The Contributions George Soros has made to a Better Society

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1939. He grew up during the Nazi occupation of the country and was forced to flee Holocaust. His parents were Jewish. He moved to London where he worked as a waiter and a railway porter to pay his school fees. He attended the London School of Economics and graduated with a Ph.D. in economics. He worked for a few companies and amassed enough money and support to start his first hedge fund. The name was later changed to Quantum Fund. It cost him about $12 million to launch the fund and what George Soros knows.

The real turning point in his investment career was the time when he made a short sale of ten billion sterling pounds and earned a billion pounds sterling in profit. The sale was conducted in 1992, and it led to his name, the man who broke the bank of England. He then moved to the US and had been running his businesses from New York. His hedge fund currently boasts more than $30 billion in assets. His current investment portfolio chief investment officer is Dawn Fitzpatrick.

People usually say that one puts their money where their ideas are. Well, George Soros has always had a soft spot for the oppressed in the society. His most favorite quote is that even though society is not perfect, it is possible to rectify the mistakes of the past and achieve a better future for everyone. Through his open society foundation, George has been able to make moves and changes in the society. It is estimated that he has contributed more than $6 billion to these foundations.

For instance, in 2014, there was a shooting of a black teenager by a police officer. The assessment that the case was given indicated that the killing might have been racially motivated and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

There was a lot of outrage across all social media networks. Hashtags were created, and the topic was soon trending. The locals in Fergusson, Missouri, decided that to make their point about the use of excessive force by police, they needed to hold demonstrations. George Soros funded the hiring of the buses of protestors who went to Missouri on a mission to make the voice of the black minority heard and more information click here.

George has always been a liberal. He supports the ideologies of the Democratic Party because he believes that they are progressive and that they stand for the dignity of all humans. He supported John Kerry to run against Bush in 2004 after the invasion of Afghanistan. He also supported Obama in 2008 and Hillary in 2016. He gave more than $25 million to Clinton’s campaign because he has always loved her politics. Soros has been a major player in the transformation of the society through the open society foundations and is an inspiration to many and follow him

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America, LabCorp and NFLA Form a Defensive Line Against Prostate Cancer

The American Cancer Society predicts that this year 161,360 will learn that they have prostate cancer. All men should have regular Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screenings beginning at 40. Especially those who fall into the high-risk category African Americans and those who may have a genetic predisposition to prostate cancer based on a family history of the disease. Sign-up sites are and

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in conjunction with LabCorp and National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA) are launching an initiative to encourage men who meet certain criteria to get screened for prostate cancer. From September 1st until October 15th of this year 2,000 men can avail themselves of a free PSA screening at 1,750 Lab Corp. sites across the US.

After the first 2,000 spots are filled men who qualify can sign-up for a PSA screening costing $25.00. There are two important conditions, you must satisfy to receive the discounted screenings. You need to register between September 1st and October 15th and the screening must be conducted no later than six months after you had signed up.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida Cancer Treatment Centers of America continually receives the highest patient satisfaction scores of similar treatment facilities in the United States. Consumer surveys rank CTCA as one of the “most admired hospital systems in the country”. Their approach to cancer care is patient-centered addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of cancer.

CTA’s success rate is in part because of their utilization of genomic testing. Genomic Testing uses a cancer cell’s genetic profile to pinpoint mutations within the cancer cell. Genomic testing has proven invaluable in determining the right course of treatment for a particular patient. Surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy are used in conjunction with methods to improve quality of life during treatment.

Mikhail Blagosklonny: Rapamycin is the Next Multifunctional RemedyWhy

The field of Oncology is one of the most exciting areas of medicine because of the amount of discoveries that are being made every single day. Being a partition of medicine that is abounding with researchers of excellence and all types of backstories and specialties, oncology has scientists like the professor of Oncology at the Rosewell Park Cancer, Mikhail Blagosklonny.Mikhail Blagosklonny is not only a professor at that institute though, as he is also a researcher and one of the most important ones because of his recent study with the Rapamycin drug, also hasn’t called by many specialists by the of Sirolimus.Mikhail has been developing ways, alternative methods for cancer, to use this drug in medicine, and he has discovered that it is a hidden gem that hasn’t been found before the impulse of Mikail to explore the uses of Rapamycin.

Professor of Oncology found out that Rapamycin was only being used as a coating to treat coronary stents and diseases in the lungs as well. Because of healing properties found by the researcher, he realized there was a hidden potential in the drug that was not entirely explored and not enough treatments developed that use Rapamycin as the critical healing component.Oncology also explores the properties of aging and the effects and diseases that come from getting old. Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the most prominent researchers in that front, and he has been developing, using that newfound multifunctional drug, to develop an anti-aging drug for the future.It is still in very early development phase, but the extreme healing properties of the Rapamycin are showing surprising results in Mikhail Blagosklonny’s reseraches. Before, it was also used to prevent the patient’s body from rejecting an organ transplant, but now, the drug has many additional uses for medicine.

Right now, the drug has already been indicated to be used to treat hemolytic-uremic syndrome: it is a rare syndrome that comes when the user has anemia, and some kind of inefficiency in the kidney, with a combination of low platelet count. Rapamycin can be used for those symptoms before it leads to renal failure and deadlier results. Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is another case of study that can use the multifunctional drug to improve therapies and treatments against the disease. It is a very rare disease that attacks the lungs of the patient but it isn’t very deadly or extremely dangerous as it is a very big name. Still, Mikhail Blagosklonny’s improvement of the LAM treatment is a significant victory for medicine.Coronary Stent Coating, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, and Facial angiofibromas, as well as many types of cancer, are all diseases that have their treatments amplified and improved with the use of Rapamycin to treat the patients. Apart from those therapies that involve the use of highly active and complex therapy sessions, Mikhail has realized that Rapamycin has properties alone that could signal a drug that can extend the longevity of humans.Yes, that is right, Mikhail believes that he has discovered the anti-aging drug of the future.

Finding the DREAM in the Nightmare

With the promise of a Mexican border wall, the pardoning of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio on August 25, and now the phasing out of DACA to begin in March, things seem stark for the 11 million undocumented Americans currently living, working, and going to school in the U.S.

With so much opposition, DREAMers and their allies are left asking, how do we fight this rising tidal wave of xenophobia? Organizations like the ACLU, ADAC, United We Dream, and the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund are prepared to answer that question.

The Frontera Fund was launched by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin following an unlawful arrest by the recently-convicted Joe Arpaio, the infamous Arizona sheriff known for his department’s systematic persecution of Latinos.

Lacey and Larkin of the Phoenix New Times were two of the first to report his abuses of power, and were essentially arrested for it. The two have since dedicated their $3.7 million settlement from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to fund groups that advocate for civil, human, and migrant rights as well as freedom of speech and civic participation throughout Arizona.

Supported by Frontera is the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, focusing on the fight for higher education and immigrant rights. ADAC recently condemned the Texas Governor and nine attorneys general for endorsing the termination of DACA last month. Founded from a support group for undocumented students, ADAC works at local and national levels to engage voters and raise awareness by giving a face to the DREAMer movement with the declaration, “Undocumented and Unafraid.”

One of ADAC’s highly successful projects is Education Not Deportation. END is a campaign focused on stopping the deportation of students, conceived under the leadership of United We Dream. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

According to its website, UWD is a nonpartisan network made up of immigrant youth and allies and 55 affiliates in 26 states, allowing them to replicate programs like END all over the country. Their “Right to Dream” campaign forced Obama to issue the DACA executive order in 2012, and they stand ready again to organize for undocumented youth and families.

Another national advocate for migrant rights is the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project, “dedicated to expanding and enforcing the civil liberties and civil rights of immigrants and to combating public and private discrimination against them” (

Through public outreach and precedent-setting legal cases, the ACLU focuses on challenging constitutional abuses like denying immigrants access to courts, imposing indefinite and mandatory detention, and anti-immigrant “show me your papers” laws like the one that made Joe Arpaio famous.

In the face of mounting opposition, these organizations are again working, on their own as well as together, to mobilize DREAMers, leaders, volunteers, and advocates across the country to provide a safety net for our nation’s immigrants.

Whether they’re working at the local or national level, challenging laws through visibility and votes or challenging them in court, groups like the Frontera Fund and their partners are fighting every day for migrant, civil, and human rights.

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Aloha Construction: The Story of Solutions and Success

Aloha Construction, Inc. is a profound local company that offers exclusive construction services in Illinois and southern parts of Wisconsin. The company works with an experienced team of professional inspectors, supervisors, claim specialists and field supervisors. The company holds a track of record for successfully completing over 7,000 local ventures. Aloha Construction is a long service company that is family owned and controlled in its operations. The company has undergone tremendous changes and revolutions to become a prominent industry since it was first established as a small family establishment.

Apparently, Aloha Construction is one of the pioneering company whose success surpass the expectations of its founders. The company is widely recognized for its unmatched competency, safety, excellence, and construction intelligence. The company has sustained high quality and professionalism with integrity, fairness, and strong supplier relationship. Aloha Construction closely collaborates with subcontractors, company agents, insurance firms and customers to make sure that all constructions are timely delivered. The company has retained the trust of its associates through strict timelines, focus on customers’ details, good governance, and maintaining good team relationship.

Dave Farbaky now serve as the president and chief executive officer at Aloha Construction. Dave is highly committed in executing the company’s mission by making sure that quality is always met in a timely manner. He is also keen on market pricing and valuation to compete favorably in the market with other stakeholders in the industry.

Dave is a talented leader and a successful entrepreneur beside his senior roles in the firm. Aloha Construction also offers dynamic home based repair services to its clients when called upon to help. The company is directly involved in several charitable events in its locality. Aloha Construction readily attends to all home based need including roofs, windows, sides, and gutters among others. Finally, Aloha Construction is an all-round company that offers quality construction solutions to its clients.

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Cassio Audi and the Financial Investment Planning

Cassio Audi is someone that has managed to make it easier for more people to make better investments. He has a background in music, but Cassio made an interesting move to financial management. Cassio would earn in MBA and make some great choices to move beyond his early career as an investor.

Many people that see this transition are impressed, but they are also curious. A lot of his fans are going to want to actually see more about his early music career. This is time that he spent with Viper, and some people want to know how he made his way to the top in the financial world when he was actually putting more time into music in the early days. He was a prolific songwriter for Viper, and Cassio Audi was also playing the drums.

One might say that Cassio Audi is a Renaissance man. He is someone that has managed to do so many different things well. He could play and write music. He could sing backgrounds with Viper. Eventually there would be a transition that he made into the world of business administration and finance.

He would have been able to take on financial investing, and he has not looked back. There are a ton of people that are going to be able to benefit from the services that Cassio provides now that he has made this transition. He is no longer focused on the music of his early days. Today Audi has become the person that has made it possible for people to develop better financial plans.

In the past he was the person that made people rock out to songs that he composed. He is the artist that has showed a lot of potential in music, but his passion for business administration was stronger.

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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Are Outstanding

Freedom Debt Relief is not just another organization the helps people get out of debt for a fraction of the cost. Freedom Debt Relief cares about the clients. From that first phone call, representatives of Freedom Debt Relief talk about more than just the usual debt. They could talk to the client and help identify what needs be changed. Freedom Debt Relief is not in business to solely get people out of debt. Freedom Debt Relief is in business to keep people out of debt.

Every employee of Freedom Debt Relief knows the art of finances. They know the perfect information to give, and they also know how to explain everything in the simplest terms. This protocol goes for the general manager as well as every employee on the 24-hour customer support staff.

Customers themselves talk about the greatness of Freedom Debt Relief on a daily basis. Freedom Debt Relief reviews come in by the hundreds every single day. This organization was forced to devote a section of their website solely to Freedom Debt Relief reviews. Freedom Debt Relief reviews come in the form of videos to allow potential customers to look into the eyes of current clients.

One of the greatest Freedom Debt Relief reviews is from a woman who says this organization saved her marriage. She discusses personal information regarding her and her husband doing bad with their private businesses and using credit cards for their daily expenses. Before she knew it, this woman was in all kinds of debt. She did not know what to do, so she contacted a representative from this debt relief organization. She explains she is now out of debt and she is planning to stay out of debt for the rest of her life. She encourages everyone to give Freedom Debt Relief a try with haste.

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The Accomplishments Of Kevin Seawright In The Construction Industry

Kevin Seawright has accomplished several milestones in his career. It has taken a lot of hard work and innovation for him to succeed in the space where not so many do.

Mr. Kevin is the founder of RPS Solutions LLC, an enterprise that is concerned with the development of low-cost housing so that more individuals in the United States can own homes.

Kevin has devoted his career in the fields of financial services and real estate development. His talent and leadership skills have been the driving forces behind the growth of Newark Economic Development Corp.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright the VP of NEDC. Kevin is committed to the growth of the communities in New Jersey. Through his enterprise, RPS Solutions LLC, many residents of Baltimore have access to low-cost housing.

Kevin Seawright’s management and finance skills come in handy because he can run RPS Solutions with the utmost professionalism. Kevin’s wealth of knowledge on how a local government runs has enabled him to forge a working relationship with such institutions for the benefit of the residents of New Jersey.

Kevin has a working history with the Commission on Aging. During his tenure at the commission, Kevin came up with management and accounting strategies that enabled the company to cut down on its operational costs.

This achievement was no mean feat because it reduced wastage and helped channel the rest of the finances to other programs.

Recently, Kevin Seawright’s company, RPS Solutions LLC inked a deal with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) that would see RPS breath a new life to the real estate sector of Baltimore. The deal will help construct affordable houses for the low-income earners in the Baltimore community so that they can also enjoy home ownership.

According to the seasoned entrepreneur, the community is the heart of any region. If the issues the city is facing are not dealt with, growth cannot be realized. His commitment to creating affordable housing is his way of giving back to the society.

On his social media accounts, Kevin posts insights on financial matters that can help people make wise investment decisions.

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Logan Stout Believes That Human Beings Wellness Is More Important Than Profits

Logan Stout is an accomplished entrepreneur, business owner, philanthropist, and successful author who has created billions of dollars in revenue in his life.

His passion for baseball has lead him to create the Dallas Patriots, which is one of the largest baseball organizations in the world. The inspiration the team has created for young people has pushed them to receive the emotional support and training they needed. Logan’s devotion to helping these youngsters succeed in life has changed their entire outlook on the world, and he hopes to continue mentoring young people for as long as he can.

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As CEO and founder of IDLife, Logan Stout hopes to help people realize the best version of themselves and focus in on their health. His wisdom and experience has motivated him to focus on the mind/body/soul connection and also the individual aspects of each person’s specific health needs. The name IDLife stands for Individually Designed Life and this means that the company offers products that are tailored for each person’s body. The way this is determined is by a free assessment that the company offers for people to take that will tell them what their individual nutritional needs are. This customized approach is revolutionizing the way that people see health and fitness, and it is creating a very successful future for IDLife in the process.

Logan believes that it is important to offer items that fit each person’s individual needs rather than pushing a one-size-fits-all approach, and this has helped with the marketing efforts of IDLife. Instead of shoving products in people’s faces and constantly pushing out messages to sell them, potential customers can answer questions and then receive information about a combination of products that may benefit them.

Some Personal Information About Logan Stout

Logan Stout gets really touched when someone tells him that he had a direct influence on their life, because this is what he lives for. The truth is, Logan Stout is a humanitarian before he is a businessman, and if his work and company wasn’t involved with helping real people to better their lives, he would find another line of work that did.

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Kate Hudson And Fabletics: Leveraging The Power Of The Crowd

Fabletics and other successful brands understand that when it comes to the purchasing decisions of the average consumers, the power of the crowd leads the way. So brands are leveraging this power to increase their sales and improve their image in the minds of consumers. Modern consumers often decide what to buy and which companies to buy it from based on crowd-sourced reviews. These reviews inform their choices as much as personal recommendations from people they know. Companies like Fabletics are using this information to make their brand and their products more popular.


Fabletics’ annual revenue has grown by 200% and the company now has over a million paying members since the brand was launched in 2013. A major reason for this is their effective use of consumer reviews. The brands use of positive user reviews in their marketing efforts has increased customer purchases, improved brand loyalty and helped with customer retention. Consumers today usually read online reviews before making purchases. To them the opinion of the crowd is more trustworthy than traditional marketing.


They read these reviews regularly to see if there’s positive or negative information about the products or companies they are considering and make buying decisions based on them. Fabletics and most other top consumer brands increasingly include consumer reviews on their websites because consumers find reviews more valuable than price comparison when they visit the sites. Great reviews that are authentic and genuine equals increased revenues for companies like Fabletics. They also produce better returns on the company’s customer acquisition investment and improves their search ranking.


At Fabletics they respond to online customer reviews by the thousands because they’ve found about 85% of the sales are from repeat customers and a large percentage of new customers come from referrals. They use the information from these reviews to refine their products and their brand. It has made the company more transparent and customer focused and helps them improve the lives of their customers. With the help of Kate Hudson and crowd-power, Fabletics’ fashion-forward athleisure brand is seen by women as being inclusive, inspiring and empowering and helping women of every age, size and shape look and feel their best.


Even though she is an actress with no business background, Kate Hudson is deeply involved with the growth and development of Fabletics. She’s involved in the styles and designs of the clothing and knows what’s selling, what’s hot and what isn’t. Hudson has helped the company overcome their early challenges and keep the quality of Fabletics products high and the prices low. She has worked to ensure clear communications between the brand and consumers is maintained.


Working with an experienced team using a data-driven business approach has led to a 644% growth in 2016 and $250 million in revenue. Kate Hudson and Fabletics listens to their customers and use customer data and reviews collected from multiple points to stock their stores and their website with the stylish, versatile clothing their customers want and need. The company embraces crowd-power.