, networking, or systemized experience when he got started. Bob has become a leader in network marketing with over 25 years of experience. Bob’s goal is to share his experience with students through Talk Fusion’s University. Talk Fusion University has over 30 videos full of lessons and action plans for participating students.


The primary mission of Talk Fusion University is to dispell bad information out there on network marketing. This wrong information is spread by self-proclaimed “experts” that charge thousands of dollars in coachings that yield lackluster results. Bob is making Talk Fusion University free to all Talk Fusion associates to give them tested and true information that Bob have uncovered in my 25+ years of working in the industry. Its cuts through all the B.S. and it offers all the tools to succeed in the network marketing business.


Bob developed a 4 step system to keep your network marketing machine running smoothly. Ironically the heart of your machine is a team of well-developed individuals ( One individual cannot do everything by themselves in this business. Creating habits, developing systems and strategies in their team creates success.


Talk Fusion is an all-in-one video marketing solution built with businesses in mind. Talk Fusion’s primary mission is to help companies stand out, get noticed, and increase engagement with their brand. The results that Talk Fusion brings to its customers has kept them coming back for more every year. If you would like to learn more about Talk Fusion, please email any questions you might have to [email protected]


OSI Group’s Quest For Success

Located in the heart of Aurora Illinois, lies the unshaken OSI Group, with a revenue of $6.1 billion. In 2016, OSI Group was ranked position 58 by Forbes Magazine’s America’s largest privately owned firms. So far, the company has more than 20,000 employees in seventeen countries. The company began as a butcher shop in the year 1909, however, through strategic partnership and a visionary leadership, the company has grown to be one of the largest companies around the globe.

OSI Group specializes in meat, and is named the largest meat processing company in the country. The company deals in all types of meat, vegetable and meat products including bacon and sausages. Being a global company, some people may think satisfying customers may be hard. However, OSI Group and its leaders have invested in high end technology to ensure that all their customers get what exactly they want.

Being in the business for more than a hundred years has given OSI Group adequate experience and a command in respect from their competitors. The leaders at OSI Group have a strong understanding of the ways they continue to stay winning. One of the ways is through strategic partnerships and alliances. During its early years, OSI Group partnered with McDonalds as their main supplier. This partnership has since been in existence and the relationship keeps going strong.

In 2016, OSI Group strategically acquired Baho Food Industries. Baho Food Industries is one of the biggest food companies in Netherlands with a strong following in Europe at large. This acquisition was intended to introduce OSI Group across Europe and to continue distributing deli products across the eighteen countries that Baho Food did before.

In their quest to reach European markets, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe has strong base in Europe, a strategic move for both the companies. With the acquisition, OSI Group hopes to expand and reach more customers across Europe while on the other hand, Flagship Europe intends to use the resources and the technology used by OSI Group in order to increase their customer satisfaction. Through these alliances, OSI Group continue expanding and being one of the biggest employers.

Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy premier league is an online soccer game where one chooses a team from different others to make up a team which will be competing with other fantasy members. The fantasy premier league can either be public or private. Public fantasy premier league is open to everyone while the private fantasy premier is for particular people. They earn points based on how the player performed during the matches.

Gambling is risking money or property to get more in return. Here, we can relate fantasy premier league to gambling because one chooses the players not knowing how they will perform in their future games. But they are not the same because gambling involves money while fantasy premier league does not since this is but a match of skill and luck.

DRAFT is the best place online to play fantasy football. It is among the easily accessible online premier league fantasies since it has an android application that also supports iOS. Before playing, however, one is required to sign up for an account after which the user is allowed to create ten teams. DRAFT offers a less sophisticated layout, compared to other online fantasy gaming sites; which is important if one is to enjoy their online gaming.


Fantasy premier league brings together players from different parts of the world. This is because the premier league is experienced globally especially by the youth who are real premier fans. They get to follow every happening in the field and understand different players. Fantasy football is real to the participants.

Mexico is Once Again on the Spot, all Because of Omar Yunes, the Best Franchisee in the World

Mexico is once again on the spot for all the right reasons. For many years, Mexico has been known to be the land where children receive presents only in January and not on Christmas Day as done by other cultures. Also, Mexico is renowned for being the home of the second largest border in the world. However, Omar Yunes is taking the fame of Mexico to a whole new level. Thanks to efforts by the Mexican investor of Sushi Itto, Mexico is now considered to be a top performer as far as franchises are concerned.


So far, Omar Yunes runs 13 franchises located in the regions of Puebla, Veracruz, and Mexico City. While starting out, Omar began with a single venture which has since grown into a world class enterprise. Based on strategy, innovation, and hard work, Omar Yunes has been able to create a brand much respected from any corner of the globe. Thanks to Omar’s different leadership approaches, he has been able to establish a robust business network that made it possible for him to win at first place the Best Franchisee of the World, a competition organized to honor outstanding corporate managers.


During the event held in 2015, Omar Yunes successfully beat competitors from 34 countries. As the winner, Omar Yunes sold Sushi Itto to the rest of the world as an institution much capable of providing quality products and services to its customers. Thanks to Omar Yunes, gone are the days when Mexican Franchises were only an ‘in-thing.’ Mr. Yunes has in a big way placed Sushi Itto and other franchises of its kind on the global map. In the competition, Ivan Tamer emerged in second place thus helping raise the Mexican flag much higher.


Some of the categories analyzed during the Best Franchisee of the World competition 2015 include how an individual has motivated his employees, the number of savings implemented, how an individual has impacted his company, and the level of knowledge the franchisee has contributed to his franchise. Out of all the above categories, Omar Yunes happened to excel in all of them. Thus, Omar Yunes is an accurate representation of the Mexican spirit.

David McDonald Has a Track Record Of Success In The Business World

Sustainability in Business

Many people today are excited about the work that David McDonald is doing in business. He is working to make his company, OSI Group, more sustainable with the environment. This is a massive undertaking that he has been working on for years.

Becoming a sustainable company is a great competitive advantage in today’s economy. Many consumers want to conduct business with companies that are focused on this area.

David McDonald

David McDonald has a track record of success in business world. He took OSI Group to new heights, and he is still fairly early in his career. Over the years, he has focused on areas other than just profits at OSI Group. A lot of business owners make the mistake of hurting the local environment in favor of increasing profits. This may work for a short period of time, but it is not the way to conduct business in the future.


Many companies today are investing time and money into becoming more sustainable. This is a huge issue in the business world today. In the OSI Group technology industry, many companies like OSI Group have been focused on sustainability for many years.

David McDonald leading voice of change on this topic. He is excited about all of the different options that are available in this area today. Now is the time to start investing in sustainability in order to create goodwill with customers. A recent study showed that younger customers today are much more likely to conduct business with companies that focus on sustainability to learn more: click here.

In the coming years, David McDonald wants to make OSI Group one of the most sustainable companies in the world. He is focusing heavily on improving the environmental footprint of his business. Even though it costs a lot of capital, David McDonald believes it is the right move for his company.

Matthew Autterson Has A Keen Eye For Business

Matthew Autterson has worked in business and custodial services for many years, and he is currently on the board of a biotech company that is on the cutting edge of drug research and development. He has spent a career working in areas of business that serve others, and this article explains how he has made a point of serving the interests of others. He has a business education, a graduate degree in tax services and he has built companies that have served billions of dollars under management.

#1: His Early Career

Matthew landed as the CEO of Resources Trust Company after starting in other parts of the industry. He was able to navigate this company through multiple transitions until it was finally sold with more then $20 billion under management. He had grown the company to such a point that it was one of the most-desirable brands in the custodial services industry, and he made a point of ensuring that the company would be healthy after the sale.

#2: His Biotech Interests

CNS Bioscience is a company that works on the advancement of many medical devices and drugs. He is the chairman of the company, and he is helping the doctor who started the company grow it to the point that he wants to reach. Matthew is known for helping companies grow, and he has the expertise that is required to make this company build to the point that it must reach. He has the information that is needed to make the company more profitable, and he will continue to give financial advice that makes the production of drugs and devices easier.

#3: Many Boards Of Directors

Matthew is one of the most-trusted people in the business world, and his trust has been rewarded with many different seats on boards of directors. Matthew is brought in when companies want a fresh perspective on their operations, and he is asking these companies hard questions when he arrives. He knows how companies will grow best, and he simply offers a take that will make each of his affiliates perform better.

Matthew Autterson is to be commended for the work he does, and he is ensuring that a number of people have better jobs and higher profits. He is protecting companies that need his assistance, and he is providing them with help that they cannot find in any other CEO or member of the board of directors.


Jeremy Goldstein enjoying New York’s new legal service

For the last 35 years, the New York State Bar has providing an attorney referral service that connects the public with lawyers according to the client’s legal concern. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service launched a new online legal service that is available 24-hours a day and is completely confidential.

The service is a joint project of the New York State Bar Association and, which is a national provider of software to attorneys and others in the legal field.

This service is offered to consumers and businesses free of charge. However, if they have meet with a lawyer, they will be charged $35 for a 30-minute consult. The new system works by clients filling out a questionnaire in which they describe their reason for hiring legal help. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service then finds an attorney within the client’s neighborhood or nearby area.

New Yorkers still have access to the Lawyer Referral and Information Service’s phone system. The New Year State Bar Association has vetted and approved all attorneys provided through this service. The New York State Bar Association confirms that all lawyers are in good legal standing.

White Pages reveals that Jeremy Goldstein is founder and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, a law firm specializing in corporate law. Jeremy Goldstein is a top expert on corporate governance and executive compensation.

According to Crunchbase, Jeremy Goldstein holds a law degree from New York University and a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University.

Jeremy Goldstein and his firm has been part of many of the largest corporate mergers of the last three decades. Jeremy Goldstein is currently the chair of the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee of the American Bar Association.

Jeremy Goldstein continues to help firms navigate complex legal issues. Jeremy Goldstein has appeared in several financial magazines.

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Lori Senecal’s Unique And Effective Techniques For Marketing

Lori Senecal understands there are three necessary results from a business strategy. A campaign must reach its intended audience, the message must be clearly understood, and it must give audiences the inspiration to act. This is accomplished with a combination of marketing, social media, and visual images.

Visual trends are important in advertising and the latest trends include vitality. This is used to inspire individuals to take action by inspiring them and using their emotions. Another trend is color because it captures and stimulates the audience’s attention. Unfiltered campaigns are a trend featuring real topics and people generally unexplored by the media. This causes individuals to think about their lives and creates a positive brand. The global image trend uses cultural images to grab the audience’s attention and encourage sharing beliefs, opinions, and emotions. Images that are spontaneous and playful are often used for social media.

Marketing firms are additionally advertising on Facebook. With over two billion members Facebook allows companies to market successfully with more exposure, more likes, more ads, and new feeds. This requires the use of a strategy, an end game, and a unified approach. Effective campaigns are balanced between focusing on the stats and the emotions of the users.

Lori Senecal is the voice to listen to regarding the industry of marketing. As Crispin Porter & Bogusky’s global CEO she understands both the industry and the trends. She is responsible for the expansion of her company and understands advertising, strategies, corporate operations, and human resources. Lori Senecal went to work for Crispin Porter & Bogusky in 2015 and has positively impacted the culture of the business. Visit Campaign Live to know more.

Since Lori Senecal joined the business she has been instrumental in the creation of a modern global agency that is collaborative, agile, and inventive, offers consistency, and has a strong flair for the local and international markets. Her strong focus regarding talent combined with her leadership capabilities has driven the development of the agency. She has used her strengths to see to the company’s disciplines, growth, and geographies. Lori Senecal was one of only four named in 2016 as Agency Executives to Watch.

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