Traveling Wine Tasting Events Offer Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

What is a better way for someone that loves wine to spend an evening than sipping great wine? The simple answer is getting paid while sipping great wine. An entrepreneurial opportunity is now available to people that want to work from home, build a side business slowly and become involved in work they truly enjoy. The entire business was inspired by a simple backyard wine tasting and has now developed into a company that is helping men and women around the country to become successful business owners.

The company is called Traveling Vineyard and it is a marketing opportunity that provides a high-level of support for its wine guides. Anyone interested in the business is required to fill out an application at the company website. Once completed, an area leader is sent to the home of the applicant where they are provided with selling instructions, able to sample the wines the company offers and given the history and goals of the organization.

The company operates a comprehensive website that explains their business model and they maintain social media accounts that provide additional tips and information for everyone. The company also encourages its wine guides to create their own pages and have fun with the experience.

The company began in 2001 based on the understanding that it was often necessary to let people sample wine before it could be sold. Expanding the range of the company was easier when they began working variety of individual sellers who could take the product directly to the home of the customer.

There are many benefits for people that take advantage of this opportunity. They have unlimited earning potential. They host events at their own home or at the home of the client. Most guides begin with small affairs and people they know in order to build their confidence. The parties are meant to be exciting and fun and rarely feel like work at all. The company does not require any minimum quota so it is very easy for anyone to work with the company regardless of other obligations or time constraints.

Traveling Vineyard offers a network of supportive local and regional leaders and they encourage their guides to communicate and aid each other as needed. Regular meetings keep everyone updated and three paychecks a month means that no one is every left waiting weeks for payment. The average guide earns between $80-$100 at every tasting and it is possible to earn a marketing fee of as much as 35 percent. Additional bonus opportunities also make it possible for successful guides to earn much more.

What you need to know about Adam Milstein

Milstein was born in Haifa Israel by Eva and Hillel. His mother moved to Israel from Mexico in 1949, whereas his father immigrated to Israel from Argentina in 1948 at the age of 19. He got married in 1950,and later joined Israel Defense Force where he took part in Yom Kippur war of 1973. He later enrolled in Technion and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics in 1978. He assisted his father in construction and development business. In 1981, he moved to the United States where he pursued Masters degree in Business Administration.

The article “Boost on the America’s Campuses “by Adam Milstein is undoubtedly on the argument on harassment and intimidation that the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) groups have brought to America’s college campuses. The impact of this is a great stir that has risen to its toll in the current Jewish and pro-Israel organizations. Precisely, the matter seems to have no identifiable sense that supports the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) groups with its steps. The moves will just result in hate and suspicion among students.

Though there has been a lot of stir brought by Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) following the immense concern that the relationship between the Israeli and America is at bay sensing the lack of support for Israel in America, there have been great moves to restore and balance the harmony between the two sides. This was possible through the pro- Israel conference which drew tens of thousands of its attendees across the country. The conference asserts the information that was vital on purpose to lay to rest the sour hate in the Campus.

A small group of a pro-Israel student activist at the University of Minnesota came up with an idea of creating Student Support for Israel (SSI).This organization was meant to bring sanity to the discrimination-marred colleges. The group picked up with its dedicated army of advocates and saw 10 percent of student government involved in the campus activism.

The effort of the SSI was lauded for the past five years for being bold on matters of national coordination, effective leadership, and their passionate activist.

Adam Milstein proclaims that viable platform to leverage on collective strengths should be in place to put off discrimination in campuses.


Eric Pulier Helps Kids With Technology

There are quite a few people who are benefiting from the work that Eric Pulier has done, and he is one of the best people in the benevolent technology world. Someone who wishes to see kids served when they have special needs must look into what Eric has done. I have seen it myself, and I know that there are a number of people who have seen their lives changed by what Eric has done. This article explains what I know Eric has done to help special needs kids.


#1: The Kids In Special Needs Classes


The kids we knew in special needs classes are given as many opportunities as possible to learn when they are in school, and Eric was creating technology that made these kids better in school. These children often needed small amounts of help with school, and they were allowed to progress through school in classes that were too hard for them in the past. He brought in things for kids to learn with, and they could keep these pieces of technology when they left school.


#2: How Do Kids Improve?


Kids who were served by Eric Pulier were able to learn more in school because of what Eric did, and we saw them have a number of advances that were made possible simply because they were using this technology. I was impressed to see these kids performing so well, and I wanted to see these kids become much better at school using those same devices.


#3: Eric’s Career


I have followed Eric’s career for some time, and he is the inventor of enterprise technology. He has given this technology to the business sector, and it has ensured that many people will connect devices in the field to their computers in the office. We use this in our business, and the school system uses the same technology.


Everyone who has benefited from what Eric Pulier does is thankful for his assistance. He has a heart for kids that makes him very good with people, and he knows how to help people in schools or in the business world.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin has put in quite a lot of money to start the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. This money comes from the settlement that they received because they were falsely arrested by Joe Arpaio and his sheriff’s department.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are now committed to ensuring that people who are indigenous and immigrants have the rights they deserve. This article explains how the fund is helping people in the southwest, and there are quite a few people who will find that they may help by giving to this fund.

#1: Who Needs Help?

The help that is offered by the Larkin & Lacey Fund is going to people who are migrant workers or are on the fringes of society.

There are many going on in government that hope to stop people from entering this country or receiving human rights, and there are many people who are having their human rights infringed upon by hidden government agencies. Joe Arpaio wanted to stop the exposure of these activities, and he accidentally helped fund this charity. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

#2: Migrant Workers

Migrant workers must be treated properly when they are traveling into this country to work, and someone who is working in that industry often is unsafe when theya re traveling through America.

The Larkin & Lacey Fund will ensure that there is money to be paid for the representation of these workers. They may be helped in court, or there are many people who may need extra services when they are working on the migrant trail.

#3: Human Rights Abuses

Human rights are a serious concern for all those who are traveling through America, and someone who is searching for a better way to have human rights supported may request funds from the Larkin & Lacey Fund. This fund will for human rights that Americans often forget are violated in their borders, and they want to help those who are coming to this country and are fighting for their right live and work.

#4: The Design Of The Fund

The fund is focused on all the people who come to America and need to have a voice. These people are voiceless at the moment because they are working in range industries and doing jobs that others will not do.

They are often targeted by law enforcement, and they are made to suffer because their rights are not respected. The money that comes from the fund may be requested for a number of services that will change the lives of these people. They may lobby for citizenship, or they may ask for funds when they have been taken to court.

The commitment and dedication of these two men has ensured that the country will treat migrant workers and immigrants in a better way. These groups are often not able to protect themselves, and they will e very afraid to fight for their rights because they know that no one will stick up for them. They now have someone to help them in the form of the Larkin & Lacey Fund.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Todd Lubar: What Can’t He Do?

Todd Lubar is as sharp as a tack when it comes to business. A quality that serves hm well as an entrepreneur and investor. His accuracy when it comes to hitting the right investment is hard to match. He rarely misses on a good opportunity. His experience as a successful business has led to him holding much prominent position with well-respected companies.

For instance, Lubar currently serves as TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC’s President. To add on to that, he also serves as Legendary Investments’ Sr. Vice President. Both companies were thoroughly impressed by his near immaculate track record, especially in the real estate industry. His proficiency as a real estate investor landed him a well-deserved spot on the list of top 25 mortgage originators in the United States more than once. You can visit Medium to know more.

Lubar knew he was ready to start his career after graduating with his B.A. in speech communication from Syracuse University. It was in college that the idea of starting a career in real estate really began to settle into his mind. He was confident he would succeed in the industry because of his drive to help others reach their goals.

He got his first introduction into the business world as a loan originator at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Before leaving the company in 1999, Lubar acquired a lot of useful knowledge pertaining to conservative mortgage banking.

He later joined the Legacy Financial Group where he definitely made a mark with the independent financial advisor company. He played a big part in the growth of the Maryland Legacy Financial office. He worked his magic for the company until he decided to move on in 2005.

Todd Lubar really makes you wonder, “what can’t he do?” It safe to say anything he puts his mind to he will accomplish when it comes to business.


Eric Lefkofsky – Contributing in the Field of Cancer Research through his Tech Startup Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder of the world famous technology startup Groupon that went on to become a multi-billion dollar enterprise and is today worth at more than $2 Billion. It is an online platform that helps the customers to connect with the merchants offering attractive discounts and deals. Groupon has helped many businesses increase their turnover and reach out to their clients more efficiently. It helps companies with marketing their products and services at a much faster pace, and also helps with providing customers with promotional deals at a much more rapidly pace. It is a high-performance platform that is mutually beneficial for the customers as well as the companies.

Eric Lefkofsky has started many other companies, which includes Uptake Technologies, Lightbank Investments, Echo Global Logistics, and Tempus Inc. Tempus is a business that he started recently with the aim to integrate advanced technology in the field of cancer research. Eric Lefkofsky through life experiences came to the realization that the area of cancer research can develop and grow at a much faster pace if the data and information of various cases can be accumulated together.It is what Tempus does today. It gathers the clinical as well as patient outcome data from over 6,000 medical facilities and hospitals and makes it available to the physicians and research scholars so that the field of cancer research can progress smoothly by using the data active in their research. It helps the doctors to offer a highly personalized and focused treatment to the patients after understanding from the past cases, whether a particular treatment would be effective for them or not. Tempus also takes into account the genomic data, which helps in getting the accuracy needed in the cancer therapies.

Eric Lefkofsky is also the author of one of the most famous books named Accelerated Disruption. The book talks about how the new start-ups are making decades-old companies look like a newcomer overnight. Accelerated Disruption helps the companies to integrate the much-needed change to adapt to the modern business environment and use technology as a tool to innovate and advance in any given industry, and retaining the competitive advantage over the new start-ups.


Highland Capital Management’s Model Established Company as Leading Asset-Class Investor

Highland Capital Management began its firm at the trailing end of the Savings and Loan economic downturn in the United States. The company invested in purchasing value-challenged assets during this time to build a foundation of core principle investment.


Credit research has proven to be an added gain to Highland Capital Management for building its company beyond just another credit managing firm. Highland Capital Management has become an innovative change-maker for the credit industry; leading the path for competitors to follow.


Highland Capital Management operates on the core principle of having a good alignment with investors. The firm operates on a full understanding of the correlation between the allocated funds for investment and the responsibility of a responsible return to investors. The firm has developed a key alliance structure for a balanced experience.


Highland Capital Management has built a successful enterprise based upon a value of the relationships of investors as well as understanding borrowers in order to fully assess risk management. When the firm first began its investment operations, it was at a time when banks were in an asset-class of only lending to other banks. Highland Capital Management managed to turn that asset-class into an advantage for the firm, by accessing bank debt for investments within the credit market.


Highland Capital Management created its first collateralized loan obligation (CLO) in 1996. In today’s credit market, that bank asset-class has risen to over $1 trillion with hundreds of market participants. CLO’s now account for approximately 60 percent of the loan asset-class. Highland Capital Management has played a key role in changing this asset-class for the industry.


Highland Capital Management has grown into an indispensable alternative credit managing firm by choosing to align itself with the interests of the investors that matter. With investors all across the globe in New York, Singapore and Brazil, Highland Capital Management focuses on value that investors can rely upon rather than because it’s kv

. The firm disciplines its investment interests by determining what’s prudent for investors in order to maintain those business relationships and offer tangible results.


Investment in Monetary Darkest Moment

Bankruptcy and loosing shares have been a nightmare for many superior companies and countries. Some of the examples, Argentina and Texas Energy Company headed by Warren Buffett, who encountered this after losing money in 2012.On the other hand, there is an opportunity in every predicament. For James Dondero founding manager and the president of the Highland Capital Management, he saw a monetary opportunity in bankruptcy and invested towards it. After founding the HCM in 1993, he pioneered the development of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and credit-oriented solutions for small investors and institutions worldwide. The Texas-based company has been offering separate accounts, private equity funds, mutual funds, collateral loan obligations, real estate investment trusts to curb bankruptcy.


Despite heading the HCM, Dondero also has the role of President and Chairman of Board of Directors at Next point Hospitality Trust Inc. In the same spirit, he heads Highland Acquisition Corporation as the President and Secretary. The more than 30 years experienced profession in credit and equity markets has also headed and founded other companies. They include Bond Analyst and then Portfolio Manager at American Express, where in five years he was managing $1 billion in fixed-income assets, Prospect Street High Income Portfolio Inc., and Highland Capital Multi-Strategy Fund.


The graduate of University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce with concentrations in Accounting and Finance in 1984, is a CPA, a CMA, and a Chartered Financial Analyst profession. This has enabled him to filter the best and inexpensive investment ideas and funds to his customers. An example is Highland Global Allocation, an $894 million fund which concentrates on a range of products, from dealing with a single company to a dozen companies in the same sector. The high performance of the fund saw it ranked at the top of its other funds in 2014 and 2016.


The Hoboken-born financier also concentrates on adapting calculated strategies, including proper allocation of funds on ideas, risk taking, in-depth researches on affected parties, while ensuring a balance in the market. This has enabled the affected companies and countries gain back the control of their finances, natural resources, infrastructural development and manage their population. They consequently can uphold their economy and increase their returns.


Cancer Treatment Center of America collaborates with NantHealth and Allscripts

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a national network of hospitals founded by Richard J Stephenson. CTCA had its headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois before moving their offices to Bona Raton, Florida. They currently have five hospitals in different locations, including Atlanta, Phoenix, Tulsa Chicago, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. They have a vast network of experts providing services to cancer patients in the United States, while at the same time maintaining their presence in the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East.

About CTCA


As stated in this article, their cutting-edge technologies and advanced treatments that help in delivering personalized care to patients visiting Cancer Treatment Centers of America have allowed them to cater for a large number of cancer patients. They use an integrative treatment approach involving different methods such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, and surgery in the treatment of cancer. Additionally, their integrative therapies have helped them to combat side effects of treatment such as nausea, pain, anxiety, malnutrition, and fatigue, among others.


Clinical Pathways Launch


CTCA collaborated with NantHealth and Allscripts in February 2017 in the launch of Clinical Pathways to help the easy identification of the evidence-based treatment regimens by the oncologists. The platform seeks to implement a custom technical solution that allows the NantHealth’s eviti platform to access Allscripts electronic health record containing clinical workflows. The integration aims at providing better cancer treatment by providing excellent transparency during therapy and care delivery leading to reduced variability in care. This has allowed the oncologists to compare treatment regiments and their results leading to improved quality and efficiency in the care provided by CTCA.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America-Helping People Get Back to Thier Lives

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is integrating a new solution that will enable eviti to access clinical workflows in the Allscripts Sunrise health record. eviti is a NantHealth support solution that will make it possible for physicians to get information from a massive medical-based library that has over 2,700 treatment regimens that covers cancer subtypes as well as all cancers.

This integration makes it possible for Clinical Pathways to help inform the treatment process without disturbing the physician’s workflow. It was created by hundreds of oncologists and is a very thorough collection of important data concerning cancer care.

Clinical Pathways helps by eliminating guesswork and will optimize efficiency. The new network makes it possible for patients to choose from cancer treatment options that are efficient and safe. Clinical Pathways has been designed with the patient in mind and offers the latest cancer research available. It also covers a list of care protocols for physicians to access and treatment regimens and therapy. The treatment platform makes it possible to make informed comparisons between different treatment options, obtain real-time functionality, and create custom treatment regimens.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is located in Boca Raton, Florida and has a total of five hospitals located in Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Tulsa, and Phoenix. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provide genomic testing, immunotherapy, radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy. Cancer Treatment Centers of America not only help their patients with their therapy, but they also help their patients get back to their lives by helping them t manage the side effects during and after treatment. They are rated to be the highest for quality of care and patient satisfaction among US hospitals. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides their patients with information about their treatments and will help them to make the best choice for their treatment.

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