New Fantasy Baseball Lineup!


Fantasy Baseball finally has the package for its 2017 season lineup! First on the list is Luis Perdomo, pitching for the Padres. He is steady with the groundballs, and being steady means that he has the potential to win. Second is Ben Gamel, playing for the Mariners. He’s gotten a lot of hits in a lot of games, and that percentage can climb. Next is first baseman, Rhys Hoskins, playing for the Phillies. Pitchers for the International League seem to have a fear of his strong power.


After Hoskins, in the MLB Lineup, we have Ryan Schimpf, second baseman for the Padres. He has an “all or nothing” attitude, which can definitely win games. There is Eddie Butler, pitcher for the Cubs. It may not be his pitching arm that gives him the vote for consideration, but the team on which he plays. The Cubs are a team that are sure to get some Fantasy wins.


Up next is Jed Lowrie, second baseman for the Athletics. He has exceeded his total from last year with a 10.9 percent walk rate. His hitting value is quite impressive, and his definitely up for consideration. Hansel Robles, pitcher for the Mets has held a number of victories with his fastball pitching. After him, we have Kennys Vargas, first baseman for the Twins. This man has power when it comes to batting, and that power should not be wasted.


Next, is Jose Urena, pitcher for the Marlins. He’s a better starter than relief, and he is sure to gain some wins. Last is Jorge Soler, outfielder for the Royals. What he may appear to lack is overcome by confidence and power that can grow as he improves. For more information on all of the lineup, the players, and more Fantasy Baseball news, visit

The Role Played by Clay Siegall in Cancer Research and Mitigation

Cancer is the one modern day sickness whose cure has eluded the medical community for many decades now. The best trials that have been done are radiotherapy and chemotherapy and this only works when cancer has not reached certain advanced stages. Scientists such as Clay Siegall have been researching on treatments that can deal with cancer once and for all and have confidence that their clinical trials are heading somewhere. Clay co-founded a clinical trials company known as Seattle Genetics in 1998. In the past twenty years, the company has been developing cures and treatment options for different types of tumors.

About two years ago, Siegall got his big break when the FDA approved one of the drugs he had been developing. The drug has since been adopted for use in treating different types of lymphomas in 66 countries. Also, Seattle Genetics is trading their shares on NASDAQ under the name SGEN. They have reported more than half a million dollars in drug sales since they started selling.

Clay states that things were not always as easy as they seem now. He confides that there were times when they were so strapped for cash that they couldn’t even afford a salary for their employees. The hard work and resilience have significantly paid off because now the company is selling their drugs abroad, and their chief marketer in Canada is Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

Clay states that the main aim of the research they are carrying out and the drugs they are creating is to build better outcomes by giving the patient strong antibody conjugates and directing them to the specific tumor cells. He adds that besides the one drug that has been approved, there are 11 others which are in different trial stages. He hopes that they will manage to get the drugs approved as well. To speed up the process of testing the drugs, they have expanded their capacity and hired more researchers to help with the process. Clay hopes that they will have an easy time dealing with FDA this time around and that their drugs will be a game changer in cancer treatment.

Securus Technologies and Creative Communication Options

Securus Technologies is the name of a well-known prison technology firm that’s located in the United States. Its main office is in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies has been in operations since the middle of the eighties. It was launched in 1986. It has regional branches in areas all over the nation. They’re in Atlanta, Georgia, Allen, Texas and Carrollton, Texas. Securus Technologies has a staff that consists of roughly 1,000 workers. The firm is believed to cater to about 2,600 American correctional centers. It doesn’t focus solely on the United States, either. Securus Technologies also accommodates the needs of many Canadian correctional centers.


Richard A. Smith is the diligent professional who works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Securus Technologies. His nickname is “Rick” and people frequently refer to him that way. He’s held this executive position with the company since the summer of 2008. Richard Falcone was the person who was in charge at Securus Technologies prior to Smith. Falcone was the company’s CEO and Chairman until 2008.


Securus Technologies specializes in all kinds of convenient technology-related products for correctional institutions of all sizes and types. People who employ Securus Technologies’ many offerings frequently discuss how user-friendly, effective and convenient they are. Securus Technologies has a comprehensive system that manages contraband mobile devices. This firm works hard to stop contraband cell phones from being able to successfully access networks for mobile communications.


This company is known for being among the biggest and most trusted correctional center communication suppliers in North America. It concentrates on many key categories. It focuses on communications for inmates. It also concentrates on government details and even the assessment of parolees. There’s no doubt in the world that Securus Technologies is a powerhouse in the IT (Information Technology), enterprise software and analytics realms.


The Lessons Learned And Ultimate Success Of Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur and well known for his snack brand Hippeas. Prior to Hippeas he had a luxury grooming range called Kyoku for men in London. It was eventually distributed throughout 40 countries including the United States and Europe. This was his first experience in dealing with an international operation. Once he sold the business he met a Danish entrepreneur named Frederik Senger. Mr. Bisterzo became a backer for his natural foods enterprise. The company was called Little Miracles and after co-managing it for three years he had learned a lot.

After Livio Bisterzo had his third child in 2014 he decided he wanted to start a new consumer brand. At heart he is a marketer and he has a passion for natural foods. He combined the two and founded Green Park as an umbrella company for different brands of food. One of the most popular brands is a snack made from chickpeas called Hippeas. The brand launched in 2016 in the United Kingdom and the United States. The popularity exploded and the brand is growing incredibly quickly.

One of the challenges Livio Bisterzo faced was finding the right individuals to work for his business. He understands the right product is just as important as having the right team. He has teams located in the United Kingdom and the United States and he has to trust them to remain on the right path. With the use of his experience he felt he could make this business work quickly. His business has an excellent plan, direction and the discipline to put it all together.

Read more: Spreading Peas & Love with HIPPEAS and CEO, Livio Bisterzo.

Livio Bisterzo has learned the unique challenges involved with being an Entrepreneur. It took a lot of resilience and determination for him to become successful. Despite the personal sacrifices he stuck with his vision. He has learned to be humble and that being nice to the people around you is important. His background is simple and he admits his first success went to his head.

According to Livio Bisterzo it doesn’t matter what category, trend or industry you are dealing with. He believes the important aspects are an emotional story with power and a strong brand built around the story.

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About Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran of the QI Group

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Vijay Eswaran of the QI Group is the Executive Chairman and the co-founder of the company. He was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1960 and once he was old enough, he showed an interest in the business side of things by furthering his education in 1984 at the London School of Economics.

He succeeded in graduating with a degree in socio-economics at the school before moving on to achieve a CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) certificate while in the UK. Not long after, he moved on to America and worked towards his MBA at Southern Illinois University.

Vijay Eswaran has also received many honors over the course of his life. In 2006, “Dato” was the honorary title he received from royalty. His Royal Highness, The Sultan of Pahang, to be exact.

While studying, he worked considerably. From his efforts, he was introduced to the world of multi-level marketing (MLM) while on the job. After his graduation from Southern Illinois University, Eswaran returned to Malaysia and ended up expanding the inner operations of a large MLM company, Cosway’s. Sufficed to say, the knowledge he gained on multi-level marketing in his youth was a priceless commodity for years to come.

Vijay Eswaran has worked on many high-level challenges before being integrated into the QI Group. While he’s shared a lot of monetary success in his life and gained much valuable experience from his achievements and the resulting honors that he’s received, some of his most proud work has to be what he has done for others through his active philanthropy.

Vijay has a very charitable history and he takes great satisfaction in giving back to the world. He began the RYTHM (“Raise Yourself to Help Mankind”) Foundation (RF), which is the corporate level social responsibility (CSR) branch of the QI Group. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Another chapter he’s founded for the QI Group, which fosters charitable acts for others, would be the Vijayaratnam Foundation (VF), which is the Malaysian branch of the QI Group. To be more specific, the Vijayaratnam Foundation works with numerous civil, public, private, and philanthropic sectors with their projects to further develop the community as a whole.

The Rowing Team of Orange Coast College in the 2017 Rowing Championship Regatta

Rowing is an intense sport that requires teamwork more than anything else, but a lot of muscle strength as well. By putting a team of athletes together in a pointy boat, all participants of the boat have to be in sync in order to get the best momentum and maximum speed.

According to a specialist of the sport, which is little known outside of University competitions,

The Orange Coast College has a rowing team that is competing in the 2017 American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship Regatta and left their home school to train their athletes for the upcoming event that will take place in Gainesville, GA.

The dedicated assistant coach of the group, Steve Morris, is with the athletes almost 100% of the time, giving them the necessary uplift to keep their spirit up for the competition.

Daniel Amado, on the other hand, is the captain of the Orange Coast College rowing team, and he has the dedication of a true leader. According to friends of the group, the leader is só familiar with the sport that he was in the rowing sport during the high school period.

During training, both men are there to root the rest of the team and to make sure that all of the participants of the crew are feeling the energy to compete. The reason behind this is that the art of rowing requires the entire team to be focused and, what is most important, connected with each other. Most of the training revolves around that aspect of this fantastic sport.

The Orange Coast College has high chances to win the rowing competitions, with one of the most impressive teams of athletes among Universities that are in the same sport. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Part of the record and positive track of the team is because of the college’s philosophy of dedicating and improving themselves no matter what education or activity they are pursuing. They value teamwork, discipline, creativity, and a sense of competition and participation.

It is a community college that was founded in 1947 and has grown to become one of the largest colleges in the United States and widely spread across the territory, with thousands of new students every year participating in their chosen education or sports.